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Written by PuRpLebLusH017


Love, Adoration, Care, Serenity, Warmth, Smiles

Those are the things that make up my world.

Things which make up the walls around me, a wall entitled to protect me. Protection from the outside world, protection from war, from people, from pain, from being hurt because they say I am special. Being an only child, my parents protected me with all their might. They say that with my existence alone, I give them hope. I give them inspiration. They loved me, and treated me like a princess. But no one can deny the path I was supposed to take. I am born to become a ninja.

It's not that I don't like it. It's fun and thrilling and exciting. Plus, I get to punch stuff, as much as I want to and as hard as I can. It wasn't exactly like a dream come true for most of the girls out there, girls would dream of living like a real royalty, like a princess, waiting for her knight and shining armor. I did want that, after all, I am a woman.

But I smile, for I am grateful. Because if I was not who I am, I would not have met him—

Uchiha Sasuke.

My childhood crush

My team mate

My first love

My first fiancée

The engagement did not root from a history between us. Of course we were teammates back then; but I was never his official girlfriend. I was merely the closest thing he could get for a lover. And he chose me to be his Uchiha heir factory because I know him for so long, add the fact that I like him a lot. When Uchiha Sasuke wanted something, he gets it. I could not do anything about it. No, it was more like I chose not to do anything about it.

Because I am madly in love with him

Besides from his hot body and manly voice, Sasuke-kun has the most beautiful pair of onyx eyes. I have always loved his eyes. It was full of mystery. His eyes shows me his inner most emotions. Things that won't dare come out of his mouth. Ugh, but whenever anything comes out of that mouth, it always end up as a sarcasm or just a plain insult. It didn't matter. Because whenever he was with me, he'll share a piece of him with me.

But nonetheless, I was happy. I was looking forward to the wedding.

As much as he wanted to hide it, he cares for me. He holds my hand for comfort and support. He kisses me with his true persona. He makes me feel everything is real. That what he shows and do are all him. And I felt it. He likes me, no, I do know, and that I have gotten under his skin. His jealousy and possessiveness were all proof of it. He even toasted Naruto for kissing my hand. Sasuke-kun loves me.

I couldn't wait to be Mrs. Uchiha Sakura.

I discovered something when the war broke out. I can help. Because I wasn't just some person, I am Haruno Sakura. I am a ninja. I am a medical nin. I can heal people. And since I can do that, I have the power to help in this war.

I speak purely what I have in mind: the war has to stop. It has only bestowed upon us deaths and thousands of people crying. People killing one another for greed, power and domination would only bring chaos and more death. The mass don't want that. I don't want that.

So I helped to stop the war.

The war tortured a lot of people. From babies, children, women, men to seniors, all were tormented by the never-ending battles. Even the ninjas have something to say too.

Sasuke-kun believed in Orochimaru's ideology. But I have seen the flaws and the lies underneath it. I told him everything, but he denied himself of that. He had drawn his sword, poised to kill me. My heart flinched at that moment. Would he really dare to slash me in half? At that moment, I knew, we weren't going to see each other for some time. For the second time, he fought alongside Orochimaru. He fought against Konoha. He fought against his friends, his comrades, mentors. He fought against me.

Uzumaki Naruto, a team mate and a very dear friend was there for me. He always cared for me, worried about me, and I know, he has always loved me. He chased me like I chased Sasuke-kun. And I know, he has always been hurt, and that pain I can never understand. He smiles again and tells me that everything is going to be alright. He's dumb and idiotic, but he never ceases to put a smile on my face.

For the second time yet again, he is forced to fight his best friend and rival, Sasuke-kun. He killed Orochimaru's subordinates one after the other. He has seen his comrades get killed by the enemy. He has seen his friends get killed right in front of his eyes. He blamed himself. He kept saying he has power and yet, he wasn't able to do anything. So, he fights to end this war. He fought to end the sorrow. He helped in the battle.

And I helped him.

Like what he has always done for me, I give him strength to move on. I give him hope. I give him a reason to live. I throw away his inner demons. I give him warmth, love, adoration, security, care and smiles. I bless him with everything. I give him everything. Because that's what I do. I give. And he deserved all of those. He deserved everything. His torture has to end. He deserves something warm.

But who's there to protect me?

The second time my heart ached was when I saw Sasuke-kun battered and broken. It was after the war. He has attained his vengeful goal. And he returned. He returned to Konoha. I wanted to embrace him, welcome him back, and kiss him forever. But I can't. He's been tried and probation was handed to him. And again, he came out just fine, but emotionally, he's terribly shaken.

Naruto locked his eyes on mine. I give him the smile that made him relax a bit. "Marry me." he says as he handed out a box and opened it, revealing the most elegant diamond ring I have ever seen. I knew what it meant. "Sakura-chan, marry me."

I smile at him as he gently, with pure care, as if I was going to break any moment, put the ring on my engagement finger. He looked over at me. I smile once again. "Of course, I will."

I chose things to happen as they were. Again, I did the same thing with my second engagement. I could have said 'No'. My heart was screaming that out loud. But then again, I chose not to do anything.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto called me as he was staring at the ceiling. I was playing with the dog he gave me for our eleventh monthsary gift. I looked at him, giving attention but he did not utter any words after that. There was something troubling his mind, I can tell. I know him. I stood up and sat beside him.

He was thinking really hard. His furrowed eyebrows were a dead give away. I touch his hand to console him. He has to let his frustrations out of his system. He has drunk too much of it. He looked away from me. I know he was trying to tell me something. And he was having a lot of trouble saying it.

