Title: Black Tortoise and The Snake

Naruto FanFiction written by: Noble Fool

Disclaimer: This brilliant work of the Manga and Anime; Naruto, is not done by me.

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"You're requested at the Hospital…" Sasuke adjusted his stance uneasily. "Your...friend Hinata Hyuuga has been injured…"

In a simple 42 steps was the Head Office of the Hospital. In just those steps, he would have the information of the whereabouts of Hinata Hyuuga. He knew it would be 42 steps exactly, due to him standing before the front doors and imagining the steps needed. He was not able to take a step forward, however.

The feeling of others watching him as they passed into the Hospital became a natural feeling after the first hour was nearing its end. More hours passed and he become numb to the stares and the time passing as the sky darkened. He simply stared straight through the glass doors, to the brightly lit entrance, and his eyes would graze along the flooring of the Hospital he had yet to place a foot in. There he stood, counting the exact number of steps until he would reach the Head Office desk.

Every so often his mind would linger away from the counting and onto a few things, but certainly not for long. His main focus was on imagining the steps it would take to reach the main desk. Still, even as his eyes lingered over the flooring as he would count, his mind always circled back around Hinata.

First, who the hell allowed her to go on these missions without him, anyway? Right, he did. Because he denied her – multiple times on the multiple "A" rank missions she went on. But who suggested her for those "A" rank missions? That's right! Kakashi. That old pervert who always found a way to sneak into his thoughts whenever Hinata engulfed his mind. Then those thoughts would turn to anger towards that old man. Especially on how that Copy-Nin turned his focus on innocent little Hinata.

Hinata…you idiot! He felt anger flourish throughout his body which gave him the power to suddenly move towards entering the Hospital. He wanted answers! For her, how could she allow herself to become hurt? To Kakashi, why the hell would he not leave her alone? He really needed a sit down with that old pervert. And finally, ask Hinata once again, why she allowed herself to get hurt knowing he would become worried for her? He clenched his fists and released a grunt while entering into the Hospital building.

The lights were brighter than he realized, which caused his eyes to falter suddenly. He certainly was not expecting that. Why did they make these lights so bright anyway? What purpose did it serve to have lights which resulted in people to close their eyes upon entering? Tch, someone should fix this. Now! He didn't have the time for something so trivial.

He quickly fixed the error, and walked exactly 42 steps to the desk – the woman there watching him approach. The woman stared at him, waiting for the needed information he would inquire about.

"Hyuuga, Hinata," He muttered out. His tone quieter and softer than what he had thought, much to his surprise. His anger that was once built up inside of him over the situation was quickly replaced with worry. He was even more surprised at that. The woman had smiled, nodded, and processed the information.

"Room 414." She chirped, turning back to other work.

He registered the information slowly. Room 414. He turned away, after nodding the woman with a thanks, and walked towards the destination. Each step of the stairs he slowly took. His mind was blank and he could not force himself to move any faster. 'Why?' he wondered. Why could he not quickly arrive at the Hospital Room which held Hyuuga, Hinata? Why had he spent hours standing outside the Hospital, and now was slowly approaching towards her?

Step, step...

His thoughts of yelling at her for being so clumsy were completely diminished. Instead, his mind focused on her condition...what he would see when he entered into her room. Obviously, she was not injured too badly. Otherwise, he would have been informed when he had inquired about her. Besides, that jounin sent to notify him had not spoken a word other than that-well, before he had rushed off leaving the jounin behind. Even then, if she had been in any real harm than that jounin would not have allowed him to rush off at the instant he had informed him-leaving the jounin behind at his opened doorway.

Step, step...

His thoughts were suddenly pulled away and focused on something he knew he could handle-anger...at stairs, because for some reason his anger towards Hinata could not stick. How long had he been on these endless stairs? He knew he did not want to use the elevator-wait, why didn't he use the elevator? Because he didn't want to see Hinata hurt...his soft thoughts had cracked through his anger at stairs and he suddenly felt worry once more quickly erupt throughout his body. He felt his body suddenly shiver from a chill which struck his body. It was then that he suddenly reached a flat platform and slowly grazed his eyes along the opening-barely glimpsing at the endless doors which made up the hallway-and looked for the sign on the top of the frame. Floor 4.

He shifted his stance, placing his hands into his pockets, and looked down the hallway once more.

In one of these rooms, she was at. Lying in a bed. Tubes connected to her. A monitor emitting a low beep. He entered into the hallway, walking step by step as he observed the numbers he passed. 410, 411, 412...he continued walking, his heart pounding harder and louder into his ears, his nerves rising. He stood before the door. Room 414; the brightly numbers radiated from the door. Suddenly, his senses heightened and he froze at a sudden presence.

