Tiffany's, Diamonds, and Other things concerned

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Chapter 1: You poor old no name slob

Paul Varjak, Holly Golightly, and the no name cat were trying to flag down another cab while standing in the rain. She and Paul had just made up and her head was reeling from happiness. "Taxi!" Paul cried out as one passed, but it passed him by. He looked over at Holly and smiled sheepishly. He had terrible luck getting a ride; she had known that since the first day they had met. Holly smiled back, oblivious to the fact that all her makeup was starting to drip and her hair was getting messed up, and turned back to the street. She walked to the edge of the street, put two of her fingers in her mouth, and whistled very loudly. In a matter of moments, a taxi had pulled up. Holly turned back to Paul, who was holding Cat, and said "Here we are Darling. Come quickly now, we don't want to be getting sick, do we?" Paul just shook his head, silently mocking himself. He gave Cat to Holly and grabbed what little luggage they had.

Holly climbed in first (with Cat in tow), and then Paul got in after. She put cat down on the seat, and scooted closer to her love. She rested against him, very contented. She wanted to tell him exactly as she felt, but she couldn't put it into words. If only you knew how much I love you. I should have told you before. But it's my fault I'm too…skittish. He leaned his head down and kissed the top of her head. "I love you Holly." She snuggled closer and returned his sentiments. I just didn't want a replay of Doc again. Oh goodness, he was far too old and clingy. I did what I had to do though, to take care of…Fred…her eyes welled up with tears. Paul became concerned. Anytime Holly started crying, something extremely bad was happening. Maybe she's reconsidering everything that's just happened. Maybe she thinks I'm still going to lock her up tight in a cage and throw away the key. But we belong to each other…he snapped out of his reverie, "Holly, are you alright?" Holly looked up into his eyes. They were gleaming with concern, a bit of fear, but love outshone them all. She maintained the eye contact with him, "Darling Paul, I'm fine. I was just thinking about…about…Fred." She said this with a forced smile. Paul was startled. She had never called him by his actual name (with darling attached, that is). Once she saw the reaction that she wanted out of him, she grew happier and smiled. The cab suddenly stopped. It had reached their apartments.

They both got out (Paul still carrying the luggage, and Holly still carrying the no name slob), and proceeded up the steps. They opened the door, and Holly got out one of her newly made keys. As she was opening the door though, Paul stopped her. He grabbed her arm, and she turned around. "Holly there's something that I desperately need to know. Do you love me? Truly?" Holly was startled, but managed to gasp "Yes, of course I do." Paul pulled her closer to him. Now she was beginning to be afraid. "Do you really mean this Holly?" Holly stiffened slightly but again gave the same answer. Paul now had a desperate look in his eye. He got down on one knee.

Holly freaked out. "Paul, what do you think that you are doing? Stand up right this instant. I-" Mr. Yunioshi's voice came from upstairs, "Ms. Golightly, I must protest! I am going to call the police!" Holly and Paul looked up but Paul looked back at her. "Holly, will you marry me?" Holly had still been looking up at Mr. Yunioshi, but immediately looked back down at Paul. "What?" She suddenly went very pale. "Holly, please consider this. We both love each other. We belong together. You're mine and I'm yours. Forever." Holly unknowingly shook her head. She pulled away from him, and finished opening the door. "Holly, wait!" Paul got up to stop her, but Holly merely said "I…I will see you soon Mr. Varjak. Good day." And with that she shut the door and slumped down.

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