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(1) This takes pace after MR 2, but before MR 3. And because of that,

(2) There are MR 2 spoilers in here. Just so ya know, and have been warned.

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Chapter 1

"Ahh! Gazzy!!" I shrieked.

The blonde eight year-old smiled sheepishly up at me, his blue eyes-alight with mischief.

"Sorry Max, I couldn't hold it in" he admitted in a sweet voice.

The rest of the flock plugged their noses and made noises of disgust after Gazzy had finished gracing us with his—well, how he got the name "Gasman."

The flock and I had settled down for the night. We were all tired from flying all day, not to mention we were forced to kick some Eraser You know the 'a' word I'm politely implying here after a small group of them tried chasing us through the sky.

Gee, that was fun… (note my happy sarcasm)

Luckily, we'd found this motel just off the coast. It was a decent motel, but unfortunately (according to the receptionist) they didn't have six rooms available for us "kids."

Translation : No adults no beds.

Thankfully after a short discussion (and a little help from Angel's physic-mumbo-jumbo) the receptionist didn't give us a problem about reserving the six of us rooms.

"Okay guys" I called, "we've got nice, warm beds tonight. But we're gonna have to split up a little."

We managed to get three rooms booked from the receptionist. It turns out she was telling the truth—they only had 4 rooms open and we were forced to book three of the four.

"Ooh!" Nudge suddenly exclaimed, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Max! Can I sleep with Angel!? You know, it'd be just like before! Back when we were living at home an Angel and I used to share a room! Oh my gosh!! I loved sleeping with another girl in the room! It was like having a sleepover every night! But so much more fun and a lot better too, because ya know I've never been to a sleepover before, but Angel was so sweet and--"

"Alright Nudge!" I said loud enough so she could hear me clearly. "You can sleep with Angel tonight. Is that okay with you?" I asked turning to look at Angel.

Angel smiled happily, holding a squirming Total in her arms.

"That's great! I like sleeping with Nudge, but can Total stay with us too?" she asked, her blue eyes hopeful.

I turned to Nudge for her opinion.

"I don't mind" Nudge quickly said, "but can Total sleep with you Angel? It's icky when he licks my face, and I don't wanna have him do that to me tomorrow morning" Nudge said pulling a face that made Angel giggle.

Total huffed in Angel's arms. "I'll have you know, that my breath is rather fresh in the morning, thank you very much" he protested. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Alright, so you two can have Room 265, but remember--nothing suspicious. We want to blend as much as possible, okay?" I reminded them as I dropped a gold key into Nudge's hand.

"Ok-ay" they chorused boredly. I let out a soft sigh at their reactions to my warning.
How many times had I told them that before? Too many, apparently.

"Alright…." I began uncertainly. "So, since Nudge and Angel are sharing, we're gonna have to pair up amongst the four of us…." I trailed off.

Iggy walked up and snatched a key out of my hand.

"Thanks" he said grinning. "Gazzy come on, let's go check out our room!"

Gazzy's eyes lit up and he grabbed Iggy's hand as he directed him towards then door.

"Cool! Do you think they'll have any thing we can use to make some more bombs? I'm running short…"

"Oh don't worry, we'll find something…" Iggy promised.

I stared at the two of them dumbstruck and stuttered for words.

"Uh…I uh, you—no blowing up anything!" I warned, and Iggy and Gazzy shut the door in my face.

Guess that leaves me and Fang … I told myself.

I let out a soft sigh and ran a hand through my hair in frustration. I felt a strong, warm hand on my shoulder and instantly recognized it as Fang's. I turned to see him looking at me; his dark eyes alight with amusement.

"Looks like were rooming together" he said calmly, but his eyes were bright with withheld laughter. I frowned at him as he took the remaining key from my hand.

Great, so now Fang's making fun of me…

Stay away from Fang.

I did a double take at hearing my Voice suddenly speak.

What? Why? I asked it. Of course my freaky-Voice chose to show up when I really didn't need it….

Stay away from Fang,the Voice repeated. A lot has changed about him because of your actions, and you're putting yourself at risk by getting to close to him.

Excuse me? My actions? What is that supposed to mean?!

Without knowing it, you've put yourself in danger because of him,and the same goes for him to you. Listen Max, it is critical that you stay away from Fang for a while. I'm only trying to protect you…

I gave an un-ladylike snort.

Right, so says the Voice that…that… I desperately tried to think of a time when the Voice had put me in danger. Uhh…

I'm here to help you Max… stay away from Fang…

Mentally growling, I was distracted by someone waving their hand in front of my face.

I almost gasped but stopped myself just in time. Fang was leaning into me, his hand waving over my face to try and grab my attention.

…But did he really have to be so close?

I could see my faint reflection in his eyes and our noses were almost touching. I never noticed… how entrancing Fang's eyes were…a deep, dark, chocolate brown….or how his lips were --

No! Bad, Max! Bad! I quickly scolded myself before my thoughts went too far.

I felt a blush creeping onto my cheeks and quickly turned away so Fang wouldn't see.

"Uhh…okay, let's get some sleep" I said quickly, brushing past Fang into the motel room.

The room was a warm, slightly pale orange colour, but it had a bathroom, a window and small desk in it—all of which could be used as escape rotes and/or held things to throw at Erasers in case of an attack.

I heard Fang swear behind me and I looked at him in surprise. He looked at me stiffly for a moment before nodding his head towards the centre of the room.

Quickly, I looked to the centre of the room preparing to fight, but was surprised to see a bed there.

Ok-ay…a bed…nothing dangerous about that… I thought in confusion

That's the problem, Max…my Voice hissed.

What? The bed?! I replied in confusion, that everyone else but me found the bed to be intimidating.

Yes, Max…the one and only, double bed in the room which is usually reserved for couples… it hissed mockingly at me.

My face flushed and I felt my heart skip a beat.

Fang and I were going to have to share a bed.

I felt myself lightly blush and I tried to mentally glare at my Voice.

Why couldn't you have just told me straight out that Fang and I were going to be sharing a bed?!

You need to learn to think for yourself …

Gre-eat. The Voice in my head tells me to listen to myself. Now if I could only get rid of it, then that wouldn't be a problem…


I turned to see Fang standing next to our open motel door. He shot me a look I couldn't place, before he walked over and raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"The Voice inside your head is talking to you again, isn't it?" he stated. I kept quiet for a moment before answering.

"Yeah…" I trailed off awkwardly.

I looked around the room again, hoping that maybe another bed would fall through the roof and save me the awkward experience of having to sleep with Fang.

Fang has always been like a brother to me, and he always will be. It's just that…well, lately…

You've developed feelings for him, haven't you? the Voice asked. I felt my face flush at the question

No! I quickly denied.

The Voice chuckled irritatingly inside my head.

You can't deny it, Max. You've developed feelings for Fang…but I'm warning you for the last time, you must STAY AWAY FROM FANG. You are putting yourself in huge amounts of danger right now!

And exactly how am I doing that oh-smart-assed-one? I shot at my Voice.

You unknowingly upset the delicate chemical balance within a human-avian bloodline, Max! You're a female and Fang is a male! When you donated blood to him, you --

Suddenly my Voice stopped speaking altogether and I was left standing alone in shock. Nothing but silence filled my ears for a few moments as I tried to let everything my Voice had just told me sink in.

Did I do something horrible to Fang when I gave him some of my blood? I wondered.

What if I've done something really bad to him? What if he starts turning into an Eraser like me?

I felt my heart pounding in my ears as panic started to clutch at my chest.

What if Fang is dying?

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