Loko: More of the Kakashi!Fic dump. And yet again, vague fluffiness – less so if context (after Sasuke's defection and just before the Gaara-retrieval arc in the manga) is taken into account.

Summary: When one has Sharingan, what needs does one have for photographs? Hatake Kakashi and his images.

Disclaimer: Kishimoto-san is entirely responsible for this digression. (Cf. his picture of Kaka-sensei in bed, at what looks like high noon, asleep underneath two framed photos on his windowsill, one of his team and the other of Team 7. Pure and utter fluffy fanservice.)


3x5, portrait, colour, wooden frame


Hatake Kakashi has no photographs.

Not of his father and certainly not of his mother. If ever there were other relatives, he doesn't know, and either no one else does or no one is telling him.


Hatake Kakashi has one photograph. He doesn't want it, but his sensei presses it into his hand and tells him to keep it. The Yellow Flash is well-respected, even by Hatake Kakashi, so he takes it.

He puts it between the leaves of a book he's never read and never will, something gaudily orange that was sent to him as part of an advertising package. There is a picture of a man chasing a woman on the cover, and although Hatake Kakashi neither knows nor desires to know what it is about, he thinks it is appropriate to hide that picture in questionable literature.


Hatake Kakashi buys a plain wooden frame and puts his single picture in it. On the back he writes with the painstakingly dark, exaggeratedly well-formed characters of any other child:

Team Yellow Flash.

He puts all his dreams save one into the frame with the picture. For them he will become a great ninja.


Hatake Kakashi has two pictures. He buys a frame from the same dealer for the new addition and labels it in elegantly spare strokes:

Team Kakashi.

He takes all his dreams out of their old frame and suns them on the windowsill with his pictures and his alarm clock.

He doesn't, at the time, plan to enroll them in the Chuunin Exam, but then again, life never quite goes as expected. He'd never expected to pass them, either.


Hatake Kakashi is on his way to meet Naruto and Sakura on the bridge for the first time in almost three years when he notices that the framing shop is having a sale. He stops in and buys three frames.

When he gets home, he labels them, crisp and clear:

Team Naruto.

Team Sakura.

Team Sasuke.

Then he puts the empty frames into a drawer for safekeeping, underneath several travel-sized bright-orange books. He'd like them to still look new when he hands them out. He leaves his two photos on the sill with his hopes and dreams.


One day, Hatake Kakashi will buy a photo album.


378 words

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