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A Detective and Twins.

by PatriciaS

Chapter 1

Evening of the 23 December 1999.

The road was blocked by two vehicles, a Rescue Truck with its headlights and windscreen smashed and front buried in the front wing and bonnet of an expensive black car which was also looking worse for the experience, missing headlight, windscreen and bonnet crumpled beyond repair. Both vehicles were empty with the doors left open making them look even more deserted. Steam or smoke still came from the vehicles although they had been made safe by a layer of white foam. The contents of the truck had fallen out at impact also added to the untidiness of the site. The third vehicle looked as though it had seen the mess and decided to hide in the nearest place of safety - bushes which marked the beginning of a garden. Only to find they also hid a white wooden fence, which it demolished along with the bushes and was now buried by them.

The owners of the house watched, from the safety of the upstairs bedroom, in amazement as the noise and congestion increased around the site as recovery vehicles arrived. They could just make out the orders from Officers, some taking measurements, and photos etc. and watched the paramedics checking and treating the injured. It was all lit up by the headlights of the two Police cars waiting to pick up the only two conscious participants of the accident.

Ricardo Torres surveyed the chaos, trying to make sense of it all; it looked just like his life - a mess. Hell he was a Police Officer! He should have known better, lies rarely won and secrets always had a habit of coming out at the worse time. That's what started the whole thing off, people trying to keep things quiet. He sighed as his thoughts carried on blotting everything else out. As far as his family and friends knew he was tucked up in bed at his Loft still recovering from a stroke, unable walk properly let alone drive a car.

Instead he had been driving through Sunset Beach to get to their family holiday flat further down the coast, where he had sent his unsuspecting wife, Gabi and his brother, Father Antonio. It had been simple to set up they had been eager to get the flat ready so he and Gabi could spend Christmas together away from everyone to celebrate his improvement and their love. Antonio and Gabi were going to return later next day, which was Christmas Eve, to pick him up and collect fresh clothes. He had planned to set them up tonight, tomorrow morning they would be arrested for his murder all it would take was a phone call to Michael and Vanessa with the sound of Gabi, Antonio and him arguing then a gunshot. His colleges on the Police force would be too shocked to see any holes in the story; his body would never be found just evidence to send them to jail, while he would start a new life with a new name and no more hurt. She's your wife and he's your brother, came into his mind.

Justification kicked back at his musings. Hell! Why not! They made love while trapped in the collapsed building and he had been frantically trying to get them out, picturing them dying before he got there. Damn it! He had been the last to know if it hadn't been for the video he accidentally found and watched at his mother's he would have been happily married instead spending months recovering from a stroke brought on by watching the damn tape.

His own voice came back in his mind. 'Hey Gabi married you in the hospital and helped you through it, she could have walked, they both could have left you – you were a pain remember. What support did your mother give you? She tried to destroy your love for Gabi. She had the tape remember they wanted to forget the whole thing put it behind them. Didn't she try to run Gabi out of town when you first tried to marry her? You were there when the ship sank, showed them the way to safety, they needed your leadership, without it they were lost only had themselves to give each other strength, which they took. You are their strength Ricardo!'

A loud noise brought him back to the present, he tried to survey the crash debris and concentrate on the site, but flashes of their love for him seemed to come at him from all directions. And, he finally realized their love that night had been desperation/fear not real love. If they had known he was so near nothing would have happened, they would have trusted him to get them out. All he had done was to turn his love for them to hate to stop the pain he felt, they trusted his forgiveness now he had to trust them and change before it was too late.

He shook his head to clear the imagines away and get his thoughts together all he had to do was to make sure they did not find the gun, tape and passport in the trunk of the car. Would they, like the Officers here accept his sudden recovery as part of a planned surprise for his wife and brother, which had been halted by the accident and the puzzle before him.

A loud toot of a horn and the answering calls of the people around him finally brought him back to the present completely. He watched the paramedics load the unconscious into the ambulances, checking them off mentally as they passed him. Three unconscious from head wounds; Casey from the rescue truck; Meg from the front passenger seat of Ben's car, and Tyus who had been in the back seat and lastly Mr. Smith from the third car, he was out cold but smelt like a brewery and only a bruise on his forehead which the paramedics were sure was only skin deep.

