A/N: this is my first attempt at a House fic so I hope it goes alright. I would like to say that I am not a doctor and have no medical training. I tried to research as best I could, but I know that at some points I'm just making stuff up and for that I apologies.

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Doctor, Heal Thyself!

Chapter 1

Cassie walked into the common area of her dorm with a dish towel in hand. She quickly doused it in water and then placed it in the microwave, setting it for 45 seconds. Just then her roommate Ashley walked in.

"Your arm still hurting?" she asked as she noticed the towel spinning in the microwave.

"Yeah. I just can't figure it out. Three days and I haven't done anything that should make it hurt. And the hot towel and pain meds aren't doing much," Cassie said.
"Maybe you should go to the doctor," Ashley suggested.

"Oh yeah. Oh hi doctor, I came in because my arm hurts… That sounds like the lamest excuse ever used to get a get out of class doctor's note."

"But it really doe hurt."

"Sure, but what is he going to do about some pain? I'd just get some stronger pain meds and be told to wait and see." The microwave beeped and she gingerly took the now hot towel out and wrapped it around her arm.

Ashley just shrugged to her roommate and walked into her own bed room. Cassie stood for a few minutes leaning against the counter, letting the warm absorb into her skin. It really wasn't helping the pain any, but it still felt good.

But as she went to return to her bed room, she realized that she had begun to sweat. She didn't think that she had made the towel that hot… But then again, there was also numbness to the skin, maybe she couldn't tell how hot the towel really was.

She pulled the towel off and looked at her arm, it was slightly pink, but not burnt. But then a wave of dizziness overtook her. She could feel her face flush as her body temperature rose. She began to panic as she became very weak. She knew enough that she needed to sit down before she fell down. She carefully gathered all the strength she had left and sat herself right on the floor.

She could feel her heart begin to race as her panic over what was happening built. She tried to call to her roommate, but found she was unable to. Then she was completely overtaken by the dizziness and heat as she fell over the rest of the way from her sitting position.

Ashley heard the strange sound and left her room to investigate. She found her roommate face down, flat on the floor as convulsions were quickly building through her body. "Cassie!" She yelled as she raced over and grabbed the girl, turning her over.

"Oh my God," she whispered as she jumped up again and grabbed the phone that was right next to her. She pounded out the number for 911 as she knelt beside Cassie once again, trying to hold the girl still as she continued to convulse.

"911, what's your emergency?" the operator asked.

"It's my roommate. She's having some type of seizure… I don't think she's breathing!"

"Keep her on her side," the operator instructed. "I'm sending an ambulance right now."