A/N Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to My Newest Endeavor. Following is a set of one shot stories that are no doubt inexcusably bad. The result of a pseudo-challenge, and a mind shattering defeat at a round of Rock, Scissors, Paper, I present my Fuzzy Fantasy Frolics. Each one shot is supposed to be about how two people handle an awkward situation. With only minor differences, I am using the same scenario for each couple, not because I want to be dull, but because I thought it was a great personal challenge to create a story that was interesting, and hopefully funny/sexy/sweet...without having to rely on different locations or third character interference.
That being said a brief outline is in order so that you know what to expect.

The basic sketch is that a person who has encountered a malfunctioning Weasley twin prank, goes to sleep and dreams a fantasy scenario. Only every dream is the same. The dreamer wakes up naked, in a bed, in a room with no windows or doors. They have no memory of how or why they are there, and to make matters more uncomfortable...they aren't alone. There is a random partner into he bed with them, and there is only one blanket between the two of them.

A few of my challenge rules are;

No clothes. No wands. They can't use magic in the room. The second person has been Apparated into dream, so both characters are physically stuck there. If they fight, the room gets steadily colder. I have to do at least three pairings that I have never tried, and at least one that I don't like. Just to be fair.

Also, each skit is basically independent of the others, so the same person is likely to pop up more than once. For example, since I ship mostly RL/HG, they will obviously get paired off at some point...but I might pair RL/LL in the next story, HG/DM in the next, HG/SS in the next and so forth. It's all for the fun, for the glory, and for the lemons, not to make any solid relationships.

Hope you enjoy


P.S. I don't own anything having to do with Harry Potter, or any of the other characters, books, movies. I don't make any money of this stuff, not even the parts that I make up myself.



Dearest Readers,

Once upon a time in a magical section of the world know as Diagon Alley, there were two brothers. Actually, there were many brothers, and some sisters as well.( I even believe that someone had a dotty old aunt, and three half cousins.) But this story, though it might concern them,( in as much as it concerns every body) is not about them. It is about two brothers, who by great coincidence, also happened to be twin brothers.

These brothers were called Fred and George, as well as a great variety of other names bestowed on them by their parents, siblings, and the parents of the children who had fallen victim to the twin's innumerable pranks. Legally though, they were named Fred and George, and Weasley was their surname.

There were a great number of Weasleys...bright ones, and dull ones, and strong athletic ones, and bossy ones, and one that collected spark plugs. But Fred and George considered themselves to be the most clever, fun, and good looking of the lot. Being so awfully clever and fun, they couldn't remain in school, because everyone knows that school is where you go to unlearn how to be clever and fun, and learn instead how to carry books just so under your arm and still be able to outrun the school bully, who always manages to find you when you are least expecting it. ( and usually he catches you, because you are busy trying to remember the charm for transfiguring cups into bats, and mentally wondering if you'll ever know enough about eel's blood to write an essay thirty inches long for your Potion's final.) Or, at least that's how it is in the schools in that part of the world.

So these brothers left school, and began their entrepreneurship in a small crooked shop. It was a joke and prank shop know as Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes; which is a damn clever name if you ask me. The very sort of name that draws people in off the street. In fact, it drew in so many people that they had to cut a new door just to let them all inside. Then they had to buy a second shop.

They made all sorts of goodies; pranks and jokes, fireworks and candies, things that made you go invisible, or burp loudly while sitting in class. Business thrived.

A person could write pages and pages about Fred and Georges exploits. There would be novels dedicated to their Super-glue lollipops ( they take a licking and keep on sticking), their Collapsible Selves, and Underwater Fireworks.

Not to mention Edible soap, Detachable Sneezers, and Tongue Dye.

Stink Rings, and Portable Squeaks, ( Portable squeaks are very small, and resemble bugs. Set them down anywhere and they will squeak or creak, in perfect imitation of a rusty hinge being opened and closed. This is very annoying after ten minutes, and therefore, very popular among school children.), Jumping Jelly Rolls, and Wart Seeds...a person can dream for hours about all the lovelies they have given to the world.

However we aren't here to talk about all those products, because those products were more or less successful. Not all of their inventions were so marvelous.

