It's the only thing left that connects them after he vanished. The only thing that gives him hope for the future. When you know you're going to die, can you resist? LightxL


Part I

'Where...Where am I?' he asked in his head.

He couldn't bring himself to speak, and his throat hurt really bad. He managed to open his eyes a bit and then shut them. This wasn't their room...

The walls were dark, a grey-ish black. There were no windows, and he was lying on his side on the cold cement floor. His hands were bound behind him by something painful, and he guessed that it was some form of thin but sturdy wire. There were bars directly in front of his face, so he knew this must be a cell or cage of some sort...It reminded him of the last cell, but more haunted.

He tried to get up, but his hands were bound to the floor as well, as were his feet. There was a familiar weight around his left wrist and his eyes snapped open. Despite the pain, he looked around frantically. He managed to look over his shoulder, painfully, and saw the handcuff on his wasn't connected to anything.

He let out all the breath he'd been holding and fell limp to the ground again, his hair in disarray. The last thing he knew before this was laying down in the hotel bed...How had he gotten here? And why were the handcuffs cut?

Those questions would have to wait to be answered, because he suddenly felt very tired. So tired that his brain couldn't even ponder why he was tired. All he could do was fall asleep.


L pulled his hands up and set them under his head. He'd fallen asleep last night, on the floor next to Light's bed, and was using his hands as a pillow. Well, his right arm was laying on his side, so as not to bother Light, but he had currently moved it to also serve as an extra pillow.

The fact that Light didn't do or say anything, and that there was no weight to the handcuffs, is what caused L to open his eyes. He looked around and saw that, yes he was still on the floor next to Light's bed, but Light wasn't there.

The handcuff's chain was all there. But Light, and Light's handcuff, were gone. He sat up as if he and Light were about to get into a fight and looked around for his suspect. But the brown haired college student was nowhere to be found.

"Yagami-san!" he called out, running out of the room and going straight to his monitors as Matsuda and Mogi ran in, looking tired.

"Is something wrong Ryuzaki-s-Where's Light?" Matsuda asked. L was typing furiously on the keyboard, checking all the cameras.

"I was going to ask you that." he said, seemingly normal again as he switched from camera to camera, trying to locate the missing suspect.

"Where's the chief?" Matsuda asked, looking around. L paused and turned to look at the two behind him as if just noticing they were there.

"Yagami-san is missing as well?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Check the security camera footage from last night. Maybe they left?" Matsuda suggested. L nodded slightly, as if to himself, and turned back around.

In mere moments, every screen had a different camera's footage on it, the big screen showed Light and L's room. Light seemed to be getting ready for bed, and L was standing next to the bed, watching him. L watched the video intently, that was the last thing he remembered from last night...was Light laying down to sleep.

L narrowed his eyes as the faintest tint overcame the camera, something he doubted the other's saw. Matsuda and Mogi gasped as suddenly Light and L both fell down, L to the floor and Light onto the bed. L stopped paying much attention to the other cameras, only looking at the large one.

The bedroom door opened a few minutes later and Light's father walked into the room. He made his way sluggishly over to Light, who he lifted into a sitting position on the bed. Mr. Yagami then pulled out an object that L didn't recognize, easily breaking the chain to the handcuffs. Matsuda gasped again and Mogi just looked shocked at the chief's behavior.

L's eyes narrowed even more dangerously as he watched Light get carried away by his own father. He was watching to see if Light was awake or not, maybe just faking. But his arm was hanging limply out of his father's hold, and he wasn't moving more than one carried by another person should. He looked to the side cameras, following Mr. Yagami and Light out of the building. He was confused. None of his security systems seemed to have done anything while the two left.

Silence reigned after the Yagami's disappeared from view, until L took a deep breath.

"It appears...that Yagami-san kidnaped his own son." he was confused. Why did Mr. Yagami kidnap his own son? "We need to find them. If you two would be so helpful as to go searching?" he asked the two investigators behind him, without looking.

They nodded and left, while L just sat there, lost in his own thoughts. Why?

A yell of fright caught his attention, and L stood from the chair, intending to go investigate the yell. But Mogi ran in before he'd moved, looking fearful.

"Outside. Just outside." he pointed to the door. "The chief...He's dead!"

L's eyes widened and he rushed to go check it out.


"Wake up." a voice cooed. "Wake up my little pet."

Light concentrated extremely hard, trying to open his eyes. That voice...he couldn't tell if it was male or female. But the gentleness was just hiding underlying cruelty.

"Ah, you're awake." they cheered quietly. "Did you sleep well?"

Light scrunched up his face, trying desperately to open his eyes. He let out a grunt of frustration.

"Having a bit of trouble there, son?(1)" they asked, the gentleness fading away slightly. "I made sure to inject you with my special brand of poison. It won't kill you yet, but I doubt you'll be able to open your eyes or speak for quite some time. Soon, you won't even be able to move your body." they started to laugh, and Light glared with his eyes closed.

'What do you want with me!? Why do this to me?' he wondered angrily. Was this Kira?

"Soon you will become my offering to the Gods of Death." the voice explained. "A human who almost gained the level of a Shinigami...that will please them greatly." they let out a laugh.

'Shinigami? I don't get it? What are they talking about?' he struggled against the bonds that held him, but it just hurt him, digging into the soft skin of his wrists.

"Oh careful, now you're bleeding." his captor joked as they walked away, and Light glared a sightless glare after the sound of retreating footsteps.

'I don't understand.' Light thought. 'What's going on? Last night, I was getting ready for bed...and Ryuzaki was across from me, watching me like he would any suspect. What was that strange smell? It must have been gas. Knock out gas, most likely. But why capture me? Maybe Ryuzaki was taken too?'