Then of course the two who were the cause of all the trouble, they had only, cuts and bruises, one had been driving the car, the air cushion and safety belt saved him. The other was the passenger of the Rescue truck who was dazed, bedraggled and no other word for it filthy and unshaven. Trouble was they both claimed to be Ben Evans, and each one accused the other of being Derek Evans...and identical twins of course.

The noise of a door shutting caught Ricardo's attention; he called out to the nearest paramedic and Police Officer.

"Okay. If the Evans brothers have been cleared I want them in the cells at the station. Spencer, you rig up the video for the room I want them monitored and not left alone. Get Dr Estrada to help suss out which one is which."

"Gee whiz brother we're going to be on candid camera!" Came the quiet British accented voice from behind him. Ricardo spun round to see which one said it; even in this light he could see a sardonic smile on the man's face. He was the cleaner of the two; the other one looked as if he still had difficulty-sorting things out but when he spoke his voice was like his brothers' but with a slightly sadder, duller tone.

"How's Meg and Tyus, Ricardo?"

"They could be out all night, they will have x-rays etc at the hospital, so you two are going to the cells. You can have a shower when you get there and some food. No shaving I need to tell the difference between the two of you! And I shall need statements." He raised his voice. "Can someone inform Meg's parents, Sara and Tyus' relations, partner, whoever what has happened? Keep it out of the newspapers etc for the moment."

The brighter one of the twins immediately spoke up. "You need to find Maria for me! I can tell you what happened, Derek here rang me and threatened to kill us. You know he has a thing for Meg, Maria and my money. I could not find Maria but picked up Meg and Tyus because he offered the use of his flat, which is on the edge of town as a refuge. He would use his other flat, which is near the hospital. We thought Derek would not think of looking there. I did try to get a message through to the station but kept getting busy tone. I thought you were still unable to walk or work otherwise I would have rung you on your cell phone or at the Loft." He gave a short pause for air then ploughed on before anyone could stop him, his voice emphasizing parts giving vent to his anger and shock.

"Benjy is at Zach's and Tess is at home sorting things out so she can move out after Christmas. I was driving when this stupid brother of mine drove into me! Trying to kill all of us no doubt! He's mad. You know he's going to accuse me of being Derek or whatever to take over my life and fortune again! So, lock him up and throw the bloody key away this time! He obviously bounced the last time we met at the cabin, or the sharks spat him out in disgust." He's eyes seemed to darken and flashed with anger as he carried on. "Don't forget he nearly raped Maria, did Meg, killed Mark and the others on the island! What more do you need for goodness!"

The reminders along with his own guilt for this evening made Ricardo angry, so looking across at the other brother he spat out sharply. "Well what's your story Derek!"

He saw the Evans brother flinch but stay quiet as though trying to work something out. While the other one jumped in again, pointing his finger at his brother empathizing his anger. "Can't think of a good story, Derek! Don't bother! His threats are on tape Ricardo! I expect his mates fell out with his ideas and beat him up, could even be on drugs, look at the state of him!"

The paramedic who was standing next to the still silent Evans brother spoke. "This one is in shock, bruising and his wrists are injured, not rope burns but possibly from thicker handcuffs than the ones you use Ricardo. I don't think he's had a decent meal in a while certainly not washed or shaved for a day or so. I think you should wait till he's at the station, had something to eat before asking him anything."

Mock sympathy greeted the paramedic's words. "Poor little brother, pretending the cat's got your tongue then!" Before the brother started to walk towards his silent twin; who immediately moved back slightly as though expecting an attack.

Ricardo quickly stepped between them; it was the first time he had seen the two brothers together, and he found it disconcerting, even numbing but then having moved he found his voice and said firmly."Stop it Ben! I thought you cared for him. You did try to save him from the falling off the cliff at the cabin, and that was after he had kidnapped and slept with Meg."

"Sorry Ricardo tonight has been a bit much." Then paused and sighed as he got him self under control.

Ricardo was taken aback by the understatement but realized that was Ben all over.

It was as if the twin sensed the need to explain and carried on the anger in his voice was gone and was replaced by a sort of forgiving gentleness, which made his words harder hitting. "You don't know what its like to be hounded by your brother, especially when people don't know which one they are talking to. You've always had a good relationship with Antonio that's what I liked about your family. Yes I know you have you ups and downs but there was always forgiveness at the end of it, solid love. Not with us though… even so I would not want his death I wanted him put away behind bars or helped so I could live my own life... I'll go home and wait for news about Maria and collect Benjy I need them around me know they are safe."

