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A Lost Love

The warm breeze blew lightly across his cheeks and frolicked in his mahogany colored hair. He stared blankly out across the sea with clouded stormy eyes, the waves lapping against the rock he was sitting on. The sun was setting, basking the clouds with a ghoulish tinge of orange. How he wished he were the waves. So free, so calm, without a care in the world. It seemed as if his world was ending. As if the whole world had stopped turning, and he was stuck in the middle. Why did life have to be so cruel? Everything had gone wrong. He couldn't understand what he'd done to deserve this.

The whole serene feeling of the beach should've cleared his thoughts on any normal day, but this was different, something that couldn't be erased. A scar that he would bear forever, deeper than the one sliced across the bridge of his nose. No, this was a mental scar.

He should've been the one in that car. He should have gone with her when she'd offered. Then he wouldn't be in so much pain right now.

"Hey Squall buddy, you doing okay?" His best friend Zell asked, walking up behind him. The concerned sound in his voice showed their great friendship.

"I'm fine. Leave me alone." Squall answered coldly. Even if this was his best friend, of course he wasn't okay.

"Alright," he sighed, giving up. "I'm just concerned that's all."

Zell received no answer, so he got up from the rock, and brushed off his pants. It was a dumb question he had to admit.

"Thanks Zell. I'm sorry I snapped at you." Squall replied softly.

Zell nodded, and left the shore, leaving Squall to his thoughts.

He put his face in his hands, and took a deep breath. An empty feeling filled his heart. A hole had been burned that could never be healed.

He had lost the one he loved most in his life. Never again was he to see her raven colored hair, her sparkling almond colored eyes, or her beautiful smile. She was gone, and he had to realize that. Things would never be the same again. He stared at the sea and let out a cry of anguish.