Hyoutei Regulars in Paris

Rating: T (minor suggestive adult themes)

Pairings: AtoJi, OshiGaku, ShishiTori

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"Atobe! Atobe! It's Eiffel Tower!" Jirou yelled excitedly and ran ahead of the group.

"Relax, Jirou. I know it's your first time, but Ore-sama have seen this tower three times."

"Cut the crap, Atobe," Shishido said annoyedly. "You're lying."

"Ore-sama does not lie, Shishido. And please do not question where Ore-sama have been, because I'm sure I have been to more places than you had in your entire life, na Kabaji?"

"Usu," The bulky second year answered stoically.

It amazed all the regulars, even Atobe himself, that Kabaji didn't even look excited, being in France and all. Look at Jirou, he's already running miles away from us, Atobe mused as he watched the lively redhead running ahead of them, often calling out to him in the process.

"Yeah, yeah," Shishido muttered. "Show off…" he added quietly.

"Shishido-san, that's not very nice," Ohtori scolded.

Beside the tall second year stood a short redhead; acrobatics player Mukahi Gakuto. He stood with his doubles partner in and out of court, Oshitari Yuushi. They – or maybe just Gakuto – were gawking at the tower.

"Yuushi, I can't believe I'm seeing the Eiffel Tower for real," Gakuto muttered breathlessly.

"Hmm. Me too. It's beautiful, isn't it?"


"Just like you are." Oshitari whispered huskily and nibbled his partner's ear.

Gakuto rolled his eyes and smacked Oshitari on the head.

"Horny again, are you? Didn't get enough from yesterday's session?"

The Hyoutei boys were in Paris for summer break. Courtesy of Atobe Keigo, of course. Even though those who attended Hyoutei were generally well-off, who else if not Atobe Keigo had the money to invite six people for a week's trip to France in his family plane no less? The diva had offered a trip to France soon after Nationals finished. Seigaku had claimed victory, a 3 wins 2 losses triumph against the defending champion, Rikkai Dai Fuzoku.

"Say, Atobe, what makes you bring us here? France of all places?" Oshitari asked as he rubbed his sore head.

"Isn't it obvious? Ore-sama is only being kind and considerate to reward you for your hard work in the Nationals," Atobe retorted with his usual dive-like attitude.

"Even though we lost in the semi finals?" Shishido asked.

"Ore-sama will lead us to victory next year, na Kabaji?"


"Atobe… We are graduating next April," Oshitari injected.

"Yeah, don't tell me you forgot," Gakuto added.

"What Ore-sama was saying…" Atobe stopped mid sentence as if he had just realized something. "Where is Jirou?"

"I don't know. Probably ran away," Shishido said crudely.

"Shishido-san!" Ohtori scolded once again.

"Alright, alright, I'll shut up."

"You better."

"You shut up too, Mukahi!"

Violent verbal argument broke between Shishido and Gakuto. Ohtori tried to stop them only to get insulted by Gakuto, which in turn made Shishido even angrier. The usual Atobe would have interjected his own opinion, but this time he wasn't even listening. All that was on his mind was Jirou.

I swear I saw him a minute ago.

Atobe didn't realize that was walking briskly ahead of the group. The brisk walk soon turned into running. If he had just turned his head, he would have seen the look two of his teammates gave him.

"Did you see that, Ohtori-kun?" the bespectacled tensai asked the second year, who was by now resignedly ignoring the argument.

"Hai. Atobe-buchou is… running," the younger boy answered, looking a little bewildered.

"He never runs, except when playing tennis."

"And he didn't tell Kabaji-kun to look for Akutagawa-senpai like he usually does."

"All that for Jirou. How interesting. I kinda expected this though."

"Expected what?" Gakuto interrupted.

"Nothing," Oshitari answered, and smirked at Ohtori.

The second year smiled back in understanding at him, earning suspicious looks from both Gakuto and Shishido.

"You're not cheating on me with Ohtori, are you?" Gakuto asked, a full-blown scowl almost gracing his lips.

"Of course not, Gakuto. You know me better."

"Make it up tonight then." The shorter boy said and kissed his partner hard.

"My pleasure."

"Hey, even though we're in France, that doesn't mean you can behave like the French."

"Shishido, you…! …Mmm… Yuushi, not here… Wait until we get back to the hotel…"

Shishido rolled his eyes in frustration and grabbed Ohtori's hand.

"Choutarou, let's go. Those two will only corrupt your mind."

The two doubles players walked a few steps before Ohtori realized Kabaji was still standing there like a statue.

"Come with us, Kabaji-kun, don't waste our trip here," he offered.

"Yeah, it's not everyday Atobe brings us to France," Shishido added.

"… Usu."

Atobe Keigo ran like he had never run before. Being as awfully rich as he was, he could have just sent one of his personal assistants to look for the missing redhead, but this time, instincts preceded his only-Atobe-knows common sense.

