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"Isaac, wake up! Dear, please wake up!"

I blinked my eyes drowsily. What was happening?

"The Mt. Aleph Boulder is falling!"

I rolled around, trying to wake up. What was she talking about, anyway?

"We have to go now! Isaac! Get up!"

I hopped out of bed, still half-asleep. She wasn't making any sense.

"Isaac, your tunic!"

My mother, Dora, retrieved it and walked to the edge of the stairs. She was a brisk woman of medium height, her reddish hair tied sensibly into a ponytail. I followed, still bleary-eyed.

"Do you have everything?" Mother questioned, turning her head.

Glancing around, I knew I didn't. But there was no time. I looked hopelessly at my unmade bed, at my trunk of mementos.

Mother read the look on my face.

"A lost item can be replaced; a lost life cannot." she reminded me gently.

I nodded unhappily. I knew she was right, but that didn't make leaving my stuff behind any easier.

Downstairs, my father, Kyle, entered the room from the door leading outside. His light brown hair actually lay flat, unlike mine, and his dark eyes were wide.

"Isaac, Dora, hurry! It could fall any second!" Father warned.

Outside in the fierce storm, my parents decided that Mother had to help evacuate. She asked me if I could find my way to the Plaza. I nodded confidently. I'd been walking all over Vale since I was eight, the age that all children were allowed to wander at. Mt. Aleph, I'd been walking to Garet's house for longer.

I carefully approached the steps leading down to the plaza. A boulder, about the size of my body, fell, blocking the way. Sighing, I started going around. When I reached the steps, it happened again. It was starting to annoy me. I wished my Psynergy was stronger-since I'm an Venus Adept I ought to be able to move the rocks. But I was only thirteen, and Father refused to teach me Psynergy yet. He had declared that it was "dangerous" to learn it before I was fifteen. I rolled my eyes. What was so dangerous about the Psynergy that I couldn't handle yet? I'd already learned how to use a sword-surely mental powers couldn't be more "dangerous" than physical?

I made it over to one of my two best friends, red-headed Garet, who was trying to haul a large trunk that was much too big for even both of us to carry.

I rolled my eyes and shouted over the storm, "Garet! The Boulder could fall anytime! Don't bother with your stuff!"

"What?" Garet called back. "I can't hear you over the storm!"
"Garet!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Leave your stuff!"

Garet looked confused. "You want me to dump my stuff?"
I rolled my eyes again. Garet's one of my best friends, but he's not the sharpest sword in the weapon shop. "Yes! Leave it! Unless you want to get crushed by the Boulder!"

"I guess you're right." he agreed finally. "Where are you going?"
"Down to the Plaza." I answered.

"I'll come with you," he decided, dropping the cord.

We walked along the bridge in the fierce rain. And then I heard one of the scariest sounds I would ever hear in my life.

The sound