Ricardo felt a pang of guilt as the twin's words hit home about his brother and was about to reply when the quiet other brothers' voice cut in. "What day is it?"

It was really unnerving having the same voice coming from two different people, granted the quiet one's voice was a little husky but the accent and tone was the same.

Ricardo replied "23 December why?"

"Christ!" came the exclamation; the paramedic caught the brother as he swayed with shock. "Easy Ricardo, I want him to travel in an ambulance to the station and I'll check him out again when we get to the station. I might want him to go to the hospital."

The English voice was unsteady but stopped Ricardo's reply. "Derek kidnapped me in September when I visited Seattle… Check out Franklin Street the basement and I think it was 137 Southern Avenue here... The man who kept me in Seattle should be there cuffed to the stairs in the basement. I traveled in the trunk of the car from Seattle to here should be DNA or something to check it out. What have you done to Maria Derek!" He started to try and move away from the paramedic who was holding him but the paramedic stayed firm and the twin allowed himself to be guided towards the ambulance without anymore fuss.

Ricardo was struck by the way this twin acted, quiet with shock, but a respect in accepting the paramedic's guidance, reminding him of the times he questioned Ben about Maria's death just after the drowning. He had always respect the authority of the uniform. The other twin seemed dominant could that mean his statement was true that was Derek, hell that means Maria's been sleeping...

The British voice by his side cut into his thoughts. "Don't let Derek fool you Ricardo, he's been in and out of my life for years remember he tried it on with Meg. The fact he could not get my password, Casey found me at the warehouse and his hands slipped through mine as he hung onto me at the cliff face near the cabin stopped him that time. We don't know what his game is this time, check the phone records for today and my answer machine I was upstairs in the shower when the phone rang by the time I got to the phone the machine had kicked in. Yes I went to Seattle but I came back and decided to live with Maria I know it was not to you liking, you wanted me out of your family and I really thought I loved Meg but she left me and I wanted to make a new start for our family. You have always put Maria's happiness first that's why you did not act the heavy-handed brother and check into my past before we married. No I did not find my brother in Seattle, if I had I would have turned him over to the Police, I expect he was hiding in the shadows waiting for a right time to pounce. Now he has and not succeeded again."

"It would have made sense to do it then Ben, come back as you, no-one would know, would have been easy to get rid of a body in Seattle." Ricardo snapped back this twin had been too close to the truth he had not wanted Ben any where near Maria, and he always had a way for getting under his skin without trying.

"Perhaps I had not made enough money for his liking. I don't know perhaps you should ask him. I want to go home!"

Ricardo sighed and got control of his thoughts. "Sorry but my earlier statement stands you are in the cells as well. Till I can sort everything out."

"Oh come on Ricardo! I'm not going to run off I've family here, Maria is missing she could be home by now wondering what the hell is happening, phone Tess and find out. Come on think!"

By this time they were by the Police car and Ricardo pushed him gently towards the open door. Then called to the Officer "Book them both in, finger prints and get someone over to Ocean Drive, to get some finger prints from there, and someone see Carmen for me. Let the other one have a shower and I want CSI to have clothes and scrapings from his nail etc. Give him some soup or something and the paramedic will check him over again. They are not to be left alone understood!"

He watched the ambulance door close on the other brother noting how quiet and careful he had been, almost as though he knew things around him were the only clues that would help him. The twin had made eye contact again and Ricardo knew this was not going to easy, each brother knew the other too well. He saw trust in the eyes as they watched him, he shook his head to stop the speculation. He had to let things unfold without being swayed by the twin's actions. Only Maria was missing once she was found safe he would know where everyone was and the time to sort things out. Now he had to sort something else out and stop his mistake.

He went over to the traffic Police and asked for photos and any witness statements to be given to him immediately. He got his cell phone out and dialed waited for an answer "Antonio I need you and Gabi back here tonight... The Police station... No I'm fine I should tell you I can walk... Yes I'll explain everything when I see you. Not sure where Maria is at the moment hopefully at Mama's and Derek Evans has turned up... That's the trouble I'm not sure which one is which... Yes I'll have to try memories, but that's going to be painful... Ok I'll get a Police car to give you an escort...…... Sorry I held out on both of you."