He shook his head, and the tremor that went through his body at the motion caused the left over chain from his part of the handcuffs to jingle against the floor.

'If they'd brought Ryuzaki too, then the hand cuffs wouldn't have been cut. And my captor didn't mention him, even though it's obvious that seeing my reactions pleases them. So that means that he's still out there, wherever there is. He's looking for me for one of two reasons. One, I'm Kira and I escaped. Two, he knows that I've been kidnaped.'

Light tried to sigh, but no sound came out at all.

'I'm betting on the former, but hoping on the latter.'


L was typing furiously at his large computer. Light Yagami's father, Soichiro Yagami, had been killed by knife. But it seemed that he'd killed himself. There was a tiny bit of blood leading away from his body, but L had had the blood tested...and it was all Yagami-san's.

This brought up the question of whether or not Light had been the one to kill him. It looked like a suicide, so it may not have been. But then why was Light not with his father's corpse? He must have walked away. But if it were a suicide, maybe Light was really Kira and had somehow caused his father to 'kidnap' him and then had his father commit suicide? Still, why had the corpse been left?

L thus came to this conclusion. Light had indeed been kidnaped, by another Kira. Not the Kira they'd been looking for, the job was too messy for that, but by someone with Kira-like abilities. Now, he didn't quite understand why they had kidnaped Light, of all people. Maybe they knew that he was close to L and were expecting him to come save Light.

No, it was too stupid. If they had known that Light was living here with him, then they knew that the two had been chained together. If they had wanted him, they could've just kidnaped him instead. But they took Light, so obviously they wanted Light...right?

But why Light?

That didn't matter as much as finding Light did right now. He clicked on the security camera's from buildings near this hotel that he'd gathered...or had Mogi and Matsuda gather before they left.

He saw nothing on any of the cameras' footage until the last one. A camera had been actually pointed towards the front door of this hotel by another building. He belayed that fact for the new fact that he could see Yagami-san exiting the building.

He watched as the older man carried his son out a ways, and then stopped. A figure shrouded in darkness walked forward from the shadows and took Light from Yagami-san. As the figure walked away, Yagami-san took out a knife and stabbed himself through the heart while crying. Light was carried out of view by the shadowy figure, still out cold.

That confirmed it. A Kira-type person had kidnaped Light for some reason he couldn't explain yet. But Light had been kidnaped and now they had to find him. Mogi and Matsuda were out looking for clues right now, so maybe a lead would come up. L picked up a phone gingerly and dialed each of their cell phones, to tell them what to ask for now that he had seen this footage.


Light woke up the next time, feeling different than he had before. It felt like he was...hanging? He made a confused face.

"Awake again, hm?" that same voice taunted him. "I see you've noticed the change."

Light listened as the person walked over to him, and he tensed his muscles for action. In the back of his mind, he remembered the warning about the poison, but he hoped that the third effect hadn't begun yet.

"You see, having you lay in a cage like some animal wouldn't be suiting. You need to be held up for show for all the shinigami to see." they explained. "So I've placed you on a cross. Ironic, no?"

Light glared. He may have been hanging from a cross, but he wasn't in cross formation. His hands were tied above his head, and his feet were bound below him. He could feel that strange wire holding him in place. It was painful, having you entire weight held up by thin, cutting wire.

"Now, I don't want this to be boring, so I'll need someone to come after you. The ceremony begins tomorrow night, and I want some action. I want witnesses." the voice was becoming progressively more masculine. "So I'll need to give something of yours to that 'hotel' you've been staying at."

Light flinched at the mention of where he'd been living, and he tried to move, but found he couldn't.

'No...' he thought in fear. 'I can't move. The poison's already begun it effect on my movement.'

He heard the man come closer, and then fabric moving as he moved his arm or something. A hand brushed against his left wrist, right next to the handcuff, and Light jerked away. Not the handcuff. Take his shirt or something, but not the handcuff. Not the one thing that kept him hoping.

"Ah. I like your spirit." the man grinned, liking how Light could move even that little bit of 4 millimeters while his poison was running in Light's veins. "You should know that I'm a sadist, and I love causing other's pain."

The man grabbed Light's wrist roughly, and Light heard an odd sound. Then his arm hurt. The handcuff had slid down his arm part way when he'd jerked away, and as he felt the familiar weight leave him...It hurt.

He wanted to let out some kind of pained noise, but was almost glad that he couldn't. Then he froze, feeling a strange sensation across his arm as the metal hit the floor. Was that...Was this guy licking his arm!? Light tried to jerk away again, but found that now he couldn't move at all. He couldn't even make facial expressions!

The sensation left him and he wanted to shudder so badly. He felt kind of dirty now...

"Sorry, I punctured the skin a bit." the man said for an excuse. "There was a bit of blood, and I just had to wipe it away."

Light tried to do something, say something, move something. But it was as if he were already dead. The only thing telling him that he was alive was the pounding of his heart against his rib cage in his chest. His heartbeat slowed as he heard the man walking away. But Light wanted to reach out and grab the man, who he knew had the handcuff secured tightly in his fingers.

That piece of metal would bring Ryuzaki, his father, and the others here. That piece of metal that had assured him that he would be saved was now going to bring the others into danger. Light didn't want to put them in danger, so he had to stop that man! But...he couldn't move.

His head lay slumped against his chest, his face expressionless, his body 'relaxed.' The wires holding him were slowly, very slowly, cutting into his skin. He knew he would soon bleed, and maybe get an infection. Light knew...that he would soon die.

(1)My friend was confused, cause he called Light 'son.' Older people do that a lot.