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Kitty/Jubilee- Come on! Why not

I could make you happy,

If you weren't already

I could do a lot of things

And I do…

So fuck you

And your untouchable face

Fuck you

For existing in the first place

And who am I?

That I should be vying for your touch

I said who am I?

Bet you can't even tell me that much

Untouchable Face- Ani DiFranco

­­­­­­­­She was asleep.

The knowledge filled him with cold fury.

She was asleep.

He couldn't remember his last unbroken night of slumber and

She was asleep!

She murmured in her slumber and rolled over, the covers slid against her, revealing her body, her gorgeous untouchable body.

He clenched his fists together and pounded them silently against his forehead,

She was asleep!

Too much anger flowed through his veins; he jumped up from the desk seat and marched to her wardrobe, too loudly. She began to stir, drawing up the covers for warmth.

He ran through her clothes, ripping down the ones in his way. A shoe fell out and he kicked it back in, catching his foot on fabric. He looked down, figures she hadn't bothered to put it away, she'd only worn it hours before anyhow.

It felt soft in his hands, the black satin contrasting with his white skin,

"Bobby?" the husky voice played in his ear, picking up the dressing gown he turned back to Rogue. She rubbed her eyes and stretched luxuriously,

"Hey" he greeted padding softly across the room,

"What're ya doing in my room?" she inquired rolling onto her back, fighting sleep.

"I'm allowed aren't I?" he challenged bending over her, God she was beautiful, unable to resist he bent down breathing in her musky scent, he leaned in to kiss her but she turned her head away and held up a hand to stop him.

"My powers" she excused,

"Don't worry about them" he soothed handing her the dressing gown,

"What?" obediently she slipped from the covers and wrapped the gown about her tying the cord, "What d'ya mean?"

He moved until he was behind her, then slowly reached into his pocket,

And pulled out the gun.

She gasped as she felt the cold metal,

"Bobby!" she cried trying to spin around to face him, but he already held her down. It wasn't difficult, each X-Men had studied the strengths and weaknesses of their members and learnt their techniques, they hadn't really allowed room for the thought they might one day be facing each other.

"Shush" he pressed the gun into her back, watching with fascination as she flinched. "You want to be very quiet"

She nodded resentfully; he knew her wild spirit was in revolt at being told what to do by an equal. She had a hard enough time taking orders from superiors.

Keeping minimal distance between them, Bobby maneuvered Rogue from her bedroom, it was early yet none of the students liked to rise before six thirty.

He heard the majestic sound of wings-

Except those goddamn ones that have to go for the early morning flights to avoid media.

Warren aka Angel trotted down the same stairs Bobby was planning to use, "Morning" he panted sweating profusely, his wings quivering with excitement

Rogue made a sound in her throat; Bobby rammed the gun harder into her back.

Angel nodded repeating his greeting and kept moving.

Bobby sighed with relief and nudged Rogue to start moving again.

Angel stood in the corridor behind the curtains, studying the weapon from every angle, wanting to be absolutely sure.

Then he high tailed it downstairs looking for help. He heard voices, rough and deep and another, heavy German.

Logan and Kurt

"Logan!" Angel shouted all but flying into the living room

"What's the matter wings lost your halo?"

"No Bobby, Bobby Drake, I just saw him heading up to the roof with a loaded cure gun"

"The cure! What'd Popsicle want the cure for?"

"It wasn't for him" Angel gasped "He had Rogue with him. I think he was gonna…"

He didn't have the chance to finish, Logan dropped what he was doing and ran across the room leaping up the stairs, Angel and Nightcrawler followed him as best as they could. "Angel get the children outta bed and the early risers inside, get them all into the living room, tell them they're not to move until I say so. Nightcrawler tell Storm what's happened"

"Let me come with you" Nightcrawler offered, Logan shook his head

"No I don't want any of the X-Men up there; we don't know how many bullets Bobby has in that gun. He could take out half of us before we would be able to stop him"

Angel and Nightcrawler left him, running to their separate tasks. He flew to the stairs leading to the roof and stopped, his senses were kicking in.

"Bobby please, this is crazy"

"I said shut up!"

"Bobby you're hurting me"

That was all Logan needed to hear, throwing open the door he leapt up onto the pebbled roof as Bobby threw Rogue down to the ground. She yelped at the jarring feeling and sensed him a moment before Bobby did; her eyes flew to him with an overwhelming sense of relief and confusion.

Then Bobby saw him, needless to say his reaction was quite the same as Rogue's.

