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"Y-You're going to Malkuth?"

The inquiring words sputter out of Luke fon Fabre, the younger son of Duke Fabre. He was seated on his couch, next to a brown, haired woman, and across a strawberry-blonde Princess. The blonde hair girl nods, her fingers slightly fiddle around on her lap but she keeps her perfect posture.

"I am, as a daily trip to check the conditions in Malkuth."

She could see the red headed man go apprehensive, while the woman beside him grows a bit tenser. The pair was worried for her personal safety, after all, there has been a serious of events that have involved thievery in Malkuth, which made the country a bit more dangerous – but that didn't stop travelers. The woman gave a reassuring pat on Luke's leg, letting her shoulders drop as she relaxes a little.

"Your Father isn't going?"

She asks, usually the King would be the one to take the daily trip to Malkuth to meet with Emperor Peony. Her dark, azure eyes study the blonde woman, a hint of curiosity reflecting off of them. The Princess shakes her head.

"My Father is busy dealing with issues within our own country, and I insisted on going in his place. After all, I am the Princess of Kimlasca-Lavaldear"

She pauses, before a small smile tugs on her face.

"I will be fine Tear. A group of Kimlascan soldiers are escorting me, and if you have forgotten, I have learned healing arts, and have trained in the skills of a bow."
"If that's the case, than I could contact Guy when they send out a carrier pigeon of your presence!"

Luke exclaims, basically leaping off his couch, and runs out the door. Tear sighs heavily at the boy's sudden excitement, but a small smile appears as she stands up.

"I'm sure Guy will be able to show you around Grand Chokmah. Luke and I will join you when Duchess Fabre recovers from her illness. Good luck on your trip Princess Natalia, now if you would excuse my leave."

She bows, than goes off to check on Luke's mother. Natalia giggles quietly; Tear was always so tense and uses formalities a lot. She stands up now, dusting off her royal garments. She sighs quietly, her emerald eyes drifting off to the window. There was more to this trip that meets the eye, that was why she had insisted on going, but maybe this time…

"Princess Natalia, may I take a moment of your time?"

She quickly snaps out of her day dream and nods. She takes her own leave, following the person out of the Duke's manor.


"E-Excuse me your Highness?"

A young, blonde man knelt down in front of the Emperor of Malkuth, Peony the Ninth, bowing respectfully. Peony just grins, leaning on one of his arms.

"As I said before Gailardia, I am excusing you as my servant, but putting you on the 'Star of Malkuth' case. You will be working with Jade and the rest of the Malkuth army on solving this case. I can't have my country in danger now you know?"

He explains once again, before standing up from his throne, and stretching out.

"Now, I must be off, a word came in yesterday that Princess Natalia, representing King Ingobert the Sixth, will be arriving in a few days. So that requires me to prepare a few things, give her a nice welcome."

He says, making his way to the door. On his way out, he pats Guy on the shoulder, than passes him a letter, mumbling about a message from Luke or something similar like that. Guy stands up, shaking his head as Peony leaves. Knowing the Emperor, he was going to flirt with the maids again. He also heads out the door, opening the message on his way out.


"Oh? And what brings you here Guy?"

Ruby eyes fall upon the blonde man, who steps into his office. He pushes the boring paper work off to the side, and waits patiently for Guy to say why he was here.

"By the order of his Majesty, Emperor Peony the Nin—"
"Oh come now, you don't have to be so formal around me."

Jade cut him off before he could say the whole formal order. He had known Guy for at least a few months by now, so they were acquaintances, or what some people would say, friends.

"S-Sorry. But I was excused for a bit of being his Majesty's servant. And I was assigned to assist you in the Star of Malkuth case."

Guy rubs his head, grinning sheepishly. His blue eyes widen slightly, watching Jade pull out a stack of documents afterwards. He goes over to his desk, picking up the first document in the pile.

"Those are all the information we have on the case. It may look like a lot, but it really isn't. Just a lot of testimonies on what the Nobles had 'seen' of the Thief. The more important information is all on the paper you are holding."

Jade states, leaning back in his chair, watching Guy scan through the first document. Guy pulls up a chair in front of the Colonel's desk, reading the information the military managed to gather.

"So he—"
"Actually, our thief is a female. She calls herself Female Thief 001, the Star of Malkuth. That's where the name of the case comes from."

He corrects, chuckling in his mind. When he told Guy about the Female Thief, he some what squirms in his seat. Guy had a phobia of women; it goes all the way back when he was a child – during the destruction of the House of Gardios. He still loved them though; all he could do is day dream, watch, and drool about them.

"M-Moving on… She steals valuable jewels. A lot of the rich have been robbed and it seems the robberies happen in the Grand Chokmah area, a couple has also taken place in Keterburg…"
"Ah, we have our hands full with this case."

Jade casually says, his eyes slowly moving towards the window. He stares at the sparkling waterfalls of Grand Chokmah, a smirk plastering on his face.

This might be as fun as the skirmish with General Cecille and her brigade when Malkuth and Kimlasca were sworn enemies.


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