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Scott held out a hand for Carol as the Blackbird touched down in the hangar, the first flight was always tricky, and newcomers usually lost their footing when the jets powered down. As he'd presumed she staggered sideways and grabbed his hand for balance. She threw him a grateful smile and then turned her attention back to Logan- seeming worried that if she took her eyes off him long enough, he'd disappear.

Scott didn't blame her. He recognised the look the Wolverine was wearing now; he was certainly considering taking his bike and heading up to Canada as fast as he could.

Except he wouldn't be able to, because he hadn't even taken a step towards the descending ramp before Jubilee stumbled over and linked her arm through his own.

"Walk me home Wolvie?" she joked, batting her eyelashes at him ridiculously.

Surprisingly it worked, the tension in the jet was broken and everyone was chuckling at the odd image Wolverine and Jubilation Lee made.

"Come on" Storm wrapped her arm about the exhausted Kitty Pryde,

"Let's go to the med centre, give Logan and Jubes some privacy"

The two women headed across the hangar, Kitty with her eyes closed and her feet dragging against the metal floor. Hank returned to Bobby, to ensure he was well enough to be moved and Carol turned to Piotr,

"I don't know where my bedroom is," she began, pointedly ignoring the Wolverine now, and from what Scott could see, Logan clearly didn't know whether to be relieved or hurt,

"Could you show me?"

Piotr nodded, "Da...of cou-"

A loud clack echoed from the open doorway, a sound that was unnatural and confused all the X-Men still standing in the Blackbird,

All the X-Men except for the Wolverine.

Pushing Jubilee away from him, he leapt from the jet and began racing across the floor, but he wasn't fast enough.

Another sound was born, one that thundered through the underground level and stung the ears of all that heard it.

Carol moved faster but Scott understood sooner what it had meant.

Dimly he became aware of screaming, loud, hysterical and continuous. Just beyond the open doorway, the open doorway that wouldn't close now, that wouldn't hide the horror from his eyes.

Jubilee bumped into his shoulder as she hurried past him, Piotr's heavy steps shook the floor as he changed into his metal form, Hank was leaping and created a disorienting image of blurred blue.

Scott was the last through the door, but it didn't matter.

The blood had already created a large pool, visible even from where he stood.

Kitty's screams had died down; she was wrapped up in Jubilee and Carol's arms, cowering against the wall, shrinking from the hideous atrocity before her.

Ororo Munroe was dead.

In the middle of the hallway.

Still attired in her battle gear, still covered in sweat and dirt.

Her face fixed forevermore with a shocked expression.

Only the smallest of holes in the middle of her forehead to show how she had died.

Scott heard a strangled cry, that didn't surprise him. Hank and Piotr were kneeling by the body, the large Russian sobbing, but the cry wasn't from someone he knew as intimately as he knew his X-Men.

Wolverine held a young boy by the throat, against the wall opposite Kitty and her protectors. The young boy held a still smoking gun in his hand and a cruel grin on his face, one Scott would have expected from Mystique or Sabretooth,

Not from a student of Charles Xavier,

"Why?" Wolverine whispered, his voice deadly quiet, Scott took stance beside him, still in shock but as determined for answers as anyone there,

"Why?!" Wolverine hollered again, squeezing the murderer's throat tighter, causing little beads of sweat to run down his oily face,

"Because I wanted revenge" he muttered, averting his eyes from the rage in the faces of his enemies,

"Revenge...?" Scott stepped closer, catching his eyes, "For what? What wrong did Storm ever commit against you?"

"Not her" he sniped, "Her boyfriend Piotr...and Jubilee and..." he glared at Logan and spat in his face,


Wolverine growled, "I never crossed you...you were less than nothing to me"

"Exactly" the young boy howled, loud and hysterical now, "You ignored me! All of you ignored me, or treated me with disgust...not even because of
my mutation...but because I wasn't talented or good-looking...you didn't even give me a chance when I tried out for the team. You, Jubilee and Rasputin just let your prejudices against me make up your minds"

"So?!" Scott shouted, the shock wearing off as he tried to make the connection between the boy's hurt and his crimes,

"You think that justifies everything you did? Lying to Bobby, taking pictures of Jubilee and Kitty, shooting Storm?"

The boy only bared his teeth, "I wanted revenge against them for judging me, the best way to hurt them was to hurt the people they loved. And I did more than take pictures..."

He leered at the trio against the wall and Kitty turned her face away, burying it in Jubilee's hair. Seeing this, the boy began to laugh,

"See...I'm important now! No-one's ever gonna forget what I did"

Hank grabbed Scott as he lunged at the boy, and as hard as Scott wrestled, he couldn't break free,

"What's your name?" he demanded of the young boy and had the pleasure of seeing the hurt on his face,

"Sam B-"

Scott cried out as he felt something cold fly over his shoulder, he just had time to register that it had grazed his cheek before it lodged itself in the mutant before him.

For a moment, he wondered wildly where someone had found a crystal disc before the boy's head came clean off his shoulders, landing onto the floor and rolling to Scott's feet.

He closed his eyes as the blood spurted up, splashing his face. Hank pulled him away and Wolverine joined them, retreating back to Storm's body.

Counting to five before opening his eyes, Scott Summers saw that the disc that had sought justice was already beginning to melt and mix with the warm blood, pouring from the exposed neck.

It was ice!

Bobby Drake came forward and stood before the stunned Wolverine.

"Maybe that can atone for my actions against you"

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