PROLOGUE (disclamer blah blah i do not own revolutionary girl uten all rights to be-papas blah blah fucking blah)

Anthy…Anthy…give me your hand as the princess gave the prince her hand

The coffin collapsed and down, down, down the princess went. The prince screamed

As 1million raging swords came at him….


Ame woke up screaming sweating, and scared shit it happened again the stupid dream.

The same goddamn dream that had no end sigh what time is it Ame rolled over to check her clock 10:30 A.M.! then why do I feel so tired shit these dreams are depriving me of sleep "oh well at least its Saturday"…. "SHIT ITS SATURDAY!!!!" "I have to get ready I can't believe I forgot oh my god!!!" (Today was her friend's b-day) crap my hairs not done my clothes… 15 mins later whew glad I straightened my hair last night ok whew ummm helmet? Check. Gloves? Check. Jacket? Check. Keys check present oh crap where's the present?! Oh in my pocket ok im ready Ame mounted her white and silver motorcycle with roses painted allover the sides with an impressive looking sword on the right side of the bike. On the ride over to her friends house she started to think about her dreams what do they mean and who is that purple haired girl? it starts with her going through an athletic field and going through a weird sort of gate then she walks into a gondola with a staircase spiraling around it inside the elevator is a young woman about 14 or 15 with dark purple hair an-…oh look I made it just in time but I wonder what those dre-,"NO"she told herself "STOP IT AME YOU ARE NOT GONNA THINK ABOUT THAT NOT TONIGHT YOU ARE GOING TO ENJOY YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN"