Title: Black Tortoise and The Snake

Naruto FanFiction written by: Noble Fool

Disclaimer: This brilliant work of the Manga and Anime; Naruto, was not done by me.

Summary: Hinata never knew a perfect day would lead to these tasks. Nor that this Sasuke would be the one to watch and assist. She also couldn't be any happier, or wish to slap him! Hin/Sas.

She wasn't sure why she was smiling wide, or waving to all the people who seemed to be looking gloomy, nor why she whispered a cheerful greeting to everyone who met her gaze. She just knew that she was happy and nothing and no one could bring her down.

Hinata Hyuuga, a Chuunin for the village of Konoha and the age of seventeen, walked through the markets simply because she wanted to. Being able to hold this freedom that she holds now and others obviously take for granted. No one would be able to understand the complexities it takes within the Hyuuga Compound just to simply want to have a walk around. Now however, she is able to do as she pleases. Something she is still not use to be able to do. It was relaxing that she was able to walk around downtown Konoha; to smell the yummy foods radiating from the carts, gawk at the merchandise laying for display, and watch entertainers on Konoha's streets performing in this perfect weather; little clouds, bright blue skies, and a bright, blazing sun – could this day get any more perfect?

Of course it could! She excitingly replied in her head, causing her to immediately blush at such a strong voice that released itself inside her head. 'It could get even more perfect though!' Such as her dearest Naruto-kun asking her out on a date. She blushed harder at the thought while shaking her head. Now that wouldn't happen anytime soon... Then again, Naruto-kun had been looking at her more often...

She stopped in the middle of the busy Konoha street pondering. Naruto-kun…could possibly love her? Her face smeared with red as she brought her hands and arms up to her chest, bowing her head so her nose just smudged against her entwined hands. Maybe Naruto-kun would ask her on a date so-

Her thoughts were ripped away when she was suddenly bumped and forced to stagger back.

Quickly catching herself, she held her stance and turned around to see the swift blur back of short, spiky raven hair, before quickly bowing in respect.

"Gomen Ma'm!" The figure immediately stopped while Hinata bowed again and rose, wondering what the matter was. The dark figure then side glanced her over their shoulder, the eyes in a glower, which caused her to take a half step back.

"Ma'm?" Hinata called in a weak surprise as the figure quickly popped up in front of her. She gave a jump of surprise.

"Stop calling me that!" The very man-like voice barked. Her eyes widened, taking in his appearance, which caused her to gasp.

"Gomen!" She flung her head forward to bow, but instead hit his chin in the process, causing him to grunt as she pulled back and rubbed her forehead, which had ended up hitting him.

"You're pathetic," he stated, an angry stare clearly observing her.

Hinata's mouth fell open while blinking a few times. She then pulled her hand down from massaging her injured forehead, allowing it to fall to her side. Did…did he really say that? She wouldn't take that!

Besides…she wasn't that much of the anxious, timid little girl anymore.

"I-I'd be careful with the way you speak to me, Uchiha-san," he smirked.

"Or what, Hyuuga-Hime?"

The way he added the suffix caused her to glance at the ground, feeling guilt and failure wash over her, but she quickly looked back up while ignoring the feeling which tweaked her from just the simple suffix of 'Hime.' Meeting his gaze, she straightened her posture. He is…he is so ill-mannered! She glanced over him, running her eyes over his form, where she then tilted her head at his arm and stared along it carefully. She then looked back up, his stare still hard and cold, yet his expression showed he was entertained.

"I see what others cannot, Uchiha-san…" he raised his head higher, his sneer becoming known.

"Tch," He rolled his eyes.

Hinata adjusted her stance, eyes fixated on his arm while bringing up her own hand to his left arm, which hung sternly and stiff at his side.

"Your left arm is growing weak due to-to you overusing and releasing masses of chakra in that arm…I kn-know how to fix that. I'm busy however...good bye Uchiha-san," She bowed and turned on her heel to walk off, leaving a wide-eyed Uchiha behind.

