Do You Believe In Magic?

Chapter 4 - Finales Are Always Disasters (Part 2)


Danny's eyes widened. "No!" He whispered, too stunned to yell.

Alyson's heart beat furiously. She was about to scream, when the weight stopped, and hovered in the air.

Danny had his hand out, as if commanding it to stop. He looked around, not knowing what had happened. Then he rushed forward and helped Alyson scramble backwards just before the weight crashed into the ground.

"I told you!" She said quietly.

Before he could say anything, Alyson vanished from his arms. He looked around wildly. Danny heard a thumping behind him, and turned around to see Max standing next to the box you stick swords in.

"No… Alyson was right about you!" He cried. "And you can't overpower me!" Danny tried to take the ring off. No matter how hard he tugged, it wouldn't come off. He began to panic. "Let Alyson out!"

"I think we'll have a little fun first." Max smiled evilly and stuck a sword into the box. Danny heard Alyson scream. He and Max had both forgotten the audience.

Danny ran up to the box and opened the door. Alyson had vanished. Again.

"Where is she Max?" he said threateningly.

"That's for me to know," he shut the door. "And for you to find out!" He shoved another sword in and opened the door. Alyson was inside, unhurt, but cut off by the swords.

"Let my daughter go!" A lady from the audience yelled.

"Yeah, let her out!" Danny's dad said.

Even Hunter nodded, a frightened look on his face.

While Max tried to quiet the crowd, Danny took the opportunity to push him out of the way and pull the swords out of the box. Alyson stepped out and threw her arms around Danny, crying.

"Touching." Max said. Alyson let go of Danny, even though she was shaking violently.

"Let me take the ring off." She said. Danny held out his hand.

"No!" Max said. Alyson slipped the ring off and handed it to Danny. They turned to Max, and Danny threw the ring at him. It disappeared, then appeared on Max's finger.

"Look who's in control now!" Danny said. Alyson smiled at Max innocently.

Suddenly, they heard applause. They turned around and saw the crowd cheering. Hunter was sitting and clapping grudgingly. Brandon, who was right next to him, winked at them.

"Um, ta-da!" Alyson curtsied quickly, and Danny waved. The crowd quieted as Mrs. McCalister walked onto the stage.

"I'm sure all of you enjoyed the finale, now, we are going to have YOU pick the winner." The crowd buzzed. "Family and friends, I encourage you to vote for who you think was the best, not your family. Now, all hands for Brandon?" A couple of people raised their hands, including Hunter. "Zoey?" There were a few more hands in the air for Zoey than Brandon. "And, last but certainly not least, Danny?" More than half the audience's hand flew into the air. Alyson's hand shot up in the air as well. "Well, I think we've found our winner!"

"I knew you could do it!" Alyson smiled. Danny nodded and laughed. "What?" Alyson said.

"Look at Hunter!" Danny laughed.

Hunter was arguing with Mrs. McCalister. He looked furious.

"He's madder than Brandon!" She said.

"I'm not mad at all!" Brandon's voice came from behind them. "You really deserved it. Congrats, dude."

"You did really good too!" Danny replied.

"Come on, saving Alyson? That's way better than playing with a little light."

"He's right, you know!" Zoey joined their conversation. Soon they left.

"You seem quieter than usual." Danny said to Alyson.

She thought for a second. "I just wanted to say…thanks for saving my life, twice."

"Thanks for being the only person who's ever cared." He replied. Their eyes met.

He leaned forward. And they kissed.

They heard clapping and broke apart. They turned to see Zoey, Brandon, and Cedric clapping and smiling.

"Took you long enough!" Zoey said.

Alyson and Danny just smiled.


After everything calmed down, everyone rushed off to get dressed for the wrap-up party. They all met back up in an hour. Zoey, Brandon, and Danny all took turns performing their tricks.

"What did you do to him, Alyson?" Cedric asked her. They were watching Danny, who was smiling. He hadn't stopped since him and Alyson had kissed.

"I cast a spell!" She held up her hands and wiggled her fingers playfully.

A while later, Mrs. McCalister walked onto the stage and took the mike off it's stand.

"Now, I'm sure you've all had fun, and now it's time for the awards ceremony. First, I'd like to welcome up Brandon." He walked on stage and waved at the camera. "Now Brandon, you may have come in third, but that doesn't mean you aren't an amazingly talented magician." She handed him a bronze trophy and a wrapped package. "Here is your trophy and a little gift to remember us by." She smiled.

Brandon walked off the stage and sat down at a table with Hunter.

"Now, don't open that until everyone gets theirs!" Mrs. McCalister said. "Now, Zoey." Zoey skipped up. "You are a ray of sunshine, and deserve this second place trophy." She handed her the trophy and present.

Zoey sat back down.

"Now, I'd like you all to give a big hand for our winner, Danny!" Danny walked up to the stage. "You started off with a shaky start, but pulled off a win in the end, and for that, I think we are all amazed." She handed him his trophy and present. "And now, if I could have Alyson on stage as well?" She beckoned for Alyson to come up. Alyson walked up, confused. "I'd like to inform you two that you will return for a second season of Search For the Greatest Kid Magician!" She said.

Alyson and Danny gaped surprisedly.

"We're really coming back?" Alyson said.

Mrs. McCalister nodded. Alyson and Danny smiled wider than physically possible.

"Now, each of our producers will return, and two knew producers will be chosen by the old producers. All except Alyson will pick new magicians. As for Zoey and Brandon, you will be able to stay at the Mansion and help the new magicians, and watch their performances." Everyone began talking excitedly. " I'll let you get back to the party! You may open your presents now!"

Danny and Alyson sat back down, and he tore off the paper. Inside was the wand from the second challenge.

Zoey gasped when she opened hers, and Brandon said "cool!"

Alyson turned back to Danny. "So, got any tricks planned?"

"Maybe…" He flicked the wand, and a bouquet of flowers appeared in her hand.



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