Part III

Akaiya Motozuwa didn't waste time talking, like other bad guys. He used his left thumb and index finger to unscrew the top of the red container and then half tossed it at Light, meaning a strong shake. A strange liquid flew from it and landed all over Light's body.

Light wanted to hiss in pain. It hurt so bad. But again, apparently the stimuli wasn't great enough to make him react. L suddenly realized what he'd been smelling since they'd opened the door.


It wasn't kerosene, it was gasoline. Gasoline burns quicker than kerosene. L cursed his mind for thinking statistics at a time like this. This man was planning on burning Light, hopefully alive, because of some insane idea about shinigami?

Yes, he would investigate the probability of it all connecting later, but currently he didn't care.

Akaiya lit the candle with the lighter and smirked at his audience. L took one step forward before the candle was thrown and the gasoline lit up. Luckily, there was apparently very little of it. The air wasn't explosive yet.

The ground lit up, and trails of gasoline ran up the sides of the candles, lighting the wicks and the entire wax candle on fire. The gasoline traveled then towards the cross.

L ran forward with Matsuda and Mogi. Mogi punched Motozuwa, who seemed to have suddenly gone stupid when he'd lit the gasoline. Matsuda and L ran around the burning ground to try and get Light down before the gasoline from the ground lit the gasoline on Light. The gasoline reached the cross at the same time they did and lit the ends of the wire's on fire. They snapped off of the cross and Light began to fall forward towards the flames. L grabbed Light's left side as Matsuda caught his right.

Mogi ran and got the fire extinguisher from the closet near the kitchen (They had no real idea why he had a fire extinguisher in that closet, unless he was afraid of lighting his kitchen on fire while cooking.) He put out the fire just as the flames began to lick at Light's feet. Matsuda relinquished his hold on Light as L ripped him across the burnt floor and into himself.

Light wanted to gag. All that smoke! But he couldn't, so it was hard to breathe.

L moved Light off of him, holding him in his own lap.

"Light-kun." he called normally. When there was no response, he got worried. "Light-kun wake up."

'I am awake!' Light wanted to say.

"Is he?" Matsuda asked and Mogi stared on in disbelief. If they lost both Yagami's in only a few days... "Is he dead?"

'No!' Light almost started to cry. The smoke was burning his throat, and he couldn't breathe!

L was scared. Yes, scared. Light wasn't moving, he didn't appear to be breathing either. A sudden thought hit him and he lowered Light to the ground, leaning his head against Light's chest.

The heartbeat was there, but slowing.

'He can't breathe!' he deduced. 'He's been hanging over a fire, and the smoke must have clogged his lungs.'

L then proceeded to do something that made both Matsuda and Mogi freeze for a whole new reason. He lowered his lips to Light's, which made the poisoned teen's mind freeze, and blew in. Everyone calmed down when they realized he was giving Light CPR.

L pulled away and Light started coughing violently. L wrinkled his nose at the smell of regurgitated smoke. There was also the fact that Light hadn't brushed his teeth in a few days. But that was for later. Light had a lot of cuts, and probably infection from the gasoline. He needed a doctor. He needed a hospital.

"Mogi, get the car." he ordered, not taking his eyes off of Light, who had passed out. He was still barely breathing, but it was better than before, no matter was.


L stared at Light on the monitor. He'd had a camera and microphone set up in Light's hospital room, so that he could see what was going on even if he couldn't be there. He didn't like hospital's.

Light had yet to wake up, and he was covered in bandages.

"Ryuzaki." Matsuda called. "Motozuwa woke up."

L switched his large camera view to the room they'd kept Motozuwa in. He flipped the microphone on.

"Akaiya Motozuwa?" he started. The man looked around as if looking for the voice, and then calmed down. "What did you do to Light Yagami?"

"Light Yagami?" he repeated, then a sick grin crossed his face. "What do you think I did?"

"I am not the police. This is purely curiosity." he assured the man. "Why won't he wake up?"

"Heh, even if he did, you wouldn't be able to tell." he started laughing then. "Because he can't open his eyes!"

"Why not?" L did indeed sound curious.

"I'm a known sexual offender. All of my victims die. But before that, they're put in the hospital for having been put in a coma. Why? Because at the age of 17, I invented a poison." Motozuwa didn't seem to care if L was the police or not. He seemed so proud of what he'd done.


