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There was a rush of icy wind that disrupted the warmth of the night. The howl of the moon created a symphony with royal trumpets as Arthur's summons was declared. Elliot lifted his body from his and Olivia's bed of hay and Olivia stirred awake. "El? What is it?"

"A summons." He motioned toward her fallen dress and she began dressing. After they both stole a quick kiss, they made their way to the crowd, as Arthur stood in the center of the celebrations, with his Queen beside him, announcing what summoned the knights. "Men, it appears that Mordred has gathered enemies from the East to dominate these lands. Words from my messengers say they are about five miles out. They will be breaching by sunrise. I have summoned you for my protection and I will fight beside you to defend our beloved Camelot. I request we divide into two forces. The first shall attack at first sighting. The second to demolish and dominate by midday. Yes, we will lose men, but we shall not lose Camelot! I request your support immediately and the first 500 men shall fight first. I call to you by which the moon inches west 3 stars. Best of luck to you gentlemen. All for one and one for all!"

Olivia's heart raced as she gripped Elliot's hand. Elliot turned to Olivia and held her in his arms. "My love, I must support your cousin."

"Be apart of the second league. Be with me one more night."

"You know that shouldn't take place. Olivia, I will return to you. My heart could not handle not being beside you. Tomorrow night, we shall be together and hopefully we can announce our joining."

Gasping, she looked into his eyes and asked, "Do you know what you are stating, Elliot?"

"That I want us forever, Yes. I want us to be eternal, Olivia."

"Are we ready?" she asked, excited and terrified at the same time.

"Yes, just promise me that you will be here when I return from fighting."


"Sir Elliot." The couple turned and saw Arthur waiting for him. "Excuse me, Elliot, but I have a request for you. I must ask that you say your goodbyes now because we have already lost a star." Arthur looked at his cousin with compassion and back to her champion. Elliot nodded to him and Arthur went in search for Caleb.


"My heart beats for you, El. I will be yours. You must come to me. I pray you!"

"I will return to you, My Olivia. I swear before the Lord in which has blessed me with you. I will return to you."

Swallowing her tears, she placed her diamond cross like necklace in his palm. "This is to guide you with safety and back to my awaiting arms and heart." Kissing him deeply, he held her to his chest. Ending their kiss, he rested his forehead against hers, "Return to me, my love. For I will not live without us." With that, she turned away from him unable to meet his loving blue gaze. For if she gazed into them, she would not able to let him leave her.

Elliot made his way back to Arthur and Caleb had just left the counsel. Arthur turned his attention back to his fellow knight and asked, "You say your parting words?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. I must inform you I have requested Caleb to lead the second shipment of men to the battle field. I want you to be my right hand man beside and Lancelot this evening."


"The people have fallen for you through this tournament. They shall support and follow you."

Swallowing his doubt and concern, he lifted his head to his superior once more and nodded, "I thank you for this opportunity my King. I hope to not disappoint."

"Good. You shall lead the third quadrant east of mine. Let me handle Mordred. Lancelot's strategy predicts domination by the center of the sundial. Do you have an attack in mind?"

"Our men will succeed. I promise you."

"Good, you are excused. Gather your men. Do what is necessary and I shall see you in two stars."

Elliot nodded and made his way to his companion, Odafin, to assemble his troops.

Olivia laid in her bed sobbing her heart out in fear for what danger laid before her dear Elliot in battle. She was confident in his battling skills, but knew Mordred dealt with dark magic. She prayed on the powers surrounding her for his security, but knew that if he were to be lost among the dead, that she too, would lose herself to that life.

She cried until she felt her tears change in texture. It was thicker, less soluble, and her hands graced her face, she encountered blood instead of tears. As she gasped, a shadow of darkness with white eyes consumed her, delievering her to the unknown.

Unknown to the creature's knowledge, Caleb saw it escape Olivia's bed chamber. Sword in reach, he followed it, hoping to save what damsel it captured.

