Phantom Thief strikes again!

Dark grinned at the newspaper article which featured a fairly decent picture of him. Daisuke on the other hand groaned, as he hated the publicity! His mother and grandfather Emiko and Daiki Niwa, didn't even notice his dismay. Dark couldn't help teasing Daisuke.

On the other side of town, another read the paper with mild interest, and decided to forget the article. This would change a few days later when a certain ring came back. A young girl by the name of Tras decided to see if Satoshi would let her tag along on his next case. She was always more than willing to help him catch the elusive Phantom Thief, Dark Mousey.

Satoshi was actually having a major headache from the party his father made him come to. He idly wished Tras was there, she always seemed to know how to cheer him up. His father finally showed up and after a brief but disturbing talk, gave him the actual ring. Satoshi dreaded the day that Dark would attempt to steal the ring.

When his usual advanced warning went out, Tras was very happy. Satoshi had agreed to let her tag along the next time Dark showed up. She had no idea of the impact this excursion would bring to her friends.

The date which Dark had declared on his warning finally came. Tras was wearing a pair of jeans and a light blue shirt when she went to see her friend Satoshi. Since she had come along before, the police offered no problems in letting her pass the security. Satoshi was waiting for her on a chair inside the van with the monitors. She walked up to him and gave her usual cheery greeting.

"Let's try to catch that arrogant thief shall we, Satoshi-kun?"

No matter how many times he heard it, it still cracked him up. He laughed and replied, "You know me, always willing to catch him!"

They waited until it was close to the time Dark had announced. When the time came and passed, he still hadn't showed up. One of the officers came into report. Satoshi wasn't fooled for a minute and neither was Tras.

"Dark, do you really think people wouldn't notice your hair color under that ridiculous hat?" Tras said annoyed.

"Hand over the Rutile ring. You have no idea of the powers it possesses."

Tras had no clue as to what he was talking about. She shot Dark a look that plainly said 'Have you completely lost it?!'

Satoshi's shirt began lowing for no reason and she heard a voice close to them. It sounded very familiar.

Satoshi hit a red button which brought a cage down between them and Dark and told the officers to drive!

While the truck drove, something very wrong was happening. The voice she had heard earlier was clearer now than ever and Satoshi looked like he was in serious pain. She suspected that the ring was to blame. She couldn't stand by and watch her friend suffer, and so she attempted to remove the ring from Satoshi's hand. She succeeded in removing it but not quieting the voice from before.

Then the strangest thing happened. The ring glowed brighter than ever and Tras was caught off guard by the light. Her body had begun to resonate with the ring's energies and had begun to glow.