"Stage 1, you lose the ability to speak. Stage 2, you can no longer open your eyes. Stage 3, you can't move your own body. All the while, you are unusually tired unless stimulated." he was still grinning. "Stage 1 occurs quite rapidly, and stage 2 takes place within hours of stage 1. About a day later, stage 3 sets in. I usually move in on a victim around stage 3." he laughed.

L narrowed his eyes, and Matsuda shivered at this man's personality.

"Did you make a move on Light Yagami?" he asked, keeping the danger from his voice.

Motozuwa laughed.

"Of course!" he laughed. L gripped the desk so hard his knuckles turned white, but Matsuda didn't notice. "He really is very hot, after all. I couldn't keep my hands to myself. And the fact that he could fight off the poison was very endearing."

"Fight off?" L loosened his grip.

"He made so many noises. From when I used the wires binding him to rip his shirt, cutting him, to all the wondrous sounds he made while I played with him..." Motozuwa shivered. "He was a prize catch." he shrugged. "Too bad."

"What's too bad?" L asked, not liking the feeling in his gut.

"Too bad he's going to die." Motozuwa said as if it were everyday news. "Stage 4, death." he smirked.

Matsuda covered his mouth, and L turned off the mic. Motozuwa seemed to know the effect he caused, and started laughing, so L also cut off the visual and audio, switching it back to Light in the hospital.

"We need a blood sample from Light-kun. A antidote needs to be made quickly. Use any of my facilities." L stood from his seat and looked at the screen.

"Are you coming too Ryuzaki?" Matsuda asked, and L nodded.

"I'm going to see if there's some clue. Something that tells us if he's awake or not." he turned off the camera and followed Matsuda outside to the car.

The ride to the hospital was quiet, the walk to Light's room was quiet, getting the blood sample was quiet, and Matsuda left to find Mogi and make an antidote quietly. L just sat quietly in a chair next to Light's hospital bed, watching.

There was nothing that he could see. Light seemed to be asleep. His breathing was still very slow, but at least now he knew why. L blinked a few times, remembering what Motozuwa had said.

"He made so many noises."

L stood from his chair and sat on the edge of Light's bed instead, staring intently at Light's face as if it held all the answers. Then he leaned down next to Light's ear.

"Are you awake Light-kun?" he asked in a whisper before pulling away and placing his lips over Light's and kissing him.

It was a shallow kiss, nothing special. But after L pulled away, he went back in for a deeper kiss, no tongue or anything, but deeper. Suddenly something overcame him and he began to kiss down Light's neck, nuzzling into Light's neck before moving back to the lips and kissing him deeply.

L ran his tongue along Light's lips, but he wasn't expecting a reaction. He pushed his tongue inside and tasted Light. Not a very tasty Light, but Light none-the-less. He surprised himself by moaning into the kiss, and he pulled back.

L stared at Light for awhile before he leaned back in and kissed the brown haired man again. He placed a hand on Light's chest and leaned in for the deepest kiss yet. A mix between a moan and a hiss seeped from Light's lips and L pulled away.

"Are you awake, Light-kun?" he asked again, slightly breathless, before removing his hand and kissing down Light's neck again.

He was being careful about Light's stomach, because he knew that the cuts were still fresh and hurting.

Light was awake. He hadn't understood why L had suddenly started kissing him, but he'd felt the spark that sent L deeper. He hadn't been able to do or say anything until L pressed down on his stomach while kissing him. That had hurt like shit and yet he'd enjoyed the kiss.

Damn, if things kept up...he'd be a little whore before this was over.

L kept kissing him, and soon Light was moaning more, and other little noises escaped him as well. L seemed to like getting the responses, knowing that they meant Light was awake. And it continued. Every kiss made Light moan in some way, and his skin felt like it was on fire with every skim of L's fingertips, afraid of hurting the already injured young man.

"R-ryu..." Light coughed out. 'I can't...' He couldn't keep this up. It was putting to much strain on him.

L pulled away and seemed to understand. But he didn't move from the bed. Light was kind of glad for that. L was usually so quiet that if he'd moved, Light wouldn't be able to tell if he left.

"I'm sorry." L spoke softly. "You can't do anything about it. And yet I-" Light's head tilted to the left and Light let out a long breath. It scared L and he leaned his head against Light's chest to check his heart rate.