Olivia's body was thrown to a ground of ice granite surrounded by burning coals. Moaning, Olivia came to and found Daniella in a dress of green, her hair blowing in the wind and her body consumed by darkness. Fangs dominated her mouth and the white she found in her captor's eyes was in hers.

Daniella smirked and spoke with the voices of all of hell's demons, "Hello, Olivia. Now that you are here, you shall pay for your crossing."

"Crossing? Daniella, what do you speak?" Olivia said, rubbing her temple and finding pain in her lower abdomen.

"Silence!" she screamed, lifting Olivia in the hair with the dark shadow, she gasping for oxygen and escape.

"Please..." she prayed to the insane witch.

"Suffer me, my dear." Daniella took her dagger and walked around the captured woman, speaking curses of the darkest nature. "My brothers in darkness, I command cruelty to the souls I am angered and for their destinies in later encounter. Love is to be blissful until removed and each shall suffer execution in appropriate fashion. May consequences follow each life span and eventually become bitter and entirely isolated!"

Olivia was attempting to escape the shadow's grip. Her eyes widened as Daniella grabbed her wrist and plunged her teeth into her flesh, taking a strong supply of her blood and leaving her pale in the face of death.

Laughing bitterly, Daniella poured some of Olivia's blood from her wrist in her potion and threw it down by her feet, a lethal gas consuming Olivia. "With symbols of death, my dear Olivia, you are no longer needed in this life. Death is to consume you now."

Fighting the gas until she couldn't any longer, Olivia had visions of her knight until her end. The demon sent her flying against the stone walls, Olivia's blood leaving residue among the gray. Her body went tumbling down the stairs encountering Caleb at the bottom of the stairwell.

Shocked to find his beloved sister's corpse, Caleb cried in pain and anger. He closed her lost eyes and made his way up the stone stairway, prepared to fight the person who stole his loved one's life.

What he did not expect was the vision of his beloved Daniella in her truest form, fangs apparent and the dark shadow consuming her body. "No!" he cried, attempting to attack the demon he viewed as attacking his vision of beauty. However, he did not expect Daniella to turn and grasp him by the neck and sending him and her against the stone. Laughing she looked at his angered but terrified gaze and asked in her human voice, "My dear Caleb, do you still love me? Do you desire to be my champion?"

Angry, he spit in her face and replied, "Release me, you sick bitch! Arthur will have you banished!"

Laughing, her eyes returned to their demonic whiteness. "Do you believe that Arthur has hold upon me? That you have hold upon me? You understand me now, Sir Caleb Morley." She released her fangs and released a hungry screech. Meeting his blue eyes again, she spoke again, "You now serve me." With that, she plunged her fangs into his thick neck, he moaning at the loss of control upon him. He found himself losing his goodness and a new sense of disruption and hostility consuming him. Evil took over the void in his heart as the organ lost its ability to beat. Hunger now devoured him as he bit into Daniella, taking her as a first source of life.

Throwing him to the demon after feeding, Daniella wiped her mouth and spoke to the brothers of darkness, "May this be the weapon that sabotages the lying bitch and her heart's desire throughout eternity. Through death and destruction, he shall see to their demise with each encounter. With his death and mine could they truly find victory." To Caleb she turned her attention and smirked his way. "Do you understand, darling?"

Caleb looked up at her, red eyes consuming him, hunger evident. Flashing his fangs, he roared in hunger and appropriately pledged his service to her.

The fight was tedious and exhausting. Elliot watched as his brothers and friends fell to the darkness Mordred had summoned. In fear, he watched Lancelot be taken down with four arrows and his own leader slashed by his dark son. Elliot fought for not only Camelot but his beloved Olivia.

Against the fog, Elliot was consumed in a vision, witnessing Olivia lose her breath and being thrown to her death. "No!" he yelled escaping the dark shadow, only to turn into the sword of the enemy. He felt the blood rise into his throat and Elliot fell to his knees. "Liv," he whispered as life escaped him and his companions as the fog consumed Arthur's castle and the beauty which was Camelot. Demolish was greeted with the howling of wolves the inexplicable cackling of darkness.

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