YAY! This is my second fic. This is KankuroxGaara so it's yaoi and incest. Kinda AUish (is that a word?) bacause of the tv.

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Implied ShikamaruxTemari 'cause it seems pretty popular.

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Kankuro sat on the couch channel surfing. Gaara sat beside him watching the channels change. Finally, Kankuro settled on watching 'Mind of Mencia'. They sat and watched Carlos make fun of people for awhile. Gaara broke the silence.

"How long is Temari staying in Konoha?"

"About a week I guess."

"What's she there for anyway?"

"To see Shikamaru."


They once again sat in silence.


Gaara P.O.V

Later that night...

Gaara lie awake. The thoughts swirling around in his head left him unable to atleast try to sleep. Shukaku's voice interupted his thoughts.

'So are you going to tell him?'

'Leave me alone.'

'I'm just trying to help.'

'You just make things worse.'

'No I don't.'

'Yes you do.'

'Whatever. You should tell him how you feel.'


'Oh come on. What's the worst that could happen?'

'He could disown me.'

'Yeah that's pretty bad... But he could feel the same about you as you feel about him.'

'The chances of that are slim to none.'

'But there's still a chance.'


'He's your brother. He deserves to know that you're in love with him.'

'But he'll hate me!'

'You don't know that.'

'Yes I do! He'll hate me and disown me and never speak to me again!'



'Answer me damnit!'

'I got nothin''

'Thanks alot.'

'Sorree. Jeez touchy.'

'Just leave me alone.'

'Fine. Goodnight.'


Everything was quiet again. Gaara was left to think as he was lieing in bed staring up at the ceiling.

Kankuro P.O.V

Kankuro couldn't sleep. The thoughts in his head wouldn't allow it.

'Damnit! Why did I have to fall in love with him of all people?! He'd kill me if he ever found out!'

Somewere in the back of his mind a voice was yelling 'Tell him! Tell him! He's your brother he has the right to know!' But Kankuro knew that telling Gaara he loved him was suicide.

The night was cold and the heater had decided to go out. Kankuro huddled under his blanket. His thoughts shifted back to Gaara and what he should do. When a knock at his door pulled him from his thoughts. He got up and opened the door. There, holding his blanket, stood Gaara.

"I'm cold. Can I sleep with you?"

"Umm... Y-yeah, sure, of course you can."

Kankuro took Gaara's blanket and put it on the bed over his own. He climbed into bed and Gaara got in facing him.

Gaara P.O.V

'I can't beleive I'm listening to you.'

'Shut-up and move closer to him.'

Gaara moved a little closer to Kankuro.

'Good. Now, cuddle with him.'


'He's asleep he won't even notice.'

Gaara cuddled up to his brother. Kankuro stiffened at his touch.

"Gaara, what are you doing?"

'Aaaahhhhhhh!!! He's awake! What do I do!'

'Calm down! Just say you're cold or something!'

"S-sorry. I'm cold."


'Hope he doesn't kill me for this.' Kankuro thought as he wrapped his arms around Gaara.

'Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! What do I do!'

'Well I'm not god but I can help out.'

'What do I do!?'

'Relax. Put your hands on his chest.'


'Because it's a submissive position and I said so. Now do it.'

Gaara put both hands to his brothers' chest, gripping the t-shirt Kankuro was wearing. Kankuro gasped and wrapped his arms tighter around Gaara. The young red-head nuzzled his older brothers' neck and Kankuro kissed his head lightly.

'Well, here goes.' Kankuro thought.



"I, um."


"I-I love you. Like more than a brother."

'He's gonna kill me!!!!'

"You do?"


Gaara smiled (A/N: Yes it can happen!) and looked up at his older brother.

"I love you too."

Kankuro's eyes went wide in shock.



Kankuro kissed Gaara gently and Gaara retuned the kiss just as gently. When they broke the kiss they cuddled quietly. They stayed just like that for awhile, just enjoying each others company. Before too long, the silence was broken.

"Kankuro nii-san?"


"I love you."

"I love you too."


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