Hyoutei Regulars in Paris

Rating: M (Lemon towards the end)

Pairings: AtoJi, OshiGaku, ShishiTori

Disclaimer: PoT is not mine. It's Konomi Takeshi's.

Author note: I've decided to continue with this story. I'm not sure if there would be more chapters, but for the time being, this is the second one. Thank you for all the reviews! I really appreciate them.

The morning after, Atobe found himself all tangled up with Jirou in his arms. He almost flipped at the closeness of their faces. The tip of his nose would have touched Jirou's if he leant just by an inch. The redhead was sleeping soundly, hair messier than usual which Atobe thought was rather—Heavens forbid—cute. He wanted to touch those fluffy strands of hair, wanted to feel it against his fingers. Jirou suddenly mumbled unclearly, and before Atobe could do anything, the redhead pulled him closer and leisurely laid his head on Atobe's chest.

"Jirou, get off." Atobe said slowly, suddenly feeling a little hot on the face.

The boy started mumbling unclearly again, definitely still floating in Pillowland. For a few minutes, there was only silence and the only sound Atobe heard was the shallow breaths of the volley specialist.

"Jirou, wake up." Atobe said more firmly this time, desperate to get him off his chest. "You are suffocating Ore-sama."

Never in Atobe's life had he felt the need to start buying his own oxygen tank. Jirou was holding him so tight he was losing his ability to breathe. I swear I won't share a bed with Jirou ever again. For an Atobe to die like this, how disgraceful. Finally, he couldn't take much more of Jirou using his chest as a pillow. He roughly grabbed the redhead and shoved him aside, at the same time gasping for air as much as he could. Because of the brute force he used, the sleeping boy slipped from the bed and fell to the floor. That seemed to wake him up.

"Are…? It's morning already…? But I'm still sleepy…" he mumbled and let out a big yawn.

"No, Jirou. It's already eight past ten in the morning. It is not early anymore." Atobe remarked. He was raised to be punctual, and since the age of seven he was able to wake up at precisely eight in the morning without the help of an alarm clock or a servant.

"Eight is too early, Atobe. Sleep in." Jirou answered groggily. Within a matter of seconds, the volley specialist was already snoring again.

Looking down at the boy from the bed, Atobe sighed. This boy… I don't understand how he could stand sleeping in such a hard surface. Getting down from the bed, the great Atobe-sama gracefully lifted the boy and tucked him neatly into bed, covering him with the heavy, velvety ruby mattress he had specially requested prior to his arrival. This was after all, his family hotel. He was free to ask for any needs he might require, or get them to change the room entirely if he wanted an Arabian-style room for the night.

Picking up the telephone, he dialed the number that first came to his head, not caring if he was connected to the front desk—which he was.

"Ore-sama wants to take a bath. The water must be just as I like it, my bath salt should be ready, and send someone to buy a bottle of Versace Extra Velvety Shampoo for me."

"Yes. Someone will be upstairs soon to serve you, Atobe-sama." the front desk officer answered politely.

"Oh, and get the best cake in France too." the diva added as he looked at the sleeping Jirou.


At nine, every regular member was already in the dining hall for their breakfast. Atobe was of course, the first to arrive, already enjoying a French latte by the time Ohtori and Shishido came together with Kabaji. Five minutes later, the Doubles One pair joined them.

"Shishido, may Ore-sama inquire where the three of you were last night?" Atobe started while sipping his excellently brewed coffee.

"Well, I don't want to talk about that, Atobe." Shishido snapped. He was in a very bad mood, considering he only had five hours of sleep.

Last night they were lost for God knows how long. Ohtori was very worried about Kabaji, making Shishido somewhat jealous—not that he would ever admit it—before finally finding the poor second year sitting alone in front of a big fountain in a deserted park. The three of them managed to find their way back to the hotel at three in the morning. Shishido felt like ramming Atobe's head on the concrete for making him come to Paris. He decided from here on he hated the French people, their French names, their French streets—the whole France basically. I'm never coming here again, damn it, he thought bitterly

"Ore-sama insist." Atobe piped in, looking rather displeased with the answer Shishido gave.

