This is based on Mainstream. What would have happened if there really hadn't been intruders that night? One shot.

"I knew it!" Suddenly, someone snatched the milk from my face. Had it been anyone but him, I would have been furious. But, I found myself blushing when he saw me. "You drink right from the carton!"

He ran across the table, disbelief etched in his features.

If this hadn't been so embarrassing, I would have wanted to snap a picture of the expression on his face. Let's face it- Kurt Wagner has a very adorably funny shocked face. But, my horror at being discovered drinking the milk from the carton overshadowed any laughter bubbling up in my chest.

"Kurt! I.. I, uh… I was gonna finish the whole thing!" I tried to maintain my composure, staring at the blue elf sitting on the table across from me. He smirked.

"Okay then, drink up!" His disbelief turned into a teasing smirk as he shook the bottle in front of my face. "Just about a half a gallon left!"

I groaned, and scowled at him.

"Um, look! Intruders!" I pointed behind him at the empty wall. I liked taking any chance to turn a situation to my favor- preferably with enough valley girl whining to annoy them into submission.

"I'm not falling for that." He said stoutly. I frowned.

"Why is it such a big deal?"

"How long have you been doing this?" Kurt demanded, ignoring my question entirely. "Ever since you moved in?"

"N-No!" I groaned.

"Argh! My poor, poor cereal…" Kurt looked sadly at the box of cereal on the counter.

"Kurt, it's not, like, that big a deal." I sighed irritably. It was annoying when your best friend- strictly friends, right?- had complete blackmail on you.

"Kitty, you've been drinking out of the carton. And probably backwashing into it." Kurt pointed out. "I don't know how many times I've had to eat your spit with my cereal!"

Okay, that did sound a little gross. But there was no way I would let him win that battle! Besides, it's not like it was a huge deal! It was just like kissing.

Just like kissing?

"This is like only the third time I've done it, I swear!" I grinned sheepishly, tugging on my hair nervously.

"Augh!" Kurt groaned. "Three times? Please let it all have been out of this carton…"

"Erm… Well, I wouldn't, like, say that…" The valley girl speech invaded my speech as my nerves picked up.

"Blegh! That's disgusting Kitty!"

"Coming from someone who, like, eats candy he drops on the floor a few days after dropping it?"

"That's different." Kurt explained.

"How so?" I raised an eyebrow.

"It's not covered in someone else's spit!" He replied, as if it were obvious. I rolled my eyes.

If you haven't ever wanted to wring his neck, then you haven't been in love, If you haven't ever seriously considered it, but then remembered that you'd probably get caught, you most certainly haven't been in love.

I opened my clenched fists beneath the table, and let out a sigh.

"Why are you so, like, annoying?" I demanded.

"Like, I don't like know!" He smirked.

"So I say like a lot!" I scowled. "Jeeze, gag me with a spoon! What is it with you and, like, teasing?"

He shrugged.

"Does it matter?"

I set my pizza down with a sigh. Yes, it did matter! How was I supposed to know when he was joking or serious? How could I even begin to interpret all those little signs only girls notice? How would I ever fall into one of those great misunderstandings that ends up helping us both in the end?

Okay, maybe not the last one. That's just a generic movie plot.

"Earth to Kitty!" He waved a hand in front of my face. "Anything going on in there?"

"Just thinking." I shrugged nonchalantly.

"Okay." He blinked. "Back to this milk thing- don't do it! Just think- everyone living here could have practically made out with you!"

"Oh, what do you care, Fuzzy?"

"I only care that it's gross!" He said quickly, his tail coiling suddenly.

I wondered for a moment if he cared because it would be, essentially, making out with me. But, I banished the thought, and grinned.

"Stop being weird." I giggled.

"Don't do it again, okay?"


I put a thoughtful finger to my lips, and gave him a smirk. He rolled his eyes at me, and I couldn't resist a little pout.

"I still don't, like, get the big deal."

"Gross!" He shuddered. "That's the point!"

"You've never done it?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Nein." He shook his head. "I have respect for other people's cereal!"

Respect for cereal? That was probably the lamest excuse I had ever heard exit his lips! I rolled my eyes, and smirked.

"Respect. For cereal." I deadpanned. "Well, I guess you're oh-so morally above me, huh?"

"I suppose so." He grinned.

And suddenly, I had jerked the milk carton from his hands and poured it on his head. Collapsing into a fit of giggles, I tried to catch my breath as the shocked elf let out a cry of disbelief. The milk dripped down his face and fur, pretty much ruining his pajamas.




He was laughing too, though his laughter was laced with disbelief. I grinned helplessly at my sopping wet friend. Next thing I knew, he had teleported across the room, grabbed a bag of flour, and poured the entire bag onto my head.

I shrieked. How could I not? It was dry as it entered my mouth, and I coughed. After making sure the bag was empty, he proceeded to shove the flour so that it would fall to cover my body.

"Kurt Wagner!" I shouted.


Wordlessly, I ran straight to the refrigerator (through a few counters), and snatched up some egss.

"You wouldn't!" He gaped at me. Taking the challenge, I phased into the floor and came up just behind him, smashing the eggs into his hair.


I cackled with glee, running from him as he thought of a way to return fire. Feeling the orange juice slosh through my shirt, I turned to unleash my fury on the hapless blue mutant. Instead, something unexpected happened.

He kissed me.

I was reeling when I returned the kiss. What had prompted this? Had he liked me all along? Did he even-

"What are you two doing?" Rogue stared at us. It was morning, and the team was coming down for breakfast. Such close quarters bugged me at that moment, because (had this been in the mansion and not underground) I could have simply phased downstairs.


We broke apart rather sheepishly. Jamie's eyes were about to pop out of his skull.

"What did you do to the kitchen?" Bobby gaped. "Having some rowdy fun, kids?"

"Don't call us kids!" I snapped. "We're older than you!"

"See what happens when you drink from the carton?"