Chapter 11

Afterward, they showered, Gojyo gently cleaning the wound on his lover's back. They crawled back into bed, warm and safe in each other's arms. The rest of the night was spent alternating between sleep, talk, and gentle play, though Gojyo never entered Hakkai after that first time.

Eventually the two fell into deep sleep, not waking until afternoon sunlight filtered through the window. Even then, unwilling to relinquish their haven, they refused to get up right away, instead indulging in more private games, which left both very relaxed. Were someone to ask them at that time, they might even have admitted to being happy.

Hakkai lay curled luxuriously around Gojyo's lanky body, reveling in the feeling of comfort and safety he felt there. He was sore now, but he knew it would get better, and the intense pleasure he had experienced the night before made his discomfort very bearable. A heavy sigh escaped him. "I suppose we should get up soon. Goku will come bouncing in here any minute now, and I'd rather that he not see us like this, hmm?"

"Aa," Gojyo replied, sated, warm and comfortable – not at all inclined to get up, for the monkey or anyone else. "Are you sure we have to? Can't I keep you to myself a while longer?" He was surprised to hear himself say such things. He wasn't used to having relationships that spanned more than a few hours, days at the very outside. It was a new sensation to be jealous over his lover's time. Not entirely unpleasant, though.

Hakkai rolled out of bed, pulling on his pants as he did so. Gojyo watched appreciatively, and managed to leer only a little. The black sweater descended over the toned torso, and Gojyo heaved a sigh of regret. Hakkai walked over to the table and picked up his monocle.

Leaning back in the bed and folding his arms behind his head, "Oi, Hakkai. There's something I've wanted to ask you for a long time, now…"

"Go ahead. I'll smack you if I don't want to answer," he joked, a genuine smile on his face.

"How does that fucking monocle stay on?"

Hakkai laughed aloud as he crossed back to the bed. Leaning in to press his lips to his best friend and lover's, he thought, Forgive me, Kanan, but you left me alive without you. Now I'm going to live.