Stars, it's been a while, hasn't it

Stars, it's been a while, hasn't it? I'm terribly sorry to all of those people who wanted me to update Wolf, since, as far as I can tell, that story is more popular than this one. It has more of a plot too. I just wanted to keep using this story because, just recently, I started re-watching FMA again and I got some good ideas for Ed angst. Yay Seriously though, I don't know why I torture my favorite character so. You're also gonna have to bear with me if I make some mistakes, either about my own story in previous chapters or in the actual series. -;; like I said, I just started re-watching FMA and it's been a while since I've written this story. I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter Five: Bloodseal

Al sat silently by his brother's bed, his head bowed, thinking hard about what Ed had said before the doctor had come in.

"Why did you go out there, Nii-san?"

"For you, Al. I did it for you."

Al looked down at Ed's exhausted, sleeping form and his large hands clenched. What did Ed mean?

"They said…they'd kill you if I didn't go…"

And Ed didn't know who had written that note…what was going on? Surely no one from the Military…they wouldn't be able to get away with it, right? That would be…wrong!

"Alphonse…?" Al looked up to see Hughes standing in the barely open door. "Mustang wants to talk to you, he's downstairs." Al stood up a quietly as he could and walked to the door, nodding his thanks to Hughes. As Al walked down the hall, his footsteps echoing noisily off the walls, he turned his head one last time to look back at his brother's door. He stopped in surprise as he saw Hughes watching him. Al hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and walked down the hall. He turned to look behind him one last time and saw Hughes following him, making an obvious attempt at silence. Al stopped walking, and so did Hughes. Al wondered what Hughes was doing, but turned to face forward again and kept walking.


Hughes walked slowly down the hall again towards Ed's door and opened it quietly, a wild grin on his face. He let it shut with a click behind him. He closed his eyes in concentration and felt the familiar chill pass across his body as his form changed from that of the military man to his more familiar, green haired form.

"Hey. Fullmetal brat," Envy called to the sleeping form. Ed groaned but didn't wake. Envy's shoulders slumped and he sighed. "Okay, fine, I'll wake you up the hard way." He stalked over to Ed's bed and yanked the blankets back. He grabbed Ed roughly by the front of his shirt and swung him out of bed, holding him in the air. Ed's eyes flew open and a strangled gasp escaped his throat.


"Now, don't make too much noise, Fullmetal," Envy said, still grinning. His eyes flashed as he pulled out a hand sized piece of grey-blue metal out of (what, a pocket?) and he set Ed down on his feet. Ed quickly clapped his hands together, ignoring the burn in his wounds, and took a few steps back. He extended the blade out of his automail arm but as he saw it out of his peripheral vision it brought back the horrible memories again of the children… all the children…! Envy laughed and held out the piece of metal for Ed to see. The alchemist's eyes widened in horror as he saw the seal drawn in blood on the scrap.

"Envy, you…! What…" Ed spluttered, his heart racing in his chest. Al…he can't have been…no…!

"This is all that's left of your dear little brother," Envy laughed, watching Ed's horrified expression with obvious enjoyment. Ed drew back his arm and slashed at Envy, who easily dodged aside. Ed snarled in frustration.

"Give me that!" Ed growled, lunging again. Envy rolled his eyes and spun sideways to avoid the blow. He narrowed his eyes, then laughed again. When Ed struck again, everything seemed to slow down. For Ed, it was like swinging his arm forward had set in motion something he couldn't stop. Envy held the blood seal up against his chest and threw himself onto Ed's blade. Ed watched in horror as his blade slid straight through the middle of the red symbol and into Envy's chest. Envy dropped the two halves of the blood seal and pulled himself off the steel blade. He brushed the nonexistent dust off himself.

"Well, I'm glad you took care of that for me," he said in a bored voice. Ed dropped his arm back to his side and staggered backwards until his back hit the wall. His eyes were wide and full of shock and horror. Envy bent down and picked up the two halves again and held them out for Ed to see.

"You killed him. Good job." Envy smiled and tossed the halves at Ed's feet. The light in Ed's eyes began to fade and he slid down the wall to lay in crumpled heap, his eyes dull and so close to lifeless that he could be mistaken for dead.


Al…gone…what's left? Heh…I'm sorry, little brother…

"Edward…? Edward!"

"Is he unconscious?"

"I don't think so…his eyes are open. But look at them!"

How many times have I failed you now, brother? Too many…this final failure…I'm so sorry…

"Should we move him? Is he hurt?"

"Someone get the doctor in here!"

"Edward, listen to me. Can you hear me?"

Colonel Bastard… Why should you care? What does it matter any more? Maybe…maybe I'll just end it now…

"He's…he's moving! What's he doing?"