"I want you to be happy, Sakura-chan." He says. And I easily understood.

He's letting me go.

I could feel Sasuke-kun's eyes bore on me. I knew. He was silently sitting beside the center table with a glass of red wine in hand. He attended the party. I look over at him at times but his lovely onyx orbs keep on making me fall again. The glances I give turned to a full blown stare when I saw Naruto approach him. This was happening.

This is it.

My eyelids were endangering to fall. I feel hot and my body is unexpectedly warm. I feel uncomfortable and slightly dizzy. I could feel the urge to talk about it out loud. I place my hand above my head to keep myself steady. I couldn't think straight. But there's one thing that I know for sure.

I'm drunk.

I slowly felt new warmth crawling through my skin. It seemed that someone or something picked me up in its arms. Whatever it was, it felt rather pleasing, comfortable and dangerously tempting. So, I snuggled.

"I'm taking you to bed." A voice cracked. It sounded pleasing and very soothing. "…you need some rest…" I couldn't understand the words properly but I reply with more snuggles, it feels so right, and a little moan of pleasure.

I slightly frown when I felt the warmth around me crawl away and softness surrounded me. I can feel someone staring intently at me and yet I don't mind at all. Something brushed my face. The gentleness of its touch is the last straw. I slightly cracked my eyes open, only to see an angel in front of me.

Uchiha Sasuke.

I turned around. And the first thing in my mind found its way through my voice.

"We were never given another chance…"

"Aa." He's caught off guard. I could feel something change in his persona the moment I unconsciously opened this topic. And he's avoiding it. He tries to disclose it. "You better sleep… or Naruto will kill me for making you stay up this late…"

I laughed. "I don't see any Naruto's around, do you?"

"Aa" I could feel him shift his position. And by knowing him, he might be staring at those dark corners. It seems his habits die hard as well. "But still… you—"

I sit up straight, my right hand behind me for support. I tugged his shirt, clinging for something. Hoping for anything. "Don't you want to talk about it?" I am waiting for answers.

Hear me, Sasuke-kun.

"We don't need to talk about anything…" he defends.

Talk to me, Sasuke-kun

"We need to!" I command. The tone of my voiced rose up a level.

Tell it to me

"Sakura… you're engaged…" he says, with deep sorrow hidden underneath. "We don't need to dwell about the past… you worry about your future instead…"

"…but you're hurt…"


Tell me the truth

"Sasuke-kun…" I turn him around so that we could face one another. "…how long are you going to play this charade…? This might bring you to your end…"


"That's why… that's why we have to talk… about EVERYTHING… we need to resolve it before its too late…"

He snorts. "It's already too late for a closure Sakura, if that's what you're trying to say…"


Say it to me with all honesty

"…you… you're already engaged…" he swallows. There was a pause. "…to him…"

"I know…" I smile. "And it feels kind of awkward too…" he looks at me, astonished, yet there was hope in his presence, in his look, in his form, in his eyes. He was searching as well. He's hoping too. "I pictured my life to be with you forever…" I could feel heat on my cheeks. "—to have your children inside of me…"


"—to be in your arms every night…"


"—to cook for you every day—"


"—to fetch our children at the academy—"


"—to worry for you whenever you're at work… and—"

Sasuke-kun's eyebrows knitted. He suddenly came to a realization. "You're drunk" he accuses.

I laugh upon hearing his declaration. "Yes, yes, of course I am! But… you don't believe me?"

He frowns, as if his hopes were suddenly shattered in an instant. "You're intoxicated. You don't know what you're saying…"

I smile at him. "Don't you know that alcohol makes a person say things they dearly want to bury six feet under? Alcohol usually makes them say all of these things without holding back, without thinking about the consequences of the 'ifs'. Therefore, it's like a truth serum…"


"Sasuke-kun…" I bit my lip "I think—I think—"

"Stop it!"

I can't


"You're getting married Sakura! Focus on that!"

Tell me!

"I… I think I don't want to get married with him…"

Hear me, Sasuke-kun…

Hear me!

"Sakura…" I whisper.

"I'm still in love with you…" with all honesty, I said it. And I am proud too.


Listen to me…

He looks at me. "You're going to regret this…"

"I am?"

"…but I wont…" he smiles at me smile seductively. Ah, how long has it been? Since our last kiss? How long have I waited and dreamed for this day? At last, I have him finally back in my arms. And his warmth feels so right. Drunk or not, I loved it.

He heard me

And I'm happy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Love, Adoration, Care, Serenity, Warmth, Smiles

I have been blessed with people giving these things to me, so I give in return. I have been on a long journey. I have fought many battles. I have lost friends, family and my heart. But I have my triumphs as well. I earned. I gained. I grew up. I was loved. And I couldn't be more thankful that I got into this path. Everything that occurred in my life opened a window to realizations. And I am happy.

I can offer nothing but myself and my smiles. So, I smile.

"Morning." Sasuke-kun greets with a peck on my cheek. I slightly blush at his antic.

"Morning." I shyly reply. I could feel that the shyness stems from what happened last night. I blush again. Last night was just amazing. He sits right beside me to eat his breakfast. Again, I can't help but just feel glad that he's right here with me.

I am living my dream.

He's with me.

And that's all I need.

Love, Adoration, Care, Serenity, Warmth, Smiles

He has given me these things in his own way. And that's what all that matters. And I can only offer all of myself to him. After all, I am now his wife.

I'm Mrs. Uchiha Sakura.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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