"You!" he whispered disgustedly, pointing the gun to Logan, Rogue lay still afraid to startle Bobby.

"Look Iceman" Logan held up his hands to him, Bobby flipped the safety off the gun, "I swear to God I will shoot you," he screamed,

"And these are Adamantium laced tranquilizers Wolverine. The one thing your claws can't destroy, think you could handle it bub. Think you could handle being mortal like the rest of us? With your God complex going on!"

Logan swallowed and knew Bobby had him. Logan wasn't a coward, but he wasn't an idiot either. For a moment he saw his claws coming out between his knuckles, the process of having the Adamantium laced to his skeleton has cost him significant bone marrow, with his healing factor alone sustaining him. It also healed the gashes he made every time he extended them and produced the red and white cells with the needed efficiency to sustain his violent lifestyle.

If Bobby shot him with the cure he's days would be numbered with single digits.

"Bobby" Rogue's voice was barely above a whisper, but in the windy day it carried to Wolverine easily, "Let Logan alone, he's not a part of this"

"Yes he is" Bobby screamed, "he's a bigger part of this then I am!"

With the gun still aimed at Logan Bobby turned his head to Rogue,

"He's a bigger part of you then I am" tears sprung to the younger boys eyes and Wolverine realized that Bobby Drake may have snapped.

"Do you have any idea what it's like Rogue to have the person you love most in the world preoccupied with another man? To know every time she has a problem that she goes to another man for help, for comfort, for affection?"

Logan was vaguely aware that Storm had got Kitty to plug into his communicator and that the rest of the X-Men were in the corridor listening to the conversation.

"Bobby" Rogue tried, shifting slightly on the gravel, but Bobby shook his head. "No! Not anymore, you and I were so happy when we started dating. And then he came back!" The gun shook in Bobby's hand and for a moment Logan feared he's fire it, "And then you ran straight to his arms, when you were afraid to get close to me you were happy enough to risk contact with him, even after he stabbed you through the chest"

Logan opened his mouth to interrupt on that particular point but Bobby slipped his finger to the trigger, "You and Wolverine are the stars of the X-Men Rogue, you two are the real freaks and yet you two are the stars of the show while I have to linger in the shadows, hoping you'll occasionally take your eyes of him long enough to spare me a glance. Do you have any idea what it's like to see that your girlfriend is the only one in the mansion that isn't afraid of the Wolverine and the only one he trusts and cares for completely?"

Rogue slipped slightly on her arm, stunned. She met Logan's eyes around Bobby's legs, he felt as shocked as she looked.

When had this happened? How had this happened? How had they become so close and dependant on each other without realizing it?

"Stop it!" Bobby screamed seeing the look they shared, "Stop looking at each other" Logan knew that if he delayed any longer, Bobby might shoot them both. He started forward but Rogue had come to the same conclusion and leapt to her feet, causing Bobby to panic.

And shoot Rogue.

"NO" Logan shouted skidding to a halt. Looking in horror as Rogue crumpled over and drew the tranquilizer from her stomach. "No" she whispered devastated, falling to the ground. Not thinking Logan tried to reach her but Bobby held the gun to him. "No" he screamed, "This is your fault, why couldn't you have left us alone? Why couldn't you have left her for me?"

Only the sound of Storm's voice in Logan's communicator begging him not to fly off the handle prevented him from getting the claws out and going at Bobby and to hell with the consequences. That and Rogue on the ground took up his attention.

She was stirring now, slowly trying not to aggravate the pain in her stomach. She took deep breaths looking around her as if she was seeing everything for the first time. She tapped her head gently and Logan felt a rush of sympathy when he realized the voices had gone silent. Rogue had confided in him one night that when she absorbed the lives of others she absorbed their psyches as well. Her mind was no longer exclusively hers, Magneto and Wolverine had taken up primary residence followed by Colossus, the occasional Pyro, Iceman and Cody. What amazed Logan was that not only was she able to have her every thought dissected and judged by two adult men but that, as she explained, they never shut up. They spent the day commenting on every little thing and then when she lay down to sleep at night they still kept talking! Normally she was able to socialize with others and hold conversations with the two men at the same time, but when they were really making a ruckus it would result in one hell of a headache for her, he eventually realized that those moments when she went silent and seemed distracted was when she was forced to communicate solely with the psyches in her head to keep her sanity. He had grown concerned with this and had spoken to Dr McCoy hoping to find some way to control the voices but Marie had steadfastly refused, she enjoyed the conversations she had with them, she enjoyed the advice they gave and the ability to speak the multitude of languages they brought to her. She had grown to understand and forgive Magneto and to love the Wolverine even when Logan himself feared him.

