Now You See It… - Do You Believe In Magic?

Chapter 1 - How To Break Your Only Friend's Heart

Summary - Starts during Alyson and Danny's argument after he admits he's a magician. Alyson and Danny have no idea how similar they are…


"I know how it feels to be an outcast, Danny! Okay? I might act as if I have all the friends in the world, but I don't! My life isn't exactly perfect, you know!" Alyson had lost it. Danny seemed to think that she just wanted to get to know him because he could win her the competition, but that wasn't the story.

"Well at least you're not a freak like me!" Danny retorted.

Alyson blinked. "You're not a freak." She said softly.

"Yes, I am." And he walked into his room, turned around, and slammed the door in Alyson's face.

And that was when she began to cry.


Cedric found her in the secret room.

"Alyson? What - Why are you crying?" he asked.

"Danny's mad at me. And I don't know why." She said, wiping off her tear-stained face.

"Could you expand on that?"

"We were arguing, and it somehow turned to him being a - a freak. He said it, not me." Alyson said hurriedly when Cedric opened his mouth. "I told him he wasn't, and he said he was, then slammed his door in my face." She burst into tears again.

Cedric didn't know what to say.


Danny heard a knock on his door.

"Go away Alyson!" He yelled, hurriedly wiping his tears away.

"It's not Alyson." Said a soft voice. "It's Zoey."

"Did you need something?" he opened his door.

"I kinda saw your argument with Alyson. After you slammed the door, she started crying, then left."

He closed his eyes and nodded. "This is all my fault." He closed his door behind him. "Follow me." he said.


Danny knew exactly where Alyson would be, but he didn't expect Cedric to be there too. They were talking, and hadn't seemed to hear him and Zoey come in. She looked around, amazed.

"I thought you were claustrophobic, Cedric." He said. Alyson and Cedric turned toward him. When she saw who it was, she got up, not making eye contact with Danny, and walked to the thing they use to leave. "Wait." Danny grabbed her arm before she could turn it.

"Okay!" Alyson threw her arms out and slumped into a chair. "Explain to me why you're a freak, and saying you aren't deserves a door being slammed in my face!"

Danny told her everything. About the skateboard, about the bully in the tree, about his constant fear of his magic. Zoey, Cedric, and Alyson sat, listening intently.

"At least you have ways of getting rid of a bully." Alyson said. "All my life, I've been laughed at for not being interested in clothes and hair and boys. But mostly, for acting like a know-it-all. I don't mean to. It's just…I don't know…people have a hard time accepting people who are smarter than them."

He simply nodded understandingly.


A/N: Okay, so it's short, but it's probably one of my most descriptive stories ever! So far… This is like the best movie ever! Along with some others, but it has Aly Michalka AND Johnny Pacar! I mean, come on, are they not some of the best? I love reviews! (Hint hint)