Hmm…is seems nothing could ruin this perfect day after all.

She smiled as she continued walking, returning her thoughts to her beloved Naruto-kun.

Oh Naruto-kun.


A few hours had passed since that little run-in, which she seemingly had forgotten. Besides, anyone would've if they were heading to the famed Ramen Bar, Ichiraku, where her very crush will obviously be there. Not that she was permitted to daydream as much as she would've liked…what with her fellow employee of the Konoha's Hospital beside her, Sakura.

"It was such a beautiful day today eh Hinata-chan?! Aw – I wish I could have walked around with Sasuke-kun today…you know that he's been looking at me more often now and days. I wonder if he's finally realizing he loves me…he probably does! Oh Hinata-chan! Sasuke-kun loves me! Aren't you excited for me Hinata-chan?!" Sakura rambled, jumping up in the air at the last of her rushed words.

Amazingly enough, a dream bubble seemed to start to form during the bubbly, pink-haired medic's rant. It quickly ended however, once a prickling feeling throughout her body began, and she quickly realized it wasn't due to the fact that her friend's rant had ended…it was for another reason. She took a calm breath, clearing her thinking, no – that feeling was still there. Someone was watching them. Ninja intuition never fails…when one has it on that is.

Hinata whirled around to direct her stare to the top of a tree, the source of the feeling she was receiving, where she saw…nothing. Activating her Byakugan and gazing over the area, there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. She shook her head letting out a sigh.

"Eh? Hinata-chan - what's going on? You sure are acting weird…"

"Gomen Sakura-chan…I just have an odd feeling," Sakura nodded understandingly as suddenly her eyes went wide from noticing something behind Hinata, who then stiffened at her friend's reaction. But that had quickly changed as she found herself being pushed forward from the pressure which pushed onto her back. She stumbled forward, quickly catching herself and straightening herself into a shocked and confused composure.

"Move it, boy," the voice hissed as the dark form continued walking onward.

Hinata's eyes widened recognizing the voice, while Sakura let out a squeal.


"Uchiha-san - I'm not a b-boy!" Hinata hollered out causing the figure to turn around with a grin plastered on his face. Sakura meanwhile was in shock from hearing her usual quiet friend shout, yet melting from the grin her beloved sent.

"You have a bulky figure like a boy, so I assumed," he calmly stated, crossing his arms over his chest. Hinata's mouth dropped as she did something that surprised them both and would bring shame to the Hyuuga Name.

She stuck her tongue out at him.

"That's a lovely look for you, Hyuuga," he said, turning on his heel and walking calmly away.

Hinata blushed, very embarrassed at her own actions, as she looked over at Sakura; who was even more stunned.

"Err…Hinata-chan, did you just…stick your tongue out at Sasuke-kun?"

"H-Hai," she whispered, lowering her head.

"Oh…just making sure," and together they leisurely walked.

"Your jacket does give you a bulky figure Hinata-chan…" Sakura whispered causing Hinata to hide part of her face within the coat. The rest of the walk was in silence.


When the two had arrived at the Ramen Bar, they were greeted warmly almost instantly.

"YAHOO! Sakura-chan! Hinata-chan! Look who's here to join us!" Naruto shouted jumping from his seat at the table. Looking over towards where the booming voice rang from, both their eyes were glued on the dark, luminous figure of Uchiha Sasuke, his head resting on his folded hands, his eyes closed with the tiniest smirk being shown.

Oh yes, this day seemed to be turning out very bad…

Hinata sat directly across from Sasuke, and what was worse was that she was in his direct line of vision. Or so that was his excuse whenever she would bark, 'St-stop Uchiha-san,' at him for his staring, which scared Naruto who had never heard Hinata yell before.