He could have just listened to the machine, but hearing the heartbeat was so much more reassuring to him. He liked knowing that Light's heartbeat was still strong, and that he was merely sleeping.


Two days later was their deadline. Light's body went into convulsions, and he broke out in to a sweat. Matsuda gave Light an injection of what they'd come up with, hoping they'd done it right. There were no poison experts in their group, so they'd guessed on a few things. L would have to give a new blood sample to real poison experts if this worked. And he hoped it did.

For a few minutes, nothing happened. Then the heart rate monitor flat lined and Light Yagami was dead. L felt his own heart stop, and placed his right hand over his heart, and his left on Light's still one. This couldn't be happening. He was too used to having Light around to have him leave!

L opened his eyes, which he hadn't noticed that he'd closed, when one large heartbeat came from Light. It had been almost a full minute of death, but no doctors or nurses had come in. This room had been kept from them, and they didn't know of Light's condition.

If the antidote didn't work, L knew that Light would die. He didn't want doctors to try and give them all hope.

But one heartbeat. One heartbeat after a full minute of nothing. Matsuda fainted after that, because Light had come back to life. Mogi barely caught him before he hit the floor. L let out the breath he didn't know he'd been holding and removed his hand from over Light's now steadily beating heart.

His hand was grabbed by another and he stopped moving. This grip was so weak, that if he'd tried even a little, the grip would have fallen slack. Light wore a small smile, glad that he could finally move again.

"Don't die again Light-kun. You caused Matsuda to faint." L sighed, as if upset. But Light knew he was really sighing in relief.


A week later, Light regained his voice. It had taken longer than his eyes, which had returned in less than 24 hours. But he attributed the time to how many noises he'd been forced to make. He wished he could've muttered 'stupid horny bastards.' But he couldn't.

And even though he could move, Matsuda wouldn't let him out of bed. After Light recovered, he told his mom and sister about their father. The funeral was held the next week, and Light stayed at home a bit more to help his family pick up the pieces.

L had taken a blood sample a few days after he'd been revived, and Light had been giving himself injections of the new (better and made by pros) antitoxian since. He'd been told that after 3 weeks of injections, he could stop because he'd be completely ok.

Almost a month later, Light returned full time to live in L's hotel. L still wore the handcuff and chain, and Light smiled when he saw it. Matsuda had the day off the day he'd come back, having been under way to much stress lately. Mogi was off making copies of something or other for most of the day.

At the end of the day, Mogi headed to his private floor. L had gone to go to his room, but Light had grabbed his right wrist. The one with the handcuff.

"I never once doubted that you'd save me." he said softly but surely. L didn't respond. "I had on the handcuff you'd put on me, so I knew you'd come get me. Even after he took it, I knew you'd come. Because of these handcuffs."

Light ran his thumb across the metal, and L still didn't respond.

"They link us. They chain us together." he finished. L pulled his wrist away.

"Did, Light-kun. They did link us together. But not anymore. They're broken." he sounded almost sad about that. Light shook his head.

"Why did you kiss me in the hospital?" he asked. L didn't answer for a long time.

"Motozuwa said you made noises when he..." Light flinched at those words, and L paused. "I was trying to see if you were awake."

"Obviously I was. So why did you keep kissing me?" he asked, knowing that he was winning.

"Because..." L didn't have an answer. He didn't know. It was as if...

Light flipped L around by the arm and kissed him. He put his left hand behind L's head and deepened the kiss, holding L's left arm with his right hand. Soon though, when L reacted, Light removed his hand from L's arm and wrapped it around L.

L pushed against Light as much as Light pushed against him. That spark was back, and he just wanted to win. He wanted to be closer, he wanted to kiss better, he wanted to be on top. But then again, he decided that no matter where he was in this new relationship, it was a win. Pleasure and be on top, or be pleasured and be on bottom. He didn't much care anymore, as long as it was Light-kun. Always Light-kun.

Because it wasn't just as if. He was.

"Aishiteruze." L managed in between kisses. Light smirked into the next kiss.

"Honto? Same here." he whispered with confidence, kissing L again.

Aishiteruze - I love you - the 'ze' just makes guys feel more masculine instead of saying Aishiteru and sounding girly.

Honto? - Really?


Sorry if my Japanese was wrong!