He rang off thoughtfully then to another Officer "I need you and another Officer to go the 137 Southern Avenue, go carefully and find out if this bloke in the basement really exists and search the house for evidence of kidnapping. Check the id if there's a car around. Perhaps you should see if some members of CSI can go with you, if they say you have to wait a while go ahead and just watch the property. Remember this could all be a set up I don't want to have any men killed we all know Derek's record."

"Yes sir. We contact you direct or general office?"

"Me if I'm not around then the Officer in charge, not just anybody. Make sure you time and note everything no matter how small I think it could be important."

He sat in the car for a moment wondering where to go first and letting his aching legs have a rest, he found aspirins and water in his bag, the gun and tape sat amongst his things reminding him of his guilt. He closed the bag quickly and put it back on the floor took the pills and drink and decided to visit the hospital to check if someone had come round. Then he remembered the brother's remark about Seattle and shivered and rang the Officer in charge at the station asking him to call Seattle and put them in the picture and get things moving explaining it was urgent.

Ricardo arrived at ER to find it was crowded with family and friends and everyone was milling around waiting for news, tension hung heavily in the air. Hank was really worked up looking for someone to let his anger out on and came across to Ricardo as soon as he spotted him. Ricardo sighed, and thought to himself this was a bad move he should have gone to the station and let Spencer take the flack.

As the man exclaimed loudly. "Hell Ricardo, he got Meg and Casey this time! Got him locked up yet!"

"Hank they are both being taken to the cells till I find out what happened." Ricardo answered calmly

"Keep them both there, they're both rotten! Meg's finished with Ben! What the hell does he think he was doing putting her in danger again! He had Casey for heaven sake! What the hell was he trying to do get into double figures!" Hank carried on.

Joan came over and put her hand on his shoulder saying. "Hank we do not know what happened yet. Ricardo is it true Derek was in the car with Casey?"

Ricardo smiled, she was always the gentle voice of reason. "To be honest I don't know which one is which. Only one is under fed, dishevelled and claiming to have been kidnapped and the other does not like his brother very much and claims there was a kidnapping threat and murder attempt. I'm putting them both in the cells for tonight and hope someone here will wake up and explain everything. If Maria is not at home then she could be missing as well. So if you will excuse me I'll find the Doctor and then go and see what I can find out. I'll let you know something as soon as I can. Ah Doctor can I have a quick word?"

"Maria missing as well Christ! Attempted murder! Kidnapping! How! What next for goodness sake!" Hank exclaimed.

"Hank leave it now, lets find Meg and the others. I think they will be all be in the same block of rooms." Joan said quietly but held his arm tight so he had to follow her.

Ricardo left Joan's side and walked across to the Doctor. "Ricardo you want an up date."

Ricardo nodded, so the Doctor started. "Right Casey, Meg and Tyus, nothing life threatening possibly come round during the night but I want them to sleep, call in the morning for an up date if they ask for you I'll inform the Officer here. Oh Mr. Smith drugs and drink in his system possibly come round later tomorrow I assume you will take charge of him. We've taken photos of the injuries and they will be along later. From what I hear it's first time you're back at work, so make sure you rest or you will be back here as a patient facing Tyus's anger, not a pretty thought. Right, on to the relatives."

Ricardo smiled at the doctor's tone in the last bit and thanked him then watched him go before leaving himself.

As Ricardo drove to the station he thought through Ben's statement it was plausible, he would have phone records checked out as soon as he got there. It would only take a few minutes that would mean the other one's claims were just part of Derek's scheme to take over Ben's life and Maria had not been sleeping with Derek all this time. He shivered and blocked any more thoughts to concentrate on the road ahead.

Pulling into the Station car park he found a parking place in the shadows and put the bag in the trunk of the car having put the gun in his holder and tape in his pocket. He knew he could trash the tape in the disposal bin and leave the gun in his draw. He walked along the passageway his heart racing the coast was clear, he watched the tape disappear, his desk was empty people coming and go not taking any notice of him after the first nod of acknowledgement. The gun was safe he could relax think only of the job.