"Uchiha." A voice came from behind him. He didn't need to turn to realize who was the owner of that voice. Sasuke allowed his hand to fall, which was near the door handle of the room, as he turned towards the voice and nodded at the person in recognition.

"Hyuuga," He responded, meeting his eyes.

"We need to speak." Were the only words the Hyuuga said while unfolding his arms and turning away. Sasuke turned back to look through the window of the door where the patient was. He breathed a slow sigh of relief at the sight of her as he observed her resting figure. Good. She was fine. He then smirked at his sudden thought, 'idiotic, clumsy, adorable Hyuuga,' He then brushed his knuckles along the door, taking one last glimpse of her, and then followed the trail set by the Hyuuga.

The journey ended at a grassy hill. He instantly remember this place as the area he brought Hinata, as she cried due to that Inuzaki. He stood a few feet away from the Hyuuga, who had his back turned to him. Hyuuga's certainly like a show...he smirked.

"You have been close with Hinata-sama recently. What is your relationship with her?" The Hyuuga asked, turning his head to side glance back at him.

Heh…it would seem Hyuugas were also direct, well, except for one Hyuuga in most situations. "Uh…co-could we meet up…when you get back?" He couldn't stop from lowering his head and smiling at the memory. He then forced the smile to fade and turned his attention back to the figure ahead of him.

"Why are you concerned now?" He questioned. The Hyuuga turned around to face him.

"Do not be mistaken, Uchiha…Hinata-sama is an important person to me. I have known about your association with her since the time you followed her at the Hospital…and had a confrontation. You are not secretive about your growing relation with Hinata-sama which is apparently more than just an agreement between the both of you. So my question, answer it. What is your relationship with her?"

Sasuke trailed his eyes off the very observant Hyuuga realizing that each move he made that Hyuuga was calculating it into a deeper meaning. He then turned back to look at his eyes. Odd, how eyes that physically have the same shade and structure could have such a difference. He smirked at that thought.

"If you are not able to answer, then that is the answer. I am requesting you remain away from Hinata-sama. At least until you are able to answer." Neji began walking off, but was stopped by a body in front of him.

"Perhaps this will answer the question, which is an impossible question to answer anyway...," his eyes drifted away from the stern Hyuuga, as he spoke the last part of the sentence. He made a 'tsk' sound with his mouth which obviously revealed his dislike for that sort of question. He then looked back at the Hyuuga, dead center. "Hinata and I, we have a bond which will not be broken,"

The Hyuuga smirked at the answer.

"That, I realize. Your body informs more profoundly than your words, Uchiha," Sasuke instantly disliked how talented the Hyuuga's were in terms of body language. However, when the Hyuuga's face turned suddenly more stern, he tilted his head slightly in question of the sudden change. "Hinata-sama...has the capabilities to be a great Clan Head. However, she must be given constructive care. She did not receive this in the Hyuuga Clan...which is the Hyuugas' failure, and the Hyuugas' loss. I do not like you, Uchiha. However, I cannot deny the care you have given Hinata-sama. For that, I feel the need to give you a warning,"

Sasuke rose an eyebrow at that. What right would this Hyuuga have in issuing him, an Uchiha, a warning? He 'tch'ed' and rolled his eyes. This caused the Hyuuga to strengthen his stance, which Sasuke read meant that the Hyuuga was angered. That is something he did not want to do.

"You are unfit for Hinata-sama at this time. You hold a darkness in you which disables your ability. Obviously Hinata-sama has noticed this and it is in her nature to assist," he smirked suddenly, "even when her assistance benefits her as well," the smirk vanished. "However, I will not allow you to pull Hinata-sama down with you when she has a hard journey for herself as well..." His eyes then trailed down to the sword which was by the Uchiha's side. "That sword...release it from yourself permanently. Emotional ties are bound to that sword. There is no purpose it holds any longer. You must stop living in the past," He then turned away, beginning to walk off. "If you are ever wanting a future with Hinata-sama, that is." And he began walking down the hill and the darkness hid his retreating figure.

Sasuke still stared off in the direction of where the Hyuuga had left. The words roaming around in his head. He had brought up many points, all of which were confusing. Why was that Hyuuga thinking so deeply about the association he has with Hinata? It is not his concern...

He clenched his right fist. Of course it was his concern! He had heard of what occurred to Hinata during the first Chuunin exams many years ago. Obviously, he feels obligated to offer protection. Even when he was no longer legally bound to care for her.

