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9:45 P.M.

"Hey Guys! What do you say lets give them a 'lil taste of what this nights really gonna be like!" shouted my drummer Butch


The guys all cheered and we started to play. The song turned out to be Stand up by A Static Lullaby it was a fun song to do so I started to sing.

"This town of sober actors
feel free to watch your city
become more than a sitcom dependency

Ami screamed the next part

"As they walk, the streets are bleeding
from the talent that they're bringing

The back up singer took over the next part so I had time to scan for Touga and Saionji. There they were! The two men were standing next to the bar talking to a young woman I couldn't see her face. sigh my turn again

"Stand up we're falling back again
we'll find something better we'll do anything
(this town has failed us both)

I took over the guitar solo when that song was over we played a few more songs.


I asked for tonight's show to be a bit shorter than normal my band members didn't mind they liked to party more than being the entertainment.

"Ok where are these losers" I muttered

"Who, may I ask are you calling 'losers'?" a strangely familiar seductive voice whispered in my ear

I spin so fast I think I gave myself whiplash


I paused regained my composure and said

"So where is this mystery girl?" Touga was reluctant

"Are you sure you want to meet her Utena?"


I quickly gasped at what I had just said I thought that I had completely forgotten about the entire dream but it all came back as I looked at my ring. Touga just stood there but he spoke eventually

"…What? Did you just say" he noticed my ring "Let me see your hand."


Crap my band is coming. Think Ame think fast oh I got it!

"I'm getting out of here you can follow me if you want" I said as I walked to the bar to get my helmet and keys

"Wait" Touga said "where are you going"

I turned to the bartender as he handed me my stuff "thanks bro"

I then turned back to Touga

"If you can keep up follow me and you'll see"

And walked out of the bar

I was in the parking lot with all of my riding gear on and about to raise my leg over my bike when I heard


"FAAAAAAAACK" (fack not fuck) "WHAT!" I yelled.

"Is it even legal for you to ride a motorcycle??" Touga asked

"Probably not but everything is legal when you can outrun the law" I replied

"What a great motto you have." Said Touga dryly

"What do you want?" I asked

"Here she is Anthy" said Touga as I noticed a girl walking up

"WAIT," I turned so I wouldn't see her "I don't want to see her just yet…follow me" I hopped on my bike and stopped at a traffic signal down the street

"Was that her?" asked the young woman.

"Yeah, should we follow her?" said Saionji

"I have a plan ill race her on my bike while you and Touga slowly follow us" continued the young woman

"What, but, huh" stammered Touga

"JUST DO IT" the young lady was getting pissed

"Ok, ok, ok," said Saionji as he got out her helmet and bike keys "you know I think I liked you more when you did whatever I said"

"Shut up" said the young woman as she snatched her keys and helmet from Saionji

I have no clue why I'm waiting I should run. But I'm not gonna run… not again.

Someone pulled up on my right. It was a clear night, a perfect night for a race which is probably what this chick wants.

"SO" I shouted over the engines "you couldn't keep away from me could you?"

The rider chuckled

"Ok if you guys wanna talk to me you'll have to beat me to the top of that parking structure 10 miles down the road ok!" I said as I pointed to the large elaborate building. No one has ever been able to beat me to the top of it I don't think this chick will even take the challenge….

I was wrong

The other biker nodded

"Ok" I continued "when that light turns green" I looked to the other light

It was green…

It was yellow…

I gripped my throttle

It was red, our light was green