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Hi! This is my take on the hydro kiss! This is fiction, and I'm just having some fun and indulging on my creativity. I really hope you guys like it, it took be a long time to finish it up! Enjoy!

The Haze


vagueness or obscurity, as of the mind or perception; confused or vague thoughts, feelings, etc.


Things went wrong that night. Things just went so terribly wrong.

Clark stood awkwardly, but still proudly in front of Lois, as she let gaze examine him from head to toe, before looking over his shoulder were the tugs lay, all unconscious against the ground. Clark tightened his grip on Oliver's bow as his hand come up to pull the green hood further down over his face, she was still suspicious and not for the second time this night, Clark regretted getting involve in this whole set-up.

Without a word, or even a sigh of acknowledgment, he took a step back and started to turn away. The faster he left, the better everything was going to be. He froze when he felt her hand fall on his bicep, and he realized that Lois wasn't going to let him off that easily.

He turned back to face her, "I have to- "

And without the whisper of a warning, Lois eased her body between his opened arms and carelessly balanced her entire weight onto his strong chest. The pressure of her arms fell around Clark's shoulder, as she dug her fingertips through the green leather of the hood and she pulled him down, her actions voicing nothing more than her unexpected desire for their lips to touch.

Clark's reaction was instant, as he couldn't help but let his entire body tensed up in one of most unnatural way possible. His eyes widened behind the tainted glasses and not a single rational or coherent thought was able to pierce through his haze of surprise. Clark could only stand there, perched pleasantly over Lois as his lips stayed captured into an startling, but nevermore, an intoxicating bliss.

Somehow between the mist of his surprise, Lois had been able to completely enthrall him as she pursed the fullness of her lips against Clark's, both begging and daring him to respond to her advances. Clark's awareness was quick to respond to her actions as it pulled every single one of his senses into a complete and desperate state of blazing anticipation.

She was deliberately provoking him, parting her lips over his to offer Clark a taste of herself and to tantalize his body into overdrive as he became painfully aware of everything that was Lois Lane.

In his haste, Clark lost the grip he had on the bow and he never heard it fall to the ground as he reacted intensely to Lois's touch. He wrapped a strong arm around her waist with the only intention of widening the contrast their bodies were able to create as the delicate and feminine form of Lois lost itself against the hardened length of Clark's much larger and taller frame. Clark's hand tangled itself impatiently in the softness of Lois's hair and he cupped to back of her head, encouraging every action she was making in the current state of frenzy that she had undeniably created between them.

Clark groaned against her lips as Lois's fingers dug deeper into the leather that was covering his tousled hair and as her chest created a delicious friction between them in her attempt to pull him even closer to her. Clark lips parted over Lois's and he gently nipped her lower lip into his mouth in a gentle, but daring caress that he was quick to soothe over with the tip of his tongue.

He heard her moan softly, and Clark let Lois angle his head to the side as her tongue pressed urgently against his lips. He eagerly opened his mouth and he all but melted against her as Lois's tongue brushed its way pass his parted lips to caress his own.

The grip he had around the soft masse of her hair tighten as he pulled her head back gently to deepen the embrace they had on each others lips. Clark kissed her back fervently as he fully indulged and accepted everything Lois was offering him and he was all too please when she rewarded him with a satisfied moan.

Finally, Lois's mouth left Clark's in a panted breath, as she backed her head away from his to grasped in the cool night air while still maintaining the hold she had over his head. Clark lips were left to brush up against hers softly, as he tried to breathe in while his mind tried, unsuccessfully, to wrap itself around the situation he had just thrown himself into. The rapid succession of his thoughts were stop dead in their tracks as he felt one of Lois's hand leave the death grip she had over his head so she could bring it up to his face, carefully caressing his cheek and letting her nails graze him softly.

Clark gasped soundlessly, his mind still downing in half of the feelings of euphoria that was left between them and ignored the fact that she was about to speak. Instead, he lowered his head down to hers again. She breathed out before letting him kiss her lips once more and he felt Lois give in to him as her fingers traced out the line of his jaw. His arms pulled her in yet again and he felt her fall against him once more as she slowly let the tip of her tongue outline his lower lip. Clark let his hand grazed the sensitive skin of her lower back as a few fingers boldly slipped under the edge of her jeans to bring her up more firmly against his body. In return, Lois parted her lips as Clark's tongue pressed itself firmly against her mouth. They parted, they lips breaking away from each other as they were left to breath in the night air again.

Clark's thought wandered franticly in his mind, as he gazed down softly in Lois's dazed eyes. His thoughts were starting to make him painfully aware of the reality of the situation and he found himself startled by the fact that ha had, not even once, try to stop her. He breathed out, and he had encouraged her. He even relinquished in the feelings she had stirred up in him so suddenly.

Forcing down the regretful feeling that was forming itself in the pit of his stomach, Clark took a step back, letting the cold and the emptiness settle between them. Lois's hands landed on his chest, and Clark found himself unable to take the other step back, the one that would definitely rip away their haze, along with their brief… and powerful connection.

She looked up at him, and he could clearly see the regret in her eyes, and he swallowed unevenly as he realized that her feelings weren't directed in the same way his were.

Unable to stop himself, or maybe it was because he found himself to weak to resist the invisible pull she suddenly had on him, Clark selfishly took a step forward stepping into the reassurance of her warmth. He cupped the side of her face and kissed her tenderly on her lips… just one last time… And unbelievingly so, he felt Lois kissed him back.

Clark pulled away, only so he could look down into her confused but dazed eyes, a sight he was sure he would never have the opportunity to see again.

A movement caught his attention over her shoulder and he felt compel to ignore it as is state of mind became somewhat depressive. Nerveless, he glanced up, wholeheartedly, at the disturbing motion. Immediately, panic shot out through his spine as his eyes focused on the startled face of Oliver Queen.

He gulped, how could things have gone so wrong?

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