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-Vanilla Lollipops-

The sugary aura of the room was magical.

Their surrounding vision was a colorful blurry, giving a whimsical tone as a light-hearted feeling settled in their stomachs. Their eyes were only on each other. When he smiled, she laughed. She would stick out her tongue playfully at him and so would he. And they would both laugh over nothing.

The petite round, crimson table was the only thing that separated them. They would mutually agree to scooch their chairs in further forwards, only so their knees would touch and faces were only a foot away when they would lean closer.

The luminous ceiling lights of the ice-cream parlor made their eyes glitter, and they wouldn't be able to look away.

He wanted to reach over and touch her milky-smooth face, and watch her smile as her cheeks became rosy.

They became absorbed in the present, in each other. 'She was so beautiful, and he was so adorable,' they would both think. She rested the tips of her elbows on the glossy surface of the table and relaxed her head on her palms, as he would smile at her innocence.

He would carefully creep for her fingers as he bowed his head in embarrassment. She would laugh, and give him a ginger smile to tell him it's all right.

Their joined fingers like their souls; they were jigsaw puzzles, and they fit perfectly.

A soft symphony would play in the back of their heads, and their thoughts would softly sway in harmony just like their feelings. Later, they would fly away to the absent space, and really breathe the night air for the first time of their lives. And hey, maybe they would fall in love.

But for now, the quaint corner where their table was of ice-cream parlor was fine. Because he could stay there all night, and so could she.

She was so sugary, and he had quite a sweet tooth.

Conversation was futile. It was so far away, like a distant meadow in the dark. They would laugh, they would smile, and they would use their eyes. Pure bliss would fill their souls.

And they love it.

A condensated glass of liquid ice cream appeared before them. They must have not noticed the waiter set it down.

They would avert their gaze away from each other, only for a second, at the welcoming milk shake that would greet their parched taste buds. He would lick his lips tastefully, and she would lift her hand, and take a small scoop of milk shake on her fingertip, and then suck on it with her glossed lips. She would laugh, and he would smile radiantly at her playful action.

They both would lean in and suck on the double-strawed beverage, and then blush from being so close.

They were barely aware of how cliché, so picturesque, this moment was; this whole date was. Sometimes, cliché was perfect. It was a moment that was over-used, yet never worn out.

He would gingerly take her hand for the second time, and she would smile yet again into the straw that was between her lips.

The beverage tasted so great.

And sharing it between their two straws made it taste like vanilla lollipops and sugary gumdrops.

...Sharing their first kiss tonight?

-I could see that-