"Well, we got lost, Atobe-san. Kabaji-kun too." Ohtori answered, before Shishido blew up. "We were walking around, and I guess we just got lost. The streets of France are very confusing. We—"

"You guys were lost?" Gakuto cut in and sneered. "How embarrassing. You're not a bunch of ten year olds anymore. Losers."

"Shut up, you damn midget!!" Shishido roared and slammed the table, causing the cups and cutlery to shake. "If you were lost in a foreign country where no one understood what you say, you'd understand how all of us feel!"

"Shishido-san!" Ohtori said and pulled his senior back to his seat. "Sorry, Mukahi-senpai."

Atobe decided it was time for him to stop an argument from taking place. "Is that so? Why didn't you get a taxi to drive you back?"

"That's the problem. We don't even remember the hotel's name or the street." Shishido answered, still glaring at the acrobatics player sitting the opposite side of him.

Gakuto was about to throw another crude remark when Oshitari shoved a strawberry into his mouth. "Mmm… Yuushi, this is good." he mumbled as he chomped carelessly on the fruit. The juice of the fruit trickled down the side of Gakuto's drenched red lips, earning Oshitari to clean it with his tongue.

"Aww, man!! Don't make me lose my appetite, you horny bastards!!" Shishido roared disgustedly.

The two people ignored him and continued with their morning kisses. I swear those two have serious libido problems. I mean, their lust is literally insatiable, Shishido thought horrifyingly.

"Quiet down, everyone." Atobe said and began eating his French waffle in the most elegant way. "Ore-sama has an announcement to make. Hiyoshi and Taki will be joining us… right about now."

Everybody stared at Atobe like he was an alien when the door burst open just as he finished his sentence. Taki and Hiyoshi appeared, accompanied by two personal servants assigned to them. Shishido swore Atobe must have rehearsed this to get the timing right.

"Bonjour, minna!" Taki greeted with a huge smile on his face. His long hair was pulled to a ponytail.

"Gekkokujou." Hiyoshi muttered, looking sullen like always.

"Gee, they could have just come with us." Gakuto commented as he gobbled on the French waffles, followed by the fluffiest cake from Jirou's plate. The narcoleptic boy was too busy sleeping to even notice.

"Is your family business finished?" Oshitari asked when Hiyoshi came nearing him.

"Who are you talking to, senpai? Please be more specific." Hiyoshi muttered.

The tensai chuckled. He knew he would get this sort of reaction from Hiyoshi. That was why he never elaborate whenever Hiyoshi was around. Bullying the second year was fun, and his obliviousness made things even more interesting. And here they say Fuji Syuusuke is a sadist.

With the joining of Hiyoshi and Taki, the regular team was complete. Even though Taki wasn't really in the team anymore and that Hiyoshi was just a substitute player most of the time, Atobe just wanted to flaunt his generousness and his endless wealth. That made him feels extra good.

Morning breakfast continued the Hyoutei way. Shishido and Gakuto were still screaming at each other's face, Jirou was still sleeping away, Oshitari continued directing non-elaborative questions in which Hiyoshi found extremely annoying, and Ohtori and Taki were catching up with each other. Kabaji, meanwhile, helped himself with the fourth plate of French waffles.


"Ore-sama wishes to visit the Palace of Versailles." Atobe announced to the group. They were still deciding where to go for the day tour.

"I wanna stay here and sleep." Shishido answered.

"Me too!" Jirou added immediately. "Paris is so boring." he added and yawned.

Atobe felt a massive twitch forming on his head. How dare he say that about Ore-sama's favourite place on earth! Atobe mentally noted to make Jirou run extra laps even though he knew the boy would probably never finish the assigned number.

"Everybody will go to the Palace of Versailles. You should thank Ore-sama for organizing this whole thing for you. Let's go, Kabaji."


The tour turned to be one of the regular's most interesting highlights. Gakuto couldn't help but to do his high jumps when he saw a huge golden chandelier in the middle of the biggest room yet, trying to get a hold of the dangling item. Oshitari had to restrain him every time, and in the end resorted to carry the fiery redhead in his arms when he almost missed the last time.