She herself was shocked that she was yelling, but this Uchiha Sasuke! He was…he was…! Just look at him! Just sitting there with his arms crossed over his chest, as he leaned on the back of his chair, a smug look plastered on his face as he hadn't even touched his ramen or tea. What made it worse was the fact that he was making a noise in his throat whenever she would make a comment or when she would mess up while drinking or eating. Somehow, to further the irritation, she was the only one who apparently noticed him create that noise directed at her!

Oh, she found herself disliking him.

"So Hinata-chan, when are you taking over the Hyuuga Clan again?"


There went Sakura kicking Naruto under the table, again. Hinata smiled.

"I'm not Naruto-kun, the title went to my sister. I'm not living at the Compound anymore,"


And that noise once again from the one and only. Hinata cast a glare towards his direction, which only caused him to smirk wider, while he glanced elsewhere.

"Oh, sorry Hinata-chan! I'm sure you would have been great! What are you doing then Hinata-chan?"

"I'm in training to become a Medic-Nin, and I'm also helping out Iruka-san by tu-tutoring the students who are falling behind in his lessons,"

"Ooohhhhhh. Cool! Maaaan, I wish I had someone as nice as you to help me when I was falling behind!" he released a toothy grin, while the words he spoke caused her to blush, and she fiddled her two pointer fingers together.

"Th-thank you, Naruto-kun,"

Silence fell over the table.

"You know Naruto-kun, you should show Hinata-chan your new technique!" Sakura offered with a smile, winking towards Hinata whom blushed at the idea.


Hinata merely glanced over him for a split second while turning to look towards Naruto, who grinned happily and was rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah Hinata-chan! You'll love it! Probably beat Sasuke-teme over here," Naruto nudged his head towards Sasuke, who let out a grunt.


"I can to!"


"Shut up Sasuke-teme! No one likes you!"

"Hey - I do!" Sakura shouted, bonking Naruto on the top of his head. He released a screech, rubbing his head immediately.

"Whatever," Sasuke replied rolling his eyes.

Hinata watched the scene unfold as she noticed it formed a pattern:

Naruto shouting out sentences, Sasuke replying with one-liners, Sakura defending her love and attacking Naruto…and she knew exactly how this event would end up. What with the multiple stories Sakura-chan had shared with her during their break hour…it was actually common knowledge where they would be heading.

Now here they were in the old team 7 training section with Naruto and Sasuke at each other's throats; while Sakura and Hinata watched. It was good to have excellent Medical student Nins as friends...

Hinata's focus was mainly on Naruto, who would always leap up no matter how many times he was knocked down. Which seemed to frustrate Sasuke as he punched the blonde ninja once more, causing him to fly back and slam against a tree trunk harshly. Naruto quickly sprung back up once more, a smile in place as it would appear he hadn't been hit at all, and he would run back at the dark figure that only stood, waiting casually.

She released a very small, soft smile at the scene. 'Naruto-kun is so determined…I hope to be like him one day…' she thought, following his every movement as he twisted his body, would flip it around, in an attempt to block the attacks from the Uchiha. She released a soft, dreamy sigh.

"Sometimes they forget how to use chakra against one another," Sakura commented casually.

Hinata glanced towards her, and nodded. Seemed these two enjoyed hand-to-hand combat against one another. It was for the best…she thought, seeing Sasuke once again kick him in the chest, causing Naruto to fly up. She flinched. She couldn't take much more of this...she couldn't keep watching a battle this extreme between two friends. She nervously looked over at Sakura, watching her expression, and it would seem that she is use to seeing them fight like this. Hinata herself isn't use to such fighting with this brutality, unless it was between foes. Perhaps…they wouldn't take it too far?