That boy is penniless, doesn't speak French or English, and is narcoleptic. Maybe I shouldn't have brought him here. But if I hadn't… He'd be hanging out with that Fuji Syuusuke.

It was apparent that Jirou took a liking to Seigaku's tensai after the match they had. It disturbed Atobe very much, because all this time, Jirou had been looking up to him. Not that Fuji Syuusuke, but him, Atobe Keigo. Atobe thought he was the only one who could keep Jirou excited on court, until Fuji Syuusuke proved him wrong. Even after that match with Marui Bunta, Jirou hadn't been that excited. Sure, sometimes he screamed and yelled out his admiration, but the Rikkai volleyer and self-proclaimed tensai didn't show any returning interest in the boy. Fuji Syuusuke had. After the Nationals, he had visited Hyoutei to look for Jirou more than twice. Jirou, of course, was more than excited to get a visit from one of his so-called idols. The next day, he'd gone to Atobe and rambled about the things he did with the tensai, and Atobe could only listen, because he just didn't know what to do to an awake, excited Jirou.

And here I thought Fuji liked Tezuka. I hope my insight isn't failing me.

Atobe frowned at the thought. Maybe his insight was failing him after all. Although he had the uncanny ability to read an opponent's weakness, the insight apparently didn't work on the user himself. His own weakness. He couldn't remember when it was that he started paying more and more attention on the redhead, who spent most of his time sleeping instead of practicing after school. Sometimes the diva had to look for the boy himself, since Kabaji was busy practicing, usually with Hiyoshi. A few times he found himself staring at the redhead instead of waking him up. One time he even stroked his hair, feeling the softness of it, not even realizing a smile had formed on his lips.

As a first year, Atobe has shown skills beyond a normal twelve year old kid. He surpassed many of his peers and seniors, and even the captain himself. The kid had a very arrogant attitude, referring to himself as 'ore-sama' and often bragged about his magnificent skills. He earned a lot of enemies for his attitude, but also admirers for his abilities. Despite having excellent skills at tennis, Atobe still had to do what the other first years doid – pick up balls. He had argued that he should be a regular instead of a ball boy to escape the task, but the captain didn't give a damn.

It was the beginning of spring, Atobe remembered, that he encountered the redhead for the first time. While collecting balls that had scattered outside the court, he'd tripped over the sleeping boy and landed on his face. The balls he had collected in his hands rolled and scattered all over the place. That wasn't something Atobe Keigo could overlook. The great Atobe-sama tripped and fell on his face. He immediately made a mental note to never forget the face of the sleeping boy with curly hair. He tired to wake the boy up, but no amount of nudging or poking did the job. After he was made captain the next year, Atobe was often on the lookout for the boy he had known as Akutagawa Jirou.

Jirou had in fact joined the tennis club around the same time as Atobe. However, Atobe never noticed him, despite the fact that the boy often stood next to the captain-to-be. They were even in the same class, but still, Atobe didn't know who he was, nor did he care. He was always busy tending to himself. Jirou was quiet, wasn't showy with his abilities, and was often overlooked when he went missing during practice. Since Hyoutei had more than 200 members in their tennis club, it was difficult to keep an eye on every single one of them. It wasn't until Atobe was made the captain in their second year that Jirou was often seen running laps every time he skipped practice. The new captain also appointed a first year, Kabaji Munehiro, to bring Jirou back – awake or asleep – from whichever hiding place he was using to sleep.

I don't even know why I did all that. I probably still held a grudge over the tripping incident.

Stopping to catch his breath, he scanned the area for any signs of the redhead. I should probably get the French FBI to do the search, he thought, annoyed. He resumed walking, preparing to call his personal assistant when he tripped over something. Not wanting to repeat the disgraceful nightmare back in second year, Atobe caught himself before falling flat on his face. The thing that tripped him was none other than the person he was looking for.

What a cliché.

Jirou was sleeping soundly, making occasional snorts and unclear mumblings. Squatting down, the Hyoutei captain shook the boy gently.

"Jirou, wake up."

Atobe was surprised the sleeping boy opened his eyes almost immediately. Usually it took him longer than that.

"Hmm…? Atobe…? What are you doing here?"

"Ore-sama should ask you the same question. What are you doing here?"

"I don't know. I fell asleep again, I guess."

"You shouldn't separate from the group."

"It's okay, I knew you'd find me anyway." The redhead grinned lopsidedly.

Atobe raised a questioning eyebrow at the statement.

"We should be going back to the hotel. It's getting late, and Ore-sama needs his beauty sleep. Now get up."


The boys walked side by side, with Atobe constantly reminding Jirou to stay awake until they returned to the hotel.

"Ne, Atobe! Can I sleep with you tonight?" Jirou suddenly asked.

Atobe turned and gave Jirou a scrutinizing gaze. I cannot blame my brain for being forever in the gutter, but does he know what he's asking?!

"Is something wrong with your room?"