"Gakuto, if that thing falls, we will be arrested and prosecuted by the French government." Oshitari scolded mildly.

"It's okay, Atobe can bail us out."

"And if they want us to pay for the damages?"

"Atobe can do that too since he loves to show off his wealth." Gakuto sneered and latched his arms around the tensai's neck.

"The things here are priceless, Gak-kun. I doubt his richness is enough to compensate."

The acrobat laughed. "True, true. I wanna see the fall of the great Atobe. You know Yuushi, we could make that happen if you just let me do my jumps."

This time the tensai was the one laughing. However brilliant the idea sounded, he couldn't let that happen knowing well that the captain will hunt them down for the rest of their lives.

"Hey, I wonder if Atobe did something to Jirou last night." Gakuto asked. "He keeps on looking at him."

"Who knows. Atobe does that all the time."

"Our buchou is a perverted creep. You know, maybe we could help them get together." the shorter player suggested a little too excitedly.

"Now that sounds good." Oshitari said after contemplating the idea. "Leave it to me, Gakuto."


That night, Oshitari returned to his room to be greeted by his half naked partner who had apparently took his shower in the tensai's room.

"Where have you been?" the shorter player asked.

"Somewhere." he whispered seductively and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy.

Gakuto moaned when the tensai started kissing and suckling his neck. The kiss soon followed by vicious groping and tongue war. Removing the towel from the sweet-smelling, temperamental boy, the bespectacled tensai pushed his partner to the wall and dropped to his knees.

"Y-Yuushi…" the acrobat player whimpered. "Don't, I just took my shower."

"You can take it again later with me." he whispered and proceeded to lick the tip of Gakuto's throbbing member.

The boy gasped and moaned at the gesture. Although they have been doing this many times, the tensai always seemed to make it like it was their first time. The teasing licks ended when Gakuto felt his partner's mouth engulfed his shaft. A hiss escaped his lips at the sudden intrusion, his fingers digging deep onto Yuushi's shoulders.

"Y-Yuushi, you said…" Gakuto stopped and let out a loud moan when a wave of pleasure swept him, signaling he was really getting excited. Damn Yuushi, he cursed.

"Oi! You said we're gonna…" he stopped again and drew a sharp breath when the tensai started picking up his pace. "You said… we're gonna help… Atobe and Jirou… get together…" he continued between pants.

Oshitari mumbled his answers while still having Gakuto in his mouth, creating a vibration that sent the redhead moaning in ecstasy. Knees turning weak, he would have slumped if Oshitari hadn't held him firmly against the wall. Just as Gakuto thought his climax was nearing, the tensai withdrew.

"Yuushi!" the redhead groaned disappointedly. "Why did you stop?"

"You said you don't want to get dirty."

"You already made me dirty! I'm sweating all over!"

Oshitari smirked. Aside from Hiyoshi, he loved teasing his little Gak-kun too. Making him nearing his climax and yet never letting him come was a sweet torture he enjoyed giving his partner. The acrobat player was always frustrated every time the tensai never finishes what he started.

"I hate you, Yuu—"

Gakuto froze when his partner resumed what he was doing. At first the movement was slow—painfully slow. Then it became faster, and faster, and faster until Gakuto couldn't take it anymore.

"Yuushi, you fucking bastard!!" he screamed as he climaxed, spilling his seed into the tensai's mouth.

Spent, the redhead slumped to the floor and fell into Oshitari's arms.

"Felt good, Gak-kun?" he whispered teasingly as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Fuck you." came the foul reply. "Now I'm not in the mood to help Atobe, and it's all your fault."

"Don't worry about Atobe. Even without our help he won't be able to control himself tonight."

"Huh? What do you mean? Did you do something to him?"

"Let's just say I'm only helping him to release his hidden pent up lust for Jirou tonight."

"… Yuushi, you didn't give him anything dangerous, did you?"

"No, of course not. I gave him something he will remember as the best, mind-blowing sex he'd ever had in his entire life." the tensai answered with a smirk.

For a split second, Gakuto felt scared seeing that smirk on his partner's face. Yuushi is definitely more evil than Fuji, he concluded. Poor Buchou.

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