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"Everybody welcome the choosen speaker for the seniors….Kagome Higurashi!" The principal said in the mic. Everyone clapped and cheered. Kagome walked up to the podium in her dark blue and gold grad gown and cap.

"Thank you..Umm first of all I would love to say congrats to all the seniors of class of 2007!" Kagome said. All the graduates cheered and jumped up and down in joy. Kagome giggled.

"This year was probaley the craziest, funnest, and wierdest year of all. It was also maybe the saddest and happiest. I know now that no matter what hardships we may come across in the future we can always overcome them. Senior year was also full of changes. Take it from me I was one of them." Kagome said laughing. Everyone else laughed as well. "Changes can be good and they can be bad. So all I got to say to all the seniors is that life is full of risks and changes so take them head on! Congradulations class of 2007….WE DID IT!" Everyone clapped and cheered. Kagome smiled and threw her cap in the air. Everyone else followed.

Sango, Amari, Inuyasha, and Miroku all ran up to Kagome and hugged her. "Kagome that was an awesome speech!" Sango told her. Everyone else nodded.

"Kagome! Sango!" Someone yelled to them. They turned around and saw Ayame running up to them. They screamed and ran up to her and hugged her real tight. "Ayame I thought you left?!" Sango said. "I did but I came down I woulden't miss this graduation for the world." Ayame told them.

"How long you down here for?" Kagome asked. "Till tomarrow." She said. Kagome and Sango pouted. "So you know what that means….it's time to PARTY!" All three of them said at the same time. They started laughing. Inuyasha walked up to them and wrapped his arms around Kagome's waist. Ayame smiled. Koga came up and wrapped his arms around Ayame's waist. "So I still see your the same Mutt-Face." Koga told Inuyasha.

Inuyasha growled. "Oh yea the same as ever Flea-bag." Ayame, Kagome, and Sango just sighed. "There they go again." Kagome said. Sango and Ayame nodded their heads. "Hey you guys." Amari said. "Oh yea Ayame this is our friend Amari. Amari, Ayame." Sango said introducing them. "Hey." They said at the same time.

"Miroku get over here." Sango told him. Miroku walked over there. "This may be the only time in forever until we see each other again so how bout it, one more group hug." Kagome said opening up her arms. Everyone nodded and gathered together in a hug.

Inuyasha pulled Kagome away from them and kissed her front of everyone. The photographer took the picture. "I love you Kagome." Inuyasha told her. She smiled. "I love you to Inuyasha." They hugged and Miroku came up to them. "I know Inuyasha ain't the only one who loves Kagome!" He said pouting. "YEA!" Sango, Ayame, and Amari yelled at the same time

Kagome giggled. "I love you all to." Everyone gathered up in another group hug. "Ok everyone come together for the final picture." The photographer said. All the graduates gathered up in a group making funny and fun faces. The photographer took the pick. In the front was Koga and Inuyasha glaring at each other. On the left side of them was Miroku rubbing Sango butt and a blushing Sango. On the right side was Kagome on Ayame's back and Amari hugging them.

'This is the best thing in the whole wide world!' Kagome thought. "Kagome!" Someone called out. Kagome turned around and saw Kohaku and Tara coming up to them. "Hey you guys." She said. Sango looked and glared. She was cut off by Miroku stroking her bottom and her beating the crap out of him.

"So I see you guys look so happy together." Kagome said clasping her hands together. Kohaku and Tara blushed. "Hey Kagome you gotta sec." Another person said from behind them. She turned around and was met with Rose. "Yea whats up?" Kagome asked. "I gotta have a picture of the couples come on please!" She said holding up her digital camera. Everyone nodded.

All the couples crowded together. It was Inuyasha and Kagome. Miroku and Sango. Ayame and Koga and Tara and Kohaku. Rose took the pic. They said goodbye to her. "Kagome!" Someone else called out to her. "What is up with people calling my name!?" She said exhausted. She turned around and saw her brother, her mom and Rin running up to her. She smiled. "Congrats sis." Souta said. "Yea Kaggy!" Rin said. "I'm so proud of you Kagome." Her mom said. Kagome smiled and hugged her mom. "Thank you!" She said and hugged them. "So where Inuyasha?" Rin asked.

At the sound of his name Inuyasha walked up to them. "Yo." He said. "So Inyasha what are you gonna do now?" Sesshomarou said. Inuyasha growled. "It ain't none of ya damn buisness!" He yelled. "Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled. "Kagome!" Inuyasha said. "Inuyasha!" Sesshomarou said. "Sesshomarou!" Rin said. "You guys!" Souta said. They stopped and looked at each other and started laughing. Sesshomarou just smirked.

"Come on you guys lets go were out of school!" Amari said. "YEA!" Everyone screamed. They whole gang walked out the doors to go celebrate. This truly was the best day ever!


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