"He's sitting up, or trying. Help him out!"

Help…me? Why?

"Colonel, why's he doing that, sir? Is he…going to fight us?"

Fight…you? Who are you? Why would I fight you? No, this blade…the blade that killed the children…that killed…Al…heh…will it take my life as well?

"Someone stop him!"

"What's he doing?"

"Fullmetal, get that blade away from your neck now, before you do something stupid."

Shut up, bastard…you don't know what it's like…to lose the only thing you're fighting for…and have it be your fault it's gone…

"I have his arm, sir. What do we do about him?"

"Sir, he's unstable. We have to restrain him."

"I know, Lieutenant. But how?"

"I think…I think we have to take his automail arm off, before he does something stupid."

Take it off? No! They won't stop me!

"Damn, someone get a hold of him! Don't let him stand up!"

"Where's Alphonse? Somebody find him! Maybe he can help us!"

"I'm sorry, Fullmetal. This is for your own good."

What's for my own good? What the hell are you—

"Got him. Someone catch him…"


Mustang sighed, holding the unconscious young boy in his arms. He regretted having to knock Ed out, but…he was so out of control…

"Sir, I wish you would refrain from hitting my patients," the doctor said in a disapproving tone. Mustang rose to his feet and laid the boy on his bed.

"It was necessary. Now, do you have something that can keep him asleep until we can get his automail mechanic out here?"

"Maybe…not for terribly long though, otherwise it might kill him."

"If he wakes up, sedate him again. Lieutenant, stay here and watch him. Furey, go find some guards to stand outside Fullmetal's room. Go!"

"Y-yes sir!" Furey hurried out of the room and Mustang rubbed his temples.

"Everybody stay on alert. I'll be back." Mustang took one last look at Ed, then turned and walked out of the door, striding down to the end of the hall where a phone was on the wall. He put his hand on the receiver and paused. What should he tell the girl Winry? How would he explain why Ed's automail had to be taken off? Should he tell her about Ed's current state?

"Colonel Mustang sir!" Must turned to see a soldier coming out of Ed's room, holding what looked like two pieces of metal in his hand. "Sir, we found these by the wall in Ed's room." As he neared Mustang, he held out the pieces of metal for Mustang to see. Mustang felt the blood drain from his face as he looked at the two halves of the red seal. He held his hand out to take them and when the soldier dropped them in his hand, he hurriedly stuffed them in his pocket.

"Do not mention these to Edward, you got that?" he snapped. The soldier jumped to salute.

"Yes sir!" He turned and hurried back down the hall. Mustang took a deep breath and pulled the receiver off the hook, quickly dialing the number that would connect him to the Rockbell's house.


Winry rolled up her sleeves and grabbed a box of tools from a nearby table and pulled the automail hand she was working on over to work bench. She opened the box and started to pull out a screwdriver when she heard the phone ring.

"I'll get it," grumbled Auntie Pinako, shuffling into the room to pick up the phone. "Hello?" There was a pause of silence before Pinako turned to Winry. "It's for you." Winry rolled her eyes and set down the screwdriver, standing up. She hurried to the phone and took it out of the small woman's hand.


"Winry Rockbell? This is Colonel Mustang, from Central."

"Um…Is something wrong, sir?"

"I need you to come to Central, as soon as possible."

"Is something wrong?" she asked again.

"Ed needs some…maintenance. I'll explain more when you arrive. I'll meet you at Central Station…how soon?"

"I…I guess I could be there tomorrow afternoon, sir," Winry said, frowning.

"Very good. Thank you. I'll see you then. Take care." And with that, he hung up. Winry looked down at the receiver in her hand before she put it back on the hook.

"What's going on?" Pinako asked, going to stand next to the blond girl.

"Well…" Winry said slowly. "Colonel Mustang said he wants me to go to Central, to do some maintenance on Ed's automail. He said he'd meet me at the Central, tomorrow afternoon."

"Mustang is going to meet you?" Pinako asked, incredulously. "Personally? Something must be wrong…" Winry frowned and yawned.

"I hope Ed's okay…"

"I'm sure he's fine. Those two are always getting into trouble, but they always end up okay." Pinako patted Winry's arm, then shuffled back out of the room. Winry sat down in the chair near the phone and bit her lip. The last time she had been called to central to do repairs on Ed, he was in the hospital. Maybe…maybe he was as badly hurt as he had been that time…? But…wouldn't Mustang say something if that was the case? Winry shook her head and stood up, looking at the clock on the wall. It was about seven in the evening. (okay, so I don't actually know what times all this is taking place, so, if you find a contradiction, bear with me.)

"Auntie, I'm going to go start packing!" Winry called.

"Alright," she heard Pinako reply from the other room. "Don't forget it's almost time for dinner!"


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