However, as she watched Sasuke's elbow slam against Naruto's face and seeing the anger that whirled within his eyes, she couldn't handle it any longer. She couldn't stand watching someone she cares for being hurt. She ran quickly towards the two, the call from Sakura being just a fuzzy warning, and with her Byakugan activated, she caused Sasuke's arms to go limp with a quick jab as she then pushed him back. The only reason for that was to simply gain distance from the two, who did not seem to want to end this combat. She could also sense on a side-note that he easily gained his balance without any effort and that he was very angered with her…the slight spark of aura obvious, as she kneeled onto the ground where Naruto had fallen back. Immediately, she began healing him.

"Naruto-kun, a-are you ok?" she sniffled out; in return she received a toothy grin.

"Don't worry about me Hinata-chan! Sasuke-teme can't hurt me!" She instantly warmed at his words, as she felt enlightenment. How could she believe him so deeply when she had just witnessed such actions?

Naruto jumped up, arms behind his head as he laughed. Hinata smiled wide at him and rose as well, walking beside him as they headed towards Sakura. She was interrupted from the beginning of her 'dream scene' however, seeing a fuming Sasuke instantly near her, simply staring. She gasped lightly at this, taking a step back.

"Hyuuga, fix this. Now," he ordered as Hinata bowed stumblingly and did so, not wanting to meet his eyes that pierced through her.

She was about to walk away after healing him, but he had grabbed the front of her jacket, bringing her to meet his gaze. "Hyuuga, do not get in the middle of a fight between the idiot and I again. Got that?" Hinata nodded obediently as he released her, pushing her back roughly. However, she held her ground.

"Uchiha-san, please…do not order me around again," she slowly rose her head while speaking – as she felt herself gain confidence. She met his defiant stare; faintly hearing Naruto and Sakura gulping.

"Are you challenging me, Hyuuga?" He tilted his head to the side, a smirk showing he was finding amusement.

"T-That would require an honorable competitor, whom you are not Uchiha-san," Sasuke smirked wider as he began walking off from the group, passing Hinata.

"See you around…Hyuuga," His tone aloof.

She held her breath as his words, feeling a coldness shoot throughout her body. This feeling remained until she felt that he had walked enough distance from her, and she could breathe once more. She released a deep breath of air before quickly inhaling, as she noticed the tension from the group had released.

"Whooooa! Hinata-chan, you're like a completely different person! Heh heh, did ya see that Sakura-chan? Hinata-chan is TOUGH!" Naruto called, throwing a fist up in the air while laughing. Hinata's eyes had widened at his words, as she turned towards him with her face flushed.

"Nar…Naruto-kun," She whispered, lowering her head in a bow and smiling.

"Heh heh, well, I'll walk ya home – killer," He laughed, running to her side. She shot her head up turning to look at Naruto, who had his eyes closed and was rubbing the back of his neck, then she looked to Sakura, who winked towards her.

"Make sure she gets home safely,"

"Maaaan, I should be the one who gets walked home! Heh, right Hinata-chan?" He nudged her, as she caught her balance at the last moment.


He smirked at her. "You're so silly Hinata-chan," he said while walking ahead of her. She remained planted, glancing at the back of his head, her heart pounding. 'Naruto-kun.'

So today wasn't too bad, she decided, as she ran up to walk by his side.


She woke suddenly; her breathing heavy as she instinctually brought her hand to her burning forehead, tracing the aching seal. She still received realistic nightmares of that fateful night. The night of her marking ceremony. She had received this mark once her sister Hanabi had been given the title of the Hyuuga Heiress on Hinata's sixteenth birthday. By law, the Hyuuga Elders were not to order for a member to hold the mark; once they were in their more mature child years. Yet, she was sixteen when she was caged, which obviously ran a very high risk of her death once placed on. The once heiress, forced to step down and then be sealed in an embarrassing manner.

Not only had this mark brought more shame to her name as a Hyuuga-failure, but, everyone holds knowledge of her 'loose' committed crime against the Hyuuga Clan and how she was banned from ever living in the Head Quarters, or being treated as a Head Member. She became a student of the Medic-Nin field. Instead of living in the Branch Quarters, which she would have to have given up on her dream, she decided to move out and continue in the field, which the Hyuuga Clan saw as; 'unworthy of their talents.'

