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Chapter 6: Taking A Break


"Where are we?" Anna asked from the backseat. It was evening and they'd been driving along this 'shortcut' for quite a while now.

"Um..." Ruka ran a hand through his blond hair and gave a nervous chuckle. "The funny thing is, I'm not really sure..."

Koko let out a groan. "Who told you about this 'shortcut?"

"Nobody. Me and my old man took it. But, it got us to our destination a lot faster."

"Where was your destination?" asked Natsume. He looked out the window and saw that the sun was sitting fast. The darker it was, the easier to get lost. Not that they needed any help in that department.

"Uh...Heh heh...Another funny thing is that I don't really remember..."

"Are you serious?" moaned Mikan.

"Absolutely hilarious," Anna said. She saw nothing funny about the situation, yet, Ruka wouldn't stop saying 'the funny thing is'.

"But, hey, we Got a map, right?" Ruka turned towards Hotaru. "Check the map, Hotaru."

"I already have," Hotaru sighed, "for the past half-hour." She gave him an agitated look. "Why couldn't you have just followed the map?"

"Hey, you agreed with me. You said this may really be a shortcut," Ruka said defensively.

"I was trying to be supportive,"Hotaru said with a slight edge in her voice.

"Enough... "We're already lost. We don't need arguments as well." Said Natsume

Mikan looked over at him. She couldn't help but smile. Whenever Natsume spoke, they usually listened. It was actually funny. He was only a year older than them, but he seemed so much wiser. It was one of the qualities that attracted her to him.

After a few minutes of silence, Koko said, "Hey, don't we have a navigator?"

"Oh yeah." Ruka punched a few buttons and brought up an over-all map view of the area. "Here we are," said Ruka, pointing to a specific area. "Right on the outskirts of San Fernando."

Natsume leaned forward, as if confirming that he was telling the truth. "He's right. We're about thirty minutes from San Fernando."

"So it really was a shortcut," voiced Anna. She had to admit, Ruka had impressed her.

"Wow," Mikan said simply.

"Gee, thanks for having so much faith in me guys."

"Ah, sorry, Ruka. But, you have gotten us lost before."

"I know, Koko. You guys never let me live it down," Ruka replied with a hint of laughter in his voice.

"What time is it?" Hotaru asked. She was hungry. No, scratch that, she was starving. And she was tired.

"Wow, it's almost nine o'clock," Ruka said, checking the clock on the car stereo.

"So maybe it wasn't a shortcut," Anna whispered to Koko. He just laughed and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"I'm starving," announced Mikan. The only meal she'd had all day was breakfast, and that was a while ago.

"So am I," Hotaru agreed. She turned towards Ruka. "How about getting something to eat and checking into a motel or something?"

"Sounds good to me. I'm hungry too, and I'm getting tired off driving. What do you guys think," Ruka asked the gang.

"Fine with me," Natsume replied.

"No complaints back here," Koko said.

They drove a few more minutes and came up on a McDonalds. After ordering their food, they say in the truck and decided to stay at a Comforts Inn. It was only fifteen minutes away. Once they reached the Inn and checked in, the men decided to go for a swim.

"How about a quick dip?" Ruka asked, grabbing a towel.

"I'm in," Koko replied. It was only nine-thirty. He wasn't ready for bed.

"So am I," stated Natsume. It was humid out and a nice swim would be relaxing.

"What you girls? You want to join us?" Ruka questioned.

"Well, I guess it isn't to late..." Hotaru began.

"And it is hot out..." Anna added.

"Of course we're coming," finished Mikan.

So after they all changed into their swim attire, they made their way out to the pool. No one else was out, so they had the whole thing to their selves.

Natsume surveyed his surroundings. The pool area was large. It had a nicely sized pool, some deck chairs here and there, and a diving board. Pretty nice. He walked over to one of the chairs, put down his towel, and walked over to the pool.

"Whooo!" shouted Ruka as he did a back flip off of the diving board. He landed in the water with a splash. "This feels great!" he yelled while swimming backwards in the cool water.

"Make way!" Koko called, running off the diving board and landing in the water after performing a can opener. "Are ya coming, Natsume?"

Instead of answering, Natsume ran off the diving board, did a front flip, and landed in the water.

The two men greeted him with hoots and laughter, and then they al continued goofing around.

Mikan, along with Hotaru and Anna, was watching them from one of the pool chairs. She watched as Koko and Ruka jumped on Natsume and go under. When they came up, Natsume threw both men off and tackled them. Mikan smiled, watching the men's expressions. They acted like little boys. Even Natsume. Her eyes lingered on him, watching as he dove on Ruka and went under, seeing his muscles tighten as both men jumped on him. He was gorgeous.

"Mikan? Mikan? Earth to Mikan," Hotaru laughed, waving a hand in front of her cousins face.

"What?" Snapping out of her trance, she stared at her two friends.

The two women smiled and Anna said, "If you stare any harder you eyes are going to pop out of your head."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Mikan mumbled.

"Sure you don't," pressed Hotaru. "You do realize that you told us about your little crush, right?"

"I know I did. And don't call it a crush. You make it sound juvenile." Mikan turned her attention to the pool and found that this time Natsume caught her looking. He waved, and she blushed and waved back, chiding herself for getting caught. Then she watched as Ruka pounced on Natsume from behind, having taken the opportunity of Natsume's distraction.

"So, when are you going to tell him how you feel?" Hotaru asked.

"Umm...I don't know. Someday." Mikan replied.

"Well, someday better come soon," said Anna.

"Why is that?"

"Because if you don't..." Anna began.

"Anna and I will," Hotaru finished.

"You wouldn't," Mikan replied. "Would you?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," Anna said with a giggle.

Hotaru stood up and made her way to the edge of the pool. "If you'd tell him soon, then you wouldn't have to worry about it, would you?"

"She's got a point," Anna said, watching Hotaru dive into the water.

"Guess so," Mikan mumbled.

"Well, I'm going to get in as well," Anna said. "coming?"

"I'll be there in a second." Mikan replied. She saw Anna run to the poll and jump in, but she stayed in her spot, thinking. They wouldn't really tell Natsume, would they? She quickly banished the thought and stood from the chair. She could think about that later. Right now she needed a good swim.


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