Sasuke lowered his eyes from the spot where he last saw that Hyuuga and turned his attention to a vibrant building not too far. His gaze instantly went straight to the 4th floor of lights. He slowly glanced over the many windows which made up the 4th floor, when his eyes were suddenly drawn to one particular window. His smirk was released without a thought.


Hinata rested her elbows on the windowsill as she leaned her upper body out of the Hospital's room window. It was cold out, a sudden chill would remind her, but she could not remove herself from the window, which she had opened hours ago. Leaning against the sill she was able to have the perfect view watching the moon brightly glow, and with the assistance of clouds - the view was breathtaking.

The sudden creak of the door behind her, however, reminded her she was not able to enjoy the view any longer.

"Miss Hyuuga, a bag was delivered for you from Miss Sakura. She wasn't able to bring it up to you, so I hope you don't mind me bringing it. After all, it's your clothing so you can check out of here!" The nurse smiled to her, and bowed in a greeting. She then placed the bag on the bed and her attention went immediately to the release form.

"Alright then, Miss Hyuuga, please change into your clothing and you are free to go! Remember – change your gauze and if there are any side-effects please immediately come here! No dilly dallying!" The nurse smiled brightly to her. Hinata instantly smiled back, nodding in reassurance. The nurse then stood straighter and lifted her index finger in the air. "I almost forgot! Also make sure you rest well for the next few days and that you don't have too many visitors!" The nurse then giggled into her hand. "You certainly have many friends Miss Hyuuga! I've never seen so many people come for a patient who was only here for a little bit! You are certainly lucky, Miss Hyuuga!" The nurse praised with her usual toothy smile. Hinata blushed, looking down at the ground. The nurse giggled at the reaction and patted the brown bag.

"Get dressed so you can get out of this place!" The nurse encouraged her.

Hinata nodded, walking away from the windowsill and towards her bedding which had her clothing bag on top of it. Before she reached for the bag, she noticed the nurse leaving.

"Ah...thank you, very much! For helping me...," The nurse smiled once more, waved happily.

"Of course! Just make sure to close the window before you leave, I can't believe you like it so cold!" The nurse wrapped her arms across herself, expressing how cold the room was. The nurse then laughed at herself and shook her finger towards Hinata, "Now hurry on so you can meet up with all your friends!" The nurse then walked out of the room, closing the door. Surely the almost-free-patient needs privacy changing from their hospital gown to their own clothing!

Hinata smiled after the nurse and sat back on the Hospital's bed as she placed the brown bag of her clothing onto her lap. Her face then broke out into a smile.

She had been visited non-stop, it would seem:


From the very first moment she awoke her cell 8 team members were right before her. Each were in their separate areas. Kiba lounged on a cushioned chair, chewing on dried meat and staring up at the ceiling. Shino stood, leaning back very slightly against the wall. Kurenai-sensei was facing towards a potted flower, watering it with a small watering can. When she woke, she instantly thought that this was the first time the whole team had been together since a few months ago. She instantly smiled, and rustled in her bed attempting to sit up. When they noticed her awake, due to the very light movement from her, each showed instant results. Kiba instantly grinned and jumped up while shouting a, "yahoo!" Shino straightened his posture and adjusted his stance to lean towards her. Kurenai-sensei had widened her eyes and turned her head quickly to her, accidentally spilling water onto the floor with the watering can, due to her change in position. She instantly gasped tilting her watering can back, Kiba howled with laughter with one hand on top of his head, and another pointing at the water. Kurenai-sensei then hollered out at him, causing Kiba to mutter out an apology and lower his head.

Shino was the one who broke the sudden string of events with a curt nod to her and asking how she was. This immediately brought Kiba and Kurenai-sensei back to Hinata, and they both instantly stood around her. A distant cheerful barking was heard by all in the room, as they laughed.

Hinata instantly felt her eyes water at the care they had towards her, even Akamaru! They had remained with her for hours, until she had noticed herself falling back asleep and she told them goodbye – watching their retreating figure until they vanished. She instantly fell asleep.


The next time she had woken, after a few hours of sleep she had assumed, another team was just entering into the room.

"She's awake!" A strong, feminine voice had alerted the other two who followed behind her. One carrying a bag of chips, and the other lazily walking in. Ino had brought in a vase with a few flowers in it, placing the vase on the table right beside her, which Hinata instantly gasped at. 'Pretty!' She smiled at Ino, who smiled back. "From us!"

"Hm. So she is awake," A slow voice agreed upon entering the room and looking the patient over. Hinata had instantly greeted them, happy to see them and even more happy they decided to stop by. Shikamaru had walked further into the room, and when he observed her, he closed one of his eyes as he leaned his head to the side. "You don't look good," he observed.

"She's in the Hospital!" Ino hollered turning around from Hinata, after straightening her blanket, to face him showing him her tightly clenched fist in a not-so-silent threat. Shikamaru waved his hands in front of himself.

"Exactly! We shouldn't stay for long. That's all I was saying," he rolled his eyes while walking away from her, "Women," was muttered. Ino growled at his direction and when Chouji walked up to Hinata, Ino glared daggers. Chouji gulped, but turned is attention back to the one they were visiting.

"Hey, Hinata, you doing okay? Heard what happened and we just had to come make sure you were alright, you alright?" Chouji asked, looking her over. He then offered her some chips, but she graciously denied. "Oh, heh heh, good. These are my favorite!" He said, munching away.

"Chouji!" Two voices exclaimed.

"Well, we just wanted to stop by," Ino said softly to her. She then perked up. "Oh right! The students made you a card! Look, they all even signed it and wrote a little note for you! They're so sweet...and they completely miss you! You'll need to come back soon!" She happily said, showing her the card and in fact all the notes from the students.

"Thank you...very much," Hinata smiled, looking over the card. "They all say how great you are! I'm glad you're teaching them, Ino-chan!" Hinata said, nodding her head. Ino blushed, and scratched her cheek.

"Well, I don't think I'm that great...but, they seem to be doing fine!"

Shikamaru rolled his eyes.

"You're a great teacher Ino. Jeez." He rolled his eyes. Then, he nodded to Hinata and waved in farewell. "See ya later Hinata, ja," he waved once more. Chouji followed suit, smiling wide and waving with a chip in his hand. Ino sighed, lowering her shoulders and dropping her head.

"Boys can be so bothersome!" She said, perking up and putting her hands on her hips. She then smiled, coyly. "Though, you would know, eh Hinata-chan?" She then giggled into her hand and waved with the other. "Bye Hinata! Get better soon!"

Hinata waved goodbye in return, and watched as the door shut. How nice of them to visit! They even brought flowers and Ino brought a card with all the student's names and a little note from them. She smiled at the thoughtfulness and leaned to the flower, smelling it softly. A very soft, gentle aroma. She leaned back into her pillow, enjoying the light scent as she read over the card once more.

Suddenly, something Ino had said triggered into her head. "What did Ino-chan mean that I would know that boys can be bothersome?" She whispered to herself, hoping someone would answer her.

No one did.


The next time she had woken, a few hours before her depart from the Hospital, she was in for quite a shock. Of course she should be! She had woken from hearing a small noise, to see a face right in front of her. She had instantly felt her heart explode from fear and she screamed, loud, trying to fling away from what was scaring her.

The figure had jumped away, screaming in return.

"WHOA! Hinata-chan! What the heck are you screaming for?" Naruto exclaimed in fear, clutching his chest.

"Wouldn't you if you woke up to your face right in FRONT of yours?" Sakura hollered out.

"...don't I already?" He asked, curiously.


Hinata stared, wide-eyed at the scene which unfolded before her. It resulted with Naruto being hit in the head, crying out, "Sakura-chan" with Sakura hollering out and questioning how someone could be so stupid! Hinata smiled, and then turned her focus on her hands which she twisted amongst her fingers.

"Eh, Hinata-chan? You okay?" His voice caused her to quickly look at him. She then smiled, and nodded her head.

"Mm, I'm fine...Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan. Actually, I don't know why I'm still at the Hospital," She said, her voice becoming more quiet as she spoke. Sakura walked up to the bed, looked at the clipboard, and then placed it back down.

"It says that you're allowed to be released tonight. If you show no symptoms, that is. You were just under a 24-hour watch," Hinata nodded at the information, and then stared down at herself.

"...um..." Sakura tilted her head in question. "Would you...be able to bring me clothing? Sakura-chan? My clothing I came in with are very dirty...so...um...if you wouldn't mi-,"

"Of course I will!" Sakura said, nodding her head with a smile.

"O-oh, thank you! " She said, and then gave details to where she would be able to find clothes. She remembered distinctly a new Konoha jounin outfit of hers, folded into a bag near the door, which she was just given before she had left for this mission. She placed on one of the outfits and had left the other neatly in the bag. Those clothes would do for now!

"You're welcome! After all, it's the least I could do and I know the troubles of being in the Hospital," Sakura said, nodding at the memories. Hinata smiled at that, but then looked back down at her folded hands. Of course, Sakura-chan had been in the Hospital for a much different reason than her own reason...suddenly, Naruto's voice caught her attention and she looked back up at him.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan! Everyone gets in the Hospital every now and again, it doesn't mean anything so don't be sad! Got it? Heck, I've been in the Hospital...um...," Hinata watched as Naruto began counting his Hospital visits with his fingers. His face twisted and turned as he counted.

"79 times Naruto...79 times," Sakura growled. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Really? That many times?" Naruto asked, scratching his head.

"For as long as I've been your teammate...79 times,"

"Ah..." He then shook his head. "Anyway! You'll be released tonight, so just enjoy the nice bed and hey, you even get to keep your Hospital gown! I wear mine all the time!" He proclaimed, his thumbs pointing to his chest.

"What...do you use them for?" Sakura asked, in a tone of disbelief, her eyebrow shaking.

"Eh...anything really. Curtains, covers, napkins, a doormat..." Sakura shook her head, all the while Naruto continued to list the many uses he had for them-until the very end when Sakura started pulling Naruto away-and waved good bye to Hinata.

"See you soon for lessons, Hinata-chan!" Sakura said, smiling. Then her faces changed, as she looked at Naruto who still listed ways;

"Socks, hats, diaper-like underwear...which are really cool...a ramen strainer-OH! Bye Hinata-chaaaaaan!-gloves, scarves, an eye mask...-" Hinata giggled into her hand, as she listened to his voice fade away, listing off the many ways to use a Hospital gown. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by a sudden visitor:

"Hinata Hyuuga! My, my...I didn't expect your return from the mission so early," A figure announced causing her to blush, deeply.

"Anooo...," she whispered, in embarrassment. She attempted to look at the person who had just entered, but she could not force her eyes to meet the person. "Kakashi-san..." She greeted, bowing her head slightly at his general direction.

Kakashi smiled and gave a wave, walking closer to the patient. He observed her carefully, running his eye down along the bed, and then back up to her red smeared face. He then leaned down to her face, bending over her body. This action caused her to lean her head back, and widened her eyes. He smiled at the adorable reaction, rubbed his hand along her head, and leaned back to his original, standing position.

"Aigoooo, little Hinata-chan, you certainly know how to make someone scared for you." She immediately apologized, sitting up slightly and turning to him. He waved his hands in front of himself. "You shouldn't be moving so much!" He patted her shoulders back in a gentle push, and she obeyed, leaning back on her pillows. She whispered an apology once more. He shook his head, laughing. "For a person injured, you are certainly apologizing quite a bit,"

"Anoooo..." she whispered. He laughed once more. A warm, deep chuckle which escaped.

"You make it difficult for a man to be around such a cute woman such as yourself, my little Hinata-chan," This caused her to blush, bowing her head low. When she suddenly felt his hand run down her head once more, her blush deepened at the touches.

"Kakashi-san," she started, looking up at him. He relaxed at her call, waiting for her to speak. She then smiled, and nodded her head once to him. "Thank you, for visiting me. You are the first person...to treat me the same, and not fragile." She then looked down once more, and he watched as she slowly raised her hand and ran it along the gauze which covered her forehead. His smile dropped instantly, and he wondered about her pain.

He understood the feelings she must be going through at that moment. Having failed a mission, due to a pain which she could not prevent nor deny. Obviously, that Hyuuga mark had triggered while on the A-rank mission. No one would be able to hide the pain which must have engulfed her. He was simply grateful that it did not occur during a battle. He wanted to rub her pained head once more, but did not. After all, she was happy that he treated her the same and not like a patient.

Her voice cut his thoughts short.

"Would...you like to sit down? Kakashi-san?" She looked up at him, her eyes large with a glaze of water over them. It was obvious she was still in a lot of pain. Both mentally and physically. With the way she looked at him, he was almost tempted to remain by her side. However...he sensed something that pricked into the back of his head. Obviously, that meant he should leave and it was apparent who it was from, Neji Hyuuga, who had glared at him as he had entered into Hinata's room. Did she even know that her overly protective cousin was outside her Hospital room? Hmm...

"Ah, unfortunately I can't. I'm sorry my little Hinata-chan," her eyes glanced down for a moment, but then back up. "However, I do have a little gift for you..." He watched as her eyes instantly turned into that of a curious child's, and her eyes looked for the gift. He smiled, pulling out a brown bag from what seemed like no where. "DA daaaaaaaa...," he chimed, at the revelation of the bag. This action caused her to laugh quietly in her hands, and then look at the bag with wonder.

When she reached her hands out for the bag, he was almost tempted to pull it away. However...who could with such large, innocent eyes as hers? He handed her the bag, and watched as the scene unfolded.

"Ah...still warm," she whispered, as her wobbling hands opened the brown bag. When she managed to open it, steam slowly escaped, and her eyes followed the trial of steam for a small amount of time before searching for the treasure which emitted it. "Ah!" She exclaimed, pulling out the treat. A warm cinnamon roll. She instantly smiled, taking in the delectable smell she missed so much. When she turned to thank the one who gave the gift, he had vanished. Her eyes widened and she looked around the room.

"Kakashi-san?" she called out, to no answer. She felt sad for a moment, but her eyes fell on the treat before her.



She smiled at some of the many memories of all the people visiting her. She truly was very lucky, to have so many great friends!

She then turned her attention to the brown bag on her lap, brought to her by the nurse from Sakura-chan. The contents of the bag held her freedom from the Hospital: the articles of clothing! She opened the bag, while enjoying the crinkling sound of it, knowing that she was free from the Hospital and able to enter the real world again! And be in her own bed!

Her joy was cut short, however, as she found herself staring at the contents in the bag. The world around her seemed to darken – the only light being that which graced the articles of clothing.

These...look familiar. Very familiar. Almost too familiar. Her heart suddenly began to pound and her body must have made the connection faster than she did. Why...was her body acting so negatively towards the clothing?

It then clicked.

So she sat on the bed, staring down into the brown paper sack and onto the clothing that was dropped off to her by Sakura-chan. Obviously, Sakura-chan had not looked at what the bag, in detail, contained. Simply that it was a bag full of clothing, and thus must be what she was sent by Hinata to retrieve. She closed the bag, counted a few numbers, and once more looked into the bag. It was still the same clothing! She cursed her self, wondering how such bad luck could occur to her. Why was fate playing such evil games with her? Even she would reject such a plot on her worst enemy! If she had had an enemy, that is...which she sort of did! That Uchiha!

But...obviously he would wear these certain garments that were folded in the bag...so that evil plan of making her enemy wear clothes she would NEVER wear did not justify the evilness she once thought. She sighed once more, slowly gazing over the items in the bag. Honestly, she had completely forgotten about having these articles of clothing.

In due time, and knowing she was forced to wear it – against her freewill - she pulled the shirt out of the bag, and stared at the Uchiha logo which was embedded into the back. She lowered the shirt, and released a sigh once more. How was she to walk out of this Hospital and throughout Konoha in this outfit? Her, Hyuuga Hinata, in a garment of the Uchiha Clan?

Especially with the possibility of running into...him.

Her heart could not take the sudden thought of him seeing her in this outfit, and she threw her head onto her lap - a groan escaping from her.

She knew she HAD to wear the clothing so she changed as quickly as she could into the garments of the Uchiha Clan. Her body instantly felt odd and paranoid as if he was the one who switched the bags with Sakura-chan, without her knowing, just so he could witness her in this outfit for his amusement. Her eyes suddenly widened and she shook the paranoid thoughts away. She then placed the hospital gown into the bag of dirtied clothing she came in with. As she finished placing the articles of clothing into the bag and stood back up, she caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror. She then blushed heavily, looking away from herself. Slowly, however, her eyes made its way back to the mirror and glanced over herself. The...clothing did not look too bad, she decided. It was a blue top with an exaggerated collar, and white shorts which went passed her knees. She kept her modesty with her high gloves and leggings. She suddenly smiled at her reflection in the mirror. The shade of blue was nice! She also liked the white to the outfit. She found herself suddenly turning around in the mirror to observe the outfit in its fullest, but stopped at the sight of the Uchiha Clan mark.

It was definitely not the Hyuuga Clan mark she always used to wear. Hers being a flame. She glanced back at the fan mark, and found that she enjoyed this Clan mark, too.

She lowered her head. Did that make her a bad Hyuuga for liking the fan mark? She shook her head at the silly thought. After all, fire survives due to air and fans assist the fire in growing! She nodded in assurance to her answer. But her thoughts suddenly went to a dark place she never thought they would go to, 'Am I a bad Hyuuga for wanting to wear this Clan mark?' Her eyes widened in shock at her thoughts and she gasped, loudly. She then slapped her hands over her mouth-as if her mouth was to blame. She then stared, wide-eyed, at herself in the mirror.

If...she thought that, then...wouldn't EVERYONE in Konoha when they saw her in this outfit? She felt herself become light-headed so she made her wobbly way to the bed, where she sat down. She mentally cursed her evil thoughts! Besides, why would she want to be a member of that Clan and stand beside that twisted, wicked, demon of an Uchiha? With that smirk? She slowed her breathing.

After a few moments, and ignoring all thoughts which suddenly engulfed her mind, Hinata stood up from her sitting position on the side of the bed. She then grabbed the bag of the hospital gown and her dirtied clothing and stared at the door. Suddenly, the door looked very dominate. Scary. Like the entrance to a painful journey-which it would be. She then slowly turned her focus away from the door and onto the window of her Hospital Room-which she had yet to close. Then her eyes went back to the door which led to the entrance into the hallway of the Hospital...the middle of the hallway...of the fourth floor.

She weighed her options before herself...either jump out the window and run back home, or go through the many steps, stairs, halls, and paths to go home where surely everyone will see her in THIS outfit?

She contemplated back and forth...back and forth.

Should she risk appearing as crazy, by jumping out the fourth floor window and darting off where nins will surely sense her chakra? Or walk, like a civilized person throughout Konoha?

Her mind was made up instantly! She quickly retreated from the door of her Hospital room and headed towards the window. Besides, everyone thinks she is weird, anyway!

Suddenly, her voyage towards jumping out the window and running across town stopped. Why? Her mind was blank as she tried to understand what was occurring. Why did her feet stop? Why was her heart pounding so hard? Why were her eyes instantly locked with something which stared back so strongly towards her?

Those eyes...that smirk...

It seemed time suddenly began once again as it was frozen for a brief moment. Now, her body was doing exactly what it was meant to do at this sudden sight before her. Her eyes suddenly widened and she stepped back, releasing a holler from fright. After all, what kind of a person crouched on someone's windowsill? That damn Uchiha that's who!

In her sudden fight in her head cursing about that damn Uchiha, she then realized she was stumbling back, due to her tripping on her clumsy feet, and fell back landing hard on her bottom. Shocked from the sudden scare of seeing that crouched Demon Uchiha staring at her and pained from the unexpected fall, she instantly looked back up at the figure. Of course, he still crouched on the windowsill of her Hospital Room and she stared at his smirk.

His evil...smirk which she noticed suddenly widen at the occurrence, she then took notice of his eyes seemingly dancing in joy at what they witnessed and definitely recorded for his amusement. She then focused back on his smirk, noticing the movement of his mouth. His tone of voice was that of a snake when he spoke to her:

"In that much of a rush to become an Uchiha...Hinata?" Her eyes first widened and then turned to slits as she watched this evil, wicked, demon of an Uchiha removed himself from the windowsill so gracefully and then stand before her, while she was still sprawled on the floor very inelegant. He suddenly looked away, laughed a short-curt-laugh, and turned back to face her.

She was about to unleash an unknown fury, when she suddenly noticed his evil smirk turn into a large-even friendly, gentle-smile and his hand reached out, from his pocket, towards her.

She blinked hard at what just happened. Did this interaction even make sense? However, when she realized she was about to jump out that said window anyway...she then smiled. Crazy minds must think alike, was her only answer. Or he simply read her mind, which would be worse! She shook her head from the thoughts once more, and then she smiled at his hand, and met his sparkling eyes-which still seemed amused at the show she gave him.

'Sasuke.' She thought, her heart pounding. She suddenly realized, this was the happiest moment of her day...actually, her whole stay at the Hospital. Well...maybe for a long time, actually-she forced herself to admit.

She watched as he then rolled his eyes at her obvious slow speed of receiving his assistance and he forcefully grabbed her free hand and wrist, with both of his hands, and dragged her up. He then 'tch'ed.' which caused her smile bright at his actions and she laughed-which resulted with a cocked brow observing her.

This was definitely the twisted, wicked, demon of an Uchiha...that she missed.


She walked along the paths towards her home finding it difficult to ignore the person who walked beside her. She knew she was embarrassed...but was he about what just happened? He didn't seem bothered...

"Oh! Your boyfriend came to pick you up, Miss Hyuuga? Aw, how cute! You know, I wondered who he was standing around for. My...he must have been standing outside the Hospital a good...hmm...I seemed to have lost track of time on him, hehe. You know young man, you could have just gone up to see her that whole time! My, my, he must have been too embarrassed. Hehe, goodbye you two!" Hinata's nurse exclaimed while noticing them walk out together from the Hospital's Main Hall.

Hinata was too embarrassed to say anything but squeak, and Sasuke...well...

"You're annoying," which only caused the nurse to giggle into her hand as she waved the two of them off.

He hadn't said another word to her, and only walked – his eyes straight ahead and focused on walking. Her attention however, kept focusing back on him as her eyes would drift from the path before her, to side-glance him quickly, and back onto the path. 'He was...waiting for me that long? It's so cold though...for him to be standing outside that whole time. I wonder why he didn...' her thoughts were yanked away as she suddenly felt herself fall sideways. How was she falling sideways? Oh, right...she had been looking at Sasuke while thinking, rolled her ankle, which resulted in this. Her eyes widened at the recognized feeling of falling, and she embraced it by closing her eyes.

Except, she didn't feel the ground embrace her? She opened her eyes to see Sasuke, holding her up by his hand on one of her wrists – the one that flailed up when she started falling – and his other hand...was around her waist supporting her. Her face smeared a bright shade of red – darkening the light pink on her cheeks from the cold. She stared into his eyes, which focused back at her. Suddenly, her eyes then focused on his sudden exhalation of breath, which she could see suddenly fly up due to the cold. Her eyes followed it, and then suddenly realized the situation they were in.

"Sa...suke?" She whispered, meeting his eyes once more.

He immediately released his arm around her waist by pulling her up and she eased back into her normal standing stance. However, something was different. She realized it was the warmth on her wrist, and she looked down to see his hand still wrapped around it. She looked back up at his face, but he looked elsewhere, squeezed her wrist gently, and released it. He then put his hands back into his pocket, continuing to walk.

Hinata took a step forward, and another, keeping step with him. She glanced back over at him, but was alarmed when he looked at her through the corner of his eyes.

"Unless you want to end up in our previous position, you should stop focusing on me...and more on where you're walking," Hinata immediately snapped her eyes back to her path, walking carefully.

"Thank you, Sasuke...for helping me," She whispered. He turned to her, and nodded.

They reached their destination as Hinata noticed Sasuke suddenly cease in his steps. She looked back up at her apartment building, and smiled. Home.

She took a step forward and nodded to Sasuke when he suddenly coughed. She tilted her head at him in question. He rolled his eyes.

"Not even a proper good-bye?"

She widened her eyes at how improper she was acting!

"Ah! You are right...good night, Sasuke," she was beginning to bow towards him, but she was stopped due to her forehead suddenly hitting his shoulder. That certainly was not her doing! She then realized what was occurring, as she felt him step closer to her, and wrap his arms around her softly.

"Sasuke..." She whispered, surprised at his sudden emotions displayed towards her this evening. He suddenly tightened his grip around her.

"Hinata. I do not want you on any more A-rank missions without me...understood?" She listened to the worry in his voice, and she understood the pain he was in. She nodded into his shoulder. When he felt her nod, he suddenly released his grasp on her, took a step back, and gently pressed his arched finger under her chin and lifted her head up. He then smiled to her, leaning his face down towards her.

Her eyes widened. Wha...what? Is this...what was he doing? Her heart pounded immediately at his closeness. 'Sa...suke?' her mind said, feeling her mouth dry.

She suddenly felt a wind of chill, as she watched him pull off his coat, which were over her shoulders, and was suddenly in his hands. He was further away from her now, and she felt like a complete idiot. He chuckled at her reaction.

"Expecting something, Hi-na-ta?" He raised an eyebrow in question.

She froze, staring wide-eyed at him. She then slowly shook her head, her mouth gaped opened.

"N-No..." she whispered, looking down quickly and back at him. He smirked, nodding his head towards her apartment door. She turned to look at it as well, and then focused back on him, who placed his hands in his pockets. She then smiled.

"Good night, Sasuke...thank you, for walking me home." He nodded, and watched as she started to walk off.

"Hey," He suddenly called out, which alarmed her and caused her to stumble. He smirked. "I am expecting an explanation tomorrow. Got it?" She smiled, turning to look at him as she nodded her head, brushing the bandage over her forehead without realizing it.

He observed her as she walked away from him, his eyes gazing over the Uchiha marking on her back. He could not prevent the smirk which emerged and perhaps he did have to agree...that he certainly is a twisted, wicked, demon of an Uchiha.

He simply could not resist the situation which had been presented before himself when he had been walking towards the Hospital, after the confrontation of Neji Hyuuga. Sakura had passed him, and asked for assistance with entering Hinata's home...in order to get her clothing to wear when she left the Hospital.

There was no doubt that he had to seize this opportunity, especially with imagining what her reaction may be. Though, seeing her reaction for real was much better than what he had imagined. He had to admit however, he did want to see her in the Uchiha garments as well.

'Which she looked cute in.' He thought, while he rubbed the back of his head.

He then glanced up to see that she was waving down at him in a final goodnight gesture. He raised his hand towards her in return as he took one last glance at her bandage on her forehead – which he knew she was not ready to speak about – and taking this chance to smirk at her attire one last time, before she turned away. He waited to hear the sound of her door clicking shut, before he made his way towards his own place.


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