Now they had gone and she truly was more alone then she had ever been in her life. Logan saw her watching Bobby and knew then that she would kill him in the most painful way possible.

And he wouldn't do a flamin' thing to stop her.

She got to her knees and reached tentatively for Bobby's hand. He gave her a quick glance then stopped and truly looked into eyes, lowering the gun and forgetting the rest of the world. Logan didn't blame him, Rogue could really stop a man in his tracks when she wanted to. She took his hand in hers and brushed her soft cheek against it closing her eyes and sighing contently, the gun fell to the ground. Bobby lifted her to her feet, the tears coming thick and fast from his eyes with Storm whispering in Logan's ear not to roll his. She drew him to her and kissed him so softly on the mouth that he barely felt it, then deepened the kiss passionately. Holding her tightly in his arms he didn't see her open her eyes, didn't see her beckon Logan forward.

He didn't realize what was happening until Logan, using the Adamantium in his skeletal structure, knocked him out cold.

As Bobby slowly went down on his knees, he met Rogue's eyes one last time and saw cold fury and passionate hatred.

Time froze for just one second as Logan and Rogue stood over the body of one who had once been a friend, lover and comrade, one they had both trusted and who had betrayed his own team and left one of them defenseless against the enemy.

Logan looked up to Rogue and found her lip trembling and her eyes watering. He stepped over Bobby's body and gathered her into his arms as he had always done before and would always do.

"I wanted to be able to touch people," Marie whispered into his shirt,

"But not like this. It shoulda been my choice"

"Shush" Logan kissed her hair, "Come on" he wrapped an arm about her waist and led her off the roof. The X-men were huddled around the communicator; they jumped and spun to Logan and Marie. And he had no doubt in his mind that they would be drawing their own conclusions from this.

"Popsicle's still up there, out cold" Logan growled to Storm, she nodded and cast a concerned glance to Rogue. Rogue ignored her, keeping her eyes on the ground. Dr McCoy moved towards them, Logan took her arm and handed her to the blue giant who was looking amazingly paternal. She started and looked back at Logan alarmed, he nodded to her comfortingly. She allowed herself to be led away, down to the med centre, leaving Logan standing with the nervous X-Men, the moment Rogue was out of sight the Wolverine grew ominous and silent in a way that could clear the worst roughhouse anywhere. Storm took a deep breath and laid a hand on Logan's arm,

"Bobby?" she asked tentatively,

"If he's still here by the time Rogue and I leave the med centre I'll kill him myself"

Storm let him go, following Dr McCoy and Rogue. She entered her office at a dead run and throwing around papers managed to fill the necessary forms. If only one thing came out of this, it was the knowledge that Bobby Drake needed psychological help that what had happened today wasn't the action of one who was sane. She scribbled out a reference and signed Dr McCoy's signature across the page. She could do it perfectly now, just as he could forge hers easily, they relied on each other to trust and support them in any situation. Taking a deep breath, she dialed the number, she had to tell herself she was doing the right thing, she had to protect her children- and despite what had happened Rogue still counted as one.

Logan watched as Marie took Dr McCoy's giant hand in hers, playing with his manicured nails with the innocence of any child. He smirked meeting Dr McCoy's affectionate gaze, Marie had been quick to take advantage of her ability to touch and ever since she had been lain onto the bed had been unnecessarily caressing which ever one of them was closest to her at the time. Logan couldn't help it if that just happened to be him. Sensing the vibes that he himself had been party to many a time with many a woman, Dr McCoy made his excuse to leave the room. Neither of them was paying him the slightest bit of attention- so he couldn't resist announcing that he was considering world domination and dying his fur bright pink as well. He left the room chuckling at Logan dropping dead from shock when he realized later what he had said.

Groaning slightly Marie sat up swinging her legs over the side, she swayed slightly and Logan held an arm across her back to keep her from falling. She leaned against him gratefully, breathing softly.

"So what happens now?" she asked him quietly almost afraid of the answer. "Will I be allowed to stay here? I have nowhere else to go"

He clung to her fiercely protective, "Don't worry bout that darlin' I'm not going to let anything happen to ya, ever again"

Rogue smiled and raised her head reveling in the warmth of his skin. Smiling he lowered his head.

And kissed her lovingly.

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