How to Break a Mask

Author: Kinomi Akai

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, Orochimaru, and Sakura would die, Kabuto would turn into a pokemon, Lee and Guy would trim their eyebrows and donate them to Gaara, Itachi would slap Sasuke for leaving Konoha, confiscate ALL of his clothing, and send him back where he would get together with Naruto And everyone would live happily ever after :P

Summary: An incident at the festival on Oct. 10th reveals that there is a lot that everyone doesn't know about Naruto. Smart!Naruto, Sasunaru/Narusasu, Rated M to be safe

Parings: Sasunaru/Narusasu, mentions of KakaIru, GaaNeji, ShikaIno and other pairings in later chapters

Warnings: Shonen-ai, yaoi, boy x boy, whatever to want to call it Ah, yes and Sakura bashing.

Author's Note: Yay for my first Naruto fic! I feel like writing XD Oh, and in this fic, Sasuke never left Konoha.

EDIT: I have now started editing this story. Currently working on Chapter 4. That means, hopefully, I can make this active again!

"Blah" – talking

'blah' – thinking

'blah' – Kyuubi talking

Here goes nothing!

Everyday, Naruto put up a mask. Not a real mask, but one of false emotion…of false happiness. In fact, Naruto couldn't remember a time where he had truly smiled before. He pretended to be an idiot, to be clumsy, to not have a care in the world.

No human knew the real him.

'Oi kit, time to get up,'

Naruto felt his eyelids slowly open. He yawned, and slowly dragged his body away from the warm bed and into the bathroom. On his way there, he glanced at the calendar and realized why he had a sudden feeling of dread.

Today was October 10th.

His birthday. The one day that caused him so much pain.

'Kit, at this rate you'll be later than usual.'

'Ne, kyu-chan do you think I should really go to training today?'

'Probably. It wouldn't be good if your teammates started asking questions. Just be sure to avoid the villagers extra carefully today.'

When Naruto was very young, Naruto spoke to a voice in his head. He became friends with this voice; they were his friend. This voice helped him through his childhood, helped him to hide his true feelings from the world and never let anyone know what he was truly thinking.

When he found out that this voice, this friend that he had, was the horribly evil Kyuubi no Kitsune, he felt betrayed and hurt. He became scared of this voice; but he couldn't escape it. You cannot run away from your own mind, after all. Eventually, Naruto came to realize that Kyuubi's reputation was exactly like his - they were hated, and given no chance to explain or prove themselves. Kyuubi had attacked Konoha, yes, but she (yes, Naruto found out that the great Kyuubi no Kitsune was actually female) had done so with cause. They killed her lover; her mate. She had been blinded by rage. Naruto knew what she told was true: Kyuubi had shown him the memories. Since she had opened up to him, they had become very close. Almost like a mother-son relationship, as odd as it might've been to think of it that way. Kyuubi took it upon herself to train Naruto, to make sure he would never be the dead-last of the academy that he pretended to be. Now, of course, he was extremely powerful and talented. Not that he would show anyone. Naruto didn't need the village to hate him even more that they already did.

Actually, Naruto was working on creating a jutsu that would give said kitsune her own body, if only for a short while. The seal was too powerful to break without killing himself.

With a sigh, Naruto stepped out of his apartment, now fully clothed and ready to go.

As soon as he walked out, he felt everyone's eyes on him. The whispers started and they were all glaring.

"That's him…"

"Stupid brat, he doesn't even deserve to live."

"He killed everyone; he's a de-"

"Shhh! We can't talk about that in public!"

Naruto continued on, as if he couldn't hear anyone. He had enhanced senses (thanks to Kyuubi) so he could easily hear every little detail, but he simply plastered on his fake grin and kept on walking.

When Naruto reached the bridge where him and his teammates met every morning, he quickly grinned and started waving his hand madly.

"Ohayo Sakura-chan!"

"Shut-up Naruto! You're so annoying!"

'Kami I hate her…'

'That hair burns my eyes…'

Naruto inwardly snickered. Outwardly, he put on a pout and protested very loudly, "but Sakura-chaaaan!"

"Be quiet dobe." Sasuke said, or sighed, rather. Unfortunately, this statement made Sakura realize she was neglecting her duty as crazed fangirl and immediately resume her position of clinging on Sasuke's arm.

'Ugh, I don't know how you put up with this.'

'I don't know either.'

"That's it, Sasuke-teme! I challenge you! I'll beat you to a bloody pulp, you bastard!"


About two hours passed by of pretty much just Naruto yelling, a few hits from Sakura and Sasuke ignoring everything around him, before finally Kakashi showed up.


"YOU'RE LATE!" Came the yell from Naruto and Sakura.

"Maaa, sorry I had to take care of a little dolphin that I found." (1)

'He's so obvious…'

"LIAR!" Yelled Sakura.

"Eheheh…well anyways, I figured that today we should take a break from all the missions and training. Let's go the the festival!" Kakashi's eye curved upwards, and indication that he was smiling under his mask.

'Shit! Kyuubi, what do I say? I can't go to the festival!'

'Calm down kit! Just say you're not feeling well or that you think the festival's stupid or something.'

"But Kakashi-sensei! That festival's a waste of time! We should be training when we get a day off!" Naruto quickly came up with an excuse.

'Please buy it, please buy it…'

"Now, now, Naruto, you shouldn't push yourself too hard. You guys need a break. And no, I'm not letting you guys get out of this one!"


'Perhaps you can last this one time, kit. It's only for a few hours.'

'But what if the villagers say something?'

'The old hag will be there. I doubt they'll say anything within a normal human's hearing range.'

'I hope you're right kyu-chan.'

"Naruto! We're gonna leave you behind if you don't hurry," came Kakashi's voice.

"Ah! Wait!" Naruto sped off after them, praying that nothing would go wrong…

Oh how wrong he was.

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