Now once a month, on the same day she received the mark, she would wake to the same nightmare, the same pain from when the mark was placed on - in wonder if the Hyuuga elders placed a curse on her for dishonoring them.

She glanced at her clock, recognizing the blurry-red numbers that read that it was still the same day of her perfect day, which was turning out to not be so perfect. With that Sasuke and then her mark… this day was turning out quite awful actually. She rose from her mat, folding the blankets into perfect squares, as she then folded her mat. Pushing the articles against the wall, she then dressed. Might as well as put in extra hours at the Hospital; she would not be getting anymore sleep for this evening.

Placing on her coat and adjusting the way it hung, she walked outside her apartment, locked the door, and began the long walk to the brightly lit Hospital building. Suddenly however, she began to feel that feeling again...someone was looking at her. She activated her Byakugan silently, scanning to see that no one was looking directly at her, and no one heading towards her direction, so she shook the feeling off. She's just being paranoid!

Although, as she neared the Hospital doors, the feeling worsened as she quickly flipped around, scanning. She got into her stance smoothly, instantly wondering where her opponent would most likely be.

"I'd say, behind you," Her eyes widened immediately while releasing a yelp. Whirling around quickly, her palms open, her eyes instantly landed on a smirk. That smirk which belonged to the one person she wished not to see for quite a long time.

"Uch-Uchiha!" She called out, watching Sasuke cross his arms with a bigger smirk then what he first had. She adjusted her position, her fingers clenching together while her opened palms faced him.

"Yes, Hyuuga?" Hinata narrowed her eyes, bringing one of her opened palms closer to herself, obviously showing that she was about to attack. His eyebrow rose at this. "Tch…are you going to attack me? Hyuuga?" Without realizing, she took a step forward, allowing her opened palm to head towards his chest.

However, or thankfully she should be thinking, he caught hold of her wrist with ease. He then pushed it back towards her, who allowed her arm to fall back towards her side.

"What were you trying to do with that, Hime?" She bit her lip, her eyes focusing on him, as she attempted to strike him once more, but he blocked with a lazy ease as she jumped back. She then began running back towards him, but stopped suddenly at hearing an odd noise…he was…laughing?!

"Why are you laughing?"

"Hyuuga – you're funny,"

"H-How so?" she didn't see the fact that him almost getting attacked by her as funny!

"You humor me, that's all," he said, positioning himself in a lazy stance as he looked elsewhere.

"I-I don't like you," She slowly said, which caused Sasuke to arch his brow at her.

"Tch - I don't care. I have a favor,"

"A favor?" She repeated in surprise, "Hmph," She turned around to leave but he was suddenly there, Hinata blinked and took a step back. He was then behind her and grasped her covered wrist.

"Fix my arm and I'll be in your debt,"

Hinata blinked more so at the offer, rather then at the fact he was touching her, as she turned around to meet his eyes. He seemed sincere, she concluded. Hyuugas were the pinpoint of perfection when it came to reading people, especially through their eyes, but this Sasuke Uchiha would be a challenge to read...she thought, glancing over his eyes.

"And I'm supposed to trust your word?" he rolled his eyes.

"I'm an Uchiha," Hinata tilted her head at him.

"And I am a Hyuuga nonetheless. I will heal your arm once I know what I want from you, and you do it," He seemed annoyed by her response but nodded in agreement, as he released his grasp. She pulled away as she took a few steps back. He seemed entertained by this action.

"When will you know?" he asked as he gazed around, acting as if he wasn't in a rush for her to fix his arm. Hinata released a sigh. He's going to become a bother isn't he?

"I'm not sure. I'll try to think of it soon and fit you in on my schedule," she turned around immediately to enter the Hospital, as she heard him growl lowly. She couldn't help but smile.

Ah – this day turned out to be quite fun.

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