"No. I just feel like it. Shishido doesn't sleep in his room, and Gakuto doesn't either."

"So you feel compelled to sleep in Ore-sama's room?"

"Can't I? Gakuto made sleeping with Oshitari sound fun. He told me they played games every night! I want to play games with you too!"

Atobe literally gaped at Jirou's innocent words. Maybe he's sleeping through sex education too. And that Gakuto… I should make him run more laps when we get back.

"Jirou, Ore-sama is not interested in the games those two lunatics are playing."

The volleyer's face fell. "Oh, okay."

Atobe looked at the smaller boy next to him, and wondered just how he had managed to stay pure despite mixing consistantly with a bunch of sex-crazed teammates. Was his narcolepsy the key? He knew Jirou could sleep anywhere, any place, and in any condition. Thunderstorms, hails or tornados wouldn't stop the redhead from sleeping, because the boy himself couldn't help falling asleep. Atobe hadn't known Jirou was narcoleptic until he realized just how many times the boy had fallen asleep in three days. It was too often to be considered normal.

"You're the first person I have let into my bed, so be thankful for Ore-sama's kindness," he said abruptly.

"Really? Cool!!" Jirou said excitedly and pumped his fists into the air.

The two boys finally reached the hotel. It surprised Atobe to walk into the Doubles One pair in the elevator, doing what else if not that. Gakuto was clinging to and kissing Oshitari, and the latter was complying a little too eagerly. They didn't seem to mind having company.

"Ne, ne, Gakuto! Atobe said he's going to sleep with me!" Jirou announced excitedly, making the pair stop their marathon kiss for a moment.

The aforementioned boy blinked. "He what?"

"He's going to sleep with me!"

The boy blinked again. "Yuushi, did he just say Atobe is going to sleep with him?"

"I believe so, Gakuto." The tensai replied, eyeing Atobe with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Ore-sama is only inviting him for a sleepover." Atobe retorted, feeling the need to since his two teammates were apparently staring at him for explanation.

"Whatever. Just don't come to Yuushi's room tonight." Gakuto said and resumed kissing his partner.

"Are you going to play a game again?" Jirou asked.

Gakuto pulled away and smirked. "Jirou, how about you join us in the game? It'd be very interesting. You don't mind, do you, Yuushi? We haven't tried a threesome yet."

Before Jirou or Oshitari could reply, Atobe interrupted.

"No, Jirou shall stay with Ore-sama."

"But Atobe! They're going to play a game with me!"

"If it's a game, Ore-sama can play a game with you too."

"You will? Cool! What kind of game are we going… to…"

Jirou didn't get the chance to finish his sentence as he slumped, narcolepsy finally taking over. Atobe caught him just before he hit the ground.

"Hey, go easy on him, okay?" Gakuto said.

"For your information, Mukahi Gakuto, Ore-sama does not intend to play the kind of games you and Oshitari play."


"And please be considerate and stop making noises in the middle of the night, Oshitari. Ore-sama's room happens to be next to yours."

"Forgive me. I'll try to keep it down tonight… as long as Gakuto complies."

The lift stopped at the top most level, and the doubles pair was the first to go out. This time, Gakuto literally clung onto Oshitari like a monkey, legs around the waist and all. Atobe sighed loudly and looked back at the sleeping boy in his arms.

Where is Kabaji when I need him?

"Yuushi, what do you think Atobe is doing to Jirou right now?" Gakuto asked as he lay on the bed next to his partner. "Oh my God, do you think he's gonna rape Jirou?"

"No, Gakuto. Atobe won't do such a low, despicable act. After all, what's the fun in doing an unconscious person?"

"You're right. You know what, those two should've gotten together a long time ago."

"I didn't know you knew about this, Gakuto."

"I'm not thick, Yuushi. Anyone who's seen the way Atobe looks at Jirou would know. It's just like how Sanada looks at Yukimura, and how Tezuka looks at that pretty boy Fuji. What's the deal with him coming to look for Jirou anyway?"

"I'd guess he had an argument with Tezuka. Maybe he was just using Jirou to make Tezuka jealous."

"Poor Jirou… That sly, evil, eyes-closed freak. How could he deceive Jirou like that? By the way, did you notice Atobe never even gets mad at Jirou? Not even once, even when he's always sleeping during practice! It pisses me off. He's biased, I tell you."

"I see you're quite observant if you want to be," Oshitari chuckled.

"Oh, shut up. Really now, why is it so quiet next door?"

"Perhaps they really are just sleeping."

"No way. They should be at least doing something."

"How about sleeping?"

"Other than that, you prat."

"Come on, let's just sleep, Gakuto. You won't hear anything even if you pressed your ear to the wall," Oshitari said as he pulled the smaller boy into his arms and secured him.

Meanwhile, far away from the hotel…

"Shishido-san, where are we?"

"Wait, wait. Don't panic, Choutarou. I think we went by this path just now. Right, Kabaji? Kabaji…?"

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