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by sillybella

Surrounded by warmth. It felt almost human. Warmer than lying in the sun. Even warmer than lying next to Bella. Warmer than anything I could remember. The others think I've lost my mind. But it feels so good. If they'd try it, they'd understand. Bella understands. She's human, and she understands. It was her idea. I don't know why I'd never thought of it before. I closed my eyes. I missed sleep, but I could pretend. At least until Bella arrived. I could enjoy the warmth until then.

I miss her so much on sunny school days. But this was some consolation. Such warmth. Amazing.

It was worth Rosalie and Emmett laughing at me. They said this was worse than a coffin. They just don't know. They can't imagine. Carlisle just sighed and shook his head before he went to the hospital this morning. Esme stopped in to check on me earlier, watching me with indulgence. At least she didn't think it was funny. Jasper, on the other hand, called me a wuss. A wuss! Then he laughed. And Alice. Even Alice. She told me she'd had a vision and that I made a beautiful butterfly. But it was worth it. Humiliating, but worth it.

Bella was a genius. And even better, she'd be here soon.

I never dreamed when she sent me home this morning that I would enjoy this day so much. I had my doubts, but I thought I might as well give it a try. She sounded so excited and I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I truly thought it was ridiculous, but I love her, so I'd do anything she asked. Well, almost anything. I'm so glad I tried it, because it turned out to be heaven. Surely nothing I'd ever given her was this wonderful. I felt almost alive.

And Bella was coming. I heard her truck. I heard her slam the door. I heard Alice greet her and say, "He's upstairs in his room. He hasn't come out all day. He's like a coma victim."

"Is he okay?"

Alice snickered and ignored her question. "Jasper called him a wuss." And he let him. It's like he's on drugs or something.

"And he didn't do anything about that?"

"He just growled." Now she giggled. That's the most he's moved all day.

"I'd better check on him."

I listened carefully as she walked up the stairs. It was Bella, she might fall. Then she opened the door and smiled at me. "Did you like them? How'd they work?" she asked as she crossed the room.

After a blissful sigh, I grinned back at her. "They're so warm, Bella. Can we take them to your house tonight?"

She kissed me and snuggled beside me on the couch. "We don't have to. I bought a set for my room, too."

I smiled in anticipation. Warm. From my head to my toes. Even my cold heart felt warm. "I can't believe I never thought of heating blankets."