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'I wonder will I ever find my one true love?' a young girl named Kagome thought. While sitting at the local diner.

There's nothin I won't do

To spend my life with you

I'll give my all to you

I promise that I will neva lie to you boy…

"Kagome. Kagome your phones ringing." Another young girl named Sango said. 'Huh? What?" Kagome asked confused. 'OOO"


'Hello Miss. Kagome we have you're your dress ready to pick up in a week'

'Dress?" "What dress?'

'The dress you wanted for homecoming I believe.'

'Ummmm ok'

'Great see you on Wedensday.' CLICK

"Who was that" Sango asked "Some lady saying that I got a dress waiting for me for homecoming." Kagome said very suspicially. "Oo ok that's it then?" Sango asked "Yea that's it." Kagome said. "Hmmmm Sango this has your name written all over it!!" Kagome said angryly. "Kagome I have no idea of what you mean." Sango said playfully. "You know damn right what I mean." Kagome said even angrier. Kagome's head got huge and Sango went very tiny. "Ok OK OK!" Sango said in defeat.

"I saw dress that was perfect for you so I bought it for you but I had to wait 2 weeks cause they didn't have your size." Sango said. "But Sango I already told you that Im not going to homecoming because no ones gonna ask me out" Kagome said sadly with her bangs covering her eyes. "Kagome I know you think that nobody wants to ask you but can you give it a chance please?" Sango asked pleading. "I don't know." Kagome said "Come on take a chance and whos knows your true love might be there." Sango said knowing she would say yes. 'My true love huh what the hell ima do it' Kagome thought "Ok Sango I'll go." Kagome said. "I knew you would say yea." Sango said happily

"Now come on lets go now" Kagome said anxiously. She dragged Sango out the diner and into her Mustang. Sango turned on the radio. Shorty Like Mine came on. "Oh My God!" They both said at the same time. "I love this song!!"


Only thing that keeps up

When Im feeling down

I don't know bout you

But I gotta keep mines around

Cause I done looked

I done searched and its hard to find

Another shorty like mine

Baby yes im

Addicted to how we kick it

Everything you say to me

Neva knew it could be so wicked

Hopeing that you stay with me

Search around the world

But you will neva find

Another shorty like mine

Shorty like mine

"MIROKU!!!' "Turn it down just a little bit." A guy named Inuyasha yelled. "Alright man chill." Miroku said back while lowering the volume. "Why do like that song so much anyways?" Inuyasha asked while looking at the road.(Their driving in a car) "I don't know why I just like the words and the way it sounds" Miroku said while singing the lyrics still. "Like you could keep a girl long enough to call her your shorty." Inuyasha said matter of factly. "I can to with my dearest Sango." Miroku said proudly.

"Right and ima break up with Kikyo." Inuyasha said sarcastically. "Right bro like your ever gonna break up with Kikyo." Miroku said. "Exactly that's just saying that your neva gonna get with Sango." Inuyasha said. "I so can get with Sango." Miroku said angryly. "Yea if you stop grabbing her ass every 5 seconds." Inuyasha said chuckling. Miroku ignored him and started singing….

I tell my niggas that uh you got a girl but she aint nothin like mine

Cute face nice size like mine

Stay kitted hod wit it like mine

Mean walk talk chris help me tell em was up

Then a blue Mustang pulled up next to them playing the same song and two girls were singing Chris Browns part..

All this love inside of me

And all I wanna do is give it to her

I don't care what da fellas say bout it

Cause I got somethin to say bout it

What im bout say straight up real talk no cut I don't play bout it

There aint a price you could put on a girl who knows

Jus what to say when you need to hear it the most

And ima tell you somethin else if I don't know nothin

Else I know.

"Aint that Sango Miroku?" Inuyasha asked. 'Huh where?" Miroku asked. In the car next to us singing your song." Inuyasha said looking amazed at how good they both could sing. "Hi my dearest Sango!" Miroku yelled sticking his head out the window. "You got a beautiful voice.

"Huh" Sango said looking embarresed. "Miroku what are you doing here!" Sango yelled. "Going home my love." Miroku said with a huge smile on his face. 'His love? What does he mean by that?' Sango thought. Kagome wasn't paying attention to Miroku and Sango's conversation she was more interested in the person next to Miroku.

'He looks so sexy.' Kagome thought. 'I especially like those ears on top of his head. Does that mean hes a demon? No wait he's a half demon.' She thought again.

Inuyasha felt someone staring at him. 'Why is that girl staring at me?' Inuyasha thought. "Hey Miroku whose that girl next to Sango?" Inuyasha asked. "I don't know." Miroku said. "She is ugly as hell." Inuyasha said disgusted. The light turned green and Inuyasha was about to speed when he said to the car next to him. "Ey bitch you ugly as hell!"


"Did he just say….." Kagome said shocked and dissapointed.


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