Hello again, this is my second F.E.A.R story. I haven't played Extraction Point yet so go easy on me as nearly none of that stuff won't appear. This is the sequel to She Who Reutrned but at a different perspective. I wrote this loooooooooong time ago but got too busy so I couldn't submit until now. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1: The horror

Thing were really quiet lately. Ever since that incident about the Armacham Technology Corporation, not many things happened. The police checked the buildings very closely, and even the famous First Encounter Assault Recon team showed the evidence of what exactly happened. But other than that it's quiet, peaceful… I guess for now.

I was on my way home from college. I was hanging out with my buddies for pretty long. So much that it was getting dark outside. I checked my cell phone to see what time it was. 10:20 PM. Great, I'm in for serious amount of trouble now. I remember the last time I came here late, my parents threw a huge tantrum at me.

My house was across the park most younger kids play in. Sometimes I come here to forget about my troubles for a while. And man this park is always full of children, full of happy faces, their parents with them to watch them having fun... I used to play here too, but I'm too old now to play in this park.

While I was walking by, the fountain kept pouring water by itself. When I looked at it, it stopped. But few seconds later it started again, and stopped another seconds later. I looked closely at the fountain. Things were definitely getting bizarre. When I got really close though, the water turned into blood and it squirted at me. I backed away and wiped the blood that poured into my face and shirt. This really is gross.

Get away from me…

I heard a voice. It was really soft, yet I had no idea who it was that said it. I turned around. No one was there. Not a person. Even if there was they would most likely be adults or teenage punks at this time of night. But to me it clearly sounded like a child.

Move out of my way… I'll show some mercy.

I looked everywhere around me. I even saw a tree branch fall by itself, which made me jump, as well as swings swinging really hard by themselves. It was either the wind or something horribly strange was going on. But whatever it was, it definitely didn't want me to stay here any longer. I tried running away, but another tree branch fell on my head. It really hurt, and I slipped away to the darkness.

Oh man, I didn't know how long it was but I've been sleeping for quite a long time for what I know. There was a woman with a green suit and gloves that almost looked like ones that a snipe would use. Also there were few members of the SFOD-D, which I can tell from there armors with American flag on them.

"What the…?" I muttered as I opened my eyes slowly.

"I see you're awake. Tell me exactly what happened here." The woman replied as I slowly sat back up.

"I remember… a fountain with blood pouring out and swings swinging really hard along with tree branches falling." I told her almost everything I remember, but I remembered another thing, "oh, and a childish voice… it was a girl."

The woman looked surprise. She then opened up what was like a com link and said, "She's back." And after a pause, she finished, "it's Alma."

I looked everywhere around me. Everything was back to normal. The fountain was not pouring water all by itself anymore, the swings were staying still while some were just moving very slightly, but the trees were missing some branches of course.

The woman turned back to me, "Listen, we don't want you to tell ANYONE about what happened here. Otherwise, the entire city will be in panic."

"Um… but I'm wondering who this Alma is… would she be the childish voice I heard?" I wondered.

"It should be… According to our point man, Alma is a girl dangerous enough to kill anyone in a flash. She speaks to people's voices too, and messes with their minds."

Okay, now I'm freaked out. This Alma girl can kill anyone in a blink of an eye, and mess with my head too. If this ever happens to me, I'm good as saying goodbye to everyone. Well I don't want that until I graduate. But if she saw me today, I have a higher chance of her killing me.

And then there were the newspapers, some talked about Alma. The F.E.A.R Point Man told the entire team about her probably. I read that article what like months ago and I completely forgot about it until now.

"I understand…" I replied to her insist of not telling anyone.

The woman nodded and turned to the SFOD-D team, telling them to go back to their HQ while some should stay in case anything like this happens again.

I was getting really tired. I've been studying for my test in the library all day as well as hanging out with my friends to the mall and buying all kinds of cool stuff such as boozes, guitar magazines… the typical stuff we like. And this whole thing that happened made me frustrated. Maybe things would get better after I go to sleep.

I went back home. My dad was there, reading a newspaper, and my mom was reading a book, while one of my older sister was in the living room reading a magazine. But as I opened the door with my key, my dad got up, really angry.

"Where on Earth have you been all this hour??" He roared.

"Sorry dad, lots of things happened." I replied yawning.

"I called the police already and you still haven't shown until NOW. Where have you been, with your friends again?"

"No, today's different."

My other older sister came out of her room. She looked really tired, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Dad… it's one in the morning…"

One in the morning? Holy crap, I was unconscious for that long?

"Well your brother came in just now." My dad replied, again really angry.

"Look, I'll explain later… I have an exam coming up and something completely twisted happened." I replied, and I was about to collapse.

"Oh no mister, you're giving me a perfect explanation NOW." My dad demanded.

"Dear, please, calm down. He's really tired. Let him tell you what happened tomorrow morning." My mom defended me. My dad seemed to calm down a bit.

"Alright, but I'm waiting for an explanation tomorrow. Off you go to bed now."

Man it's been a tough day. But just as I opened my room door, I took of my shirt and went to bed. But just as I put my leg on the bed, I heard the closet door open. I looked a little bit. There wasn't really anything that I saw. Just my clothes. But I didn't want to keep looking there either all night, so I decided to forget about what's happening in my room and just go to sleep.

I want them dead…

I want them all dead…

I'll make them pay…

I saw a little girl with a red dress. She walked towards me. I wondered what in the world was going on. But this place I was in was black all over as well as fire engulfing in some places. I looked around me. I saw a dead man there. I looked closely. It looked like he died not so long ago but he did have blood all over his mouth. But then the girl walked towards the body instead of me this time. She put a hand on him and the man opened his eyes.

Kill him.

The girl pointed at me, and the man just stared at me first but moved towards me. I tried running away, but behind me were three things I never saw before. They stood up really tall, they had helmets on, and they held rifles. I crouched and braced myself. The trigger on one of the soldiers' hand was close to getting pulled…

I woke up. It was just a nightmare.

But I looked at my room. On my desk I saw my notebook opened. When I was about to close it, the pages just flipped by themselves. It turned to an empty page, and there some blood printing began to write on the paper. I looked at the blood printing as it finished. It said "Seven Days."

To be continued…

Whew! Finally, I'm submitting my second F.E.A.R story. I was planning to do this sometime, but I got really busy but I had a flash of images in my head and decided to write this story. Anyways, R&R!!