About seven years after they first flew away from school to open their shop; Fred and George invented something New. Something New was always exciting, and meant that they would spend all of their free time playing with it, and making up clever names for it. This something New was a Fuzzy Fantasy Frolic. But they call it a Fantastical, for short.

A Fantastical is a very skinny pill the length of your thumb, and contains some mysterious and wonderful foam. When a person swallows this pill, they are supposed to fall asleep for four hours, and have the most delightfully realistic dream, in which they can see, hear, smell, taste, and all sorts of other fun stuff, but can't be killed. Even if the dream has monsters or pirates.

Fred had the idea that would make several different dream fantasies. Some would be for boys, and some would be for girls...and some would be for those people who weren't really sure what they were due to being hexed about the ears too many times as children. There would be adventures, and romances, and erotic fantasies.

This is the part where any squeamish readers might want to go get another tankard of butterbeer, and find a good, musty book dealing with ancient comparisons between Arithmancy and the Goblin revolt of 1101 B.C.

They even rated the stories as follows:

GFE-Good for everyone

GFF-Good for fun

AG-Almost Grown-up


VGU-Very Grown -up.

If a person were to choose, for example, a smashing romance involving France, Highwaymen, and poet shirts...in a rating AG; then they would get the full experience of rolling grasses, billowing blouses, and a highwayman that looked just like whomever they secretly fancied. There would be lot's of kissing and declarations of love, a few swear words, a perhaps a peek at the hero's chest, and a joke about the heroines 'delicately turned ankles'.

A grown up version would be much more provocative, and a very grown up version would give the dreamer actual kiss marks to explain away the next morning...not to mention that happy smile!

It sounds perfect doesn't it?

I would bet a galleon that you want one yourself.

I bet everyone reading this is jumping form one foot to the other, and trying to remember if they have a coin or two tucked into an old sock somewhere, because they just know this is the best thing to spend it on!

Well, that just goes to show how much you really know!

Now that I have gotten you all excited at the prospect, it's time to disclose why these products are currently not on the market, even though at this very moment crates and crates of them are sitting in the attic of --Grimmauld Place.

George had the idea to test one of the pills, and we won't say which one he tested, because it would be awfully rude to ask. He was less than happy when he became locked in his ' dream ' for thirty-six hours. He was also locked in a wardrobe full of glowing pink slugs that sang the popular Muggle tune of "Row, Row, Your Boat" over and over and over without ever taking a breath, and George couldn't even scream because he had left his lips back home on his pillow.

Fred tested the next one and for twenty three hours and some odd minutes, he resided under the fingernail of a goblin farmer who decided to scratch several un-nameable locations on his person and then wash his hands in boiling hot water.

Then, six cases of the Fantasticals exploded for no good reason, and all of Diagon Alley was covered in green dust for several hours, and people went about sneezing, and complaining about the weather, just like always, only they were much greener and dustier.

Five more cartons of Fantasticals disappeared from the storeroom...and Fred and George began to get nervous, thinking about what all could happen. they hadn't tested all the pills yet; and they didn't really want one to explode in someone's stomach. It would be a very messy thing to happen on the sheets.

They tinkered and tinkered and worked with the pills, but the more they worked, the worse they got. Now there were pills that made you sleep, and pills that locked you in dungeons, and pills that locked other people in dungeons with pink slugs and miniature werewolves that ran around and tried to bite your toes.

It didn't help to leave the pills alone either..they just sat there and changed themselves as they pleased, so that one minute they were green,and the next they were magenta, and the whole time all of that magic Fred and George had used was shaking around inside and making up new stories. They were as mischievous as their makers.

Eventually though...all of the pills seemed to agree on a similar plan of action.

All of this has been the prologue to a series of stories in which several people are affected by a Fuzzy Fantasy Frolic. Yes, some of these dreams are Very Grown Up. Some were are less so, and some are just plain boring. I am sorry to say that there will be no Highwaymen, no Pirates, and no Unicorns.

However...if it makes the reader feel any better, there are also no cows, no strawberry preserves, and absolutely no piccolos.

With that said, all I can hope is that you read on, and enjoy, and please, keep your money in that old sock. Spend it wisely on something more practical; a bag of Every Flavor Beans, perhaps, or even a new wand. For after all, who wants to dream of Highwaymen, anyhow?




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