Hello guys! Heh... Yes. I know. I haven't updated the story.

It was because I didn't feel like making it a crossover... so...

Now I shall rewrite it as just a straight Danny Phantom fanfic!!! And I actually WILL write it. I will finish it. I know that it's going to be hard since I decided I was going to write Fenton to Phantom: the Beginning, continue Vortex of Deception AND re-write this one, but I swear, I will have a new chapter at least twice a week (I really really really hope this will be true) because oh my god, there are so many possibilities for this story! And I have this little plan forming in my mind... and yay. So if anyone wants to read this story still... it will be up later today, in a new story, and it should be still called Changing Fate or something similar. But I swear, as soon as I have finished writing this chapter of FtP: The Beginning (I have 200 words to go) then I will rewrite the first chapter of Changing Fate and post it up here, because I didn't put enough detail in it. And then I'll update Vortex of Deception... But there we are.

I sincerely apologise for not continuing this story sooner...


Can't wait :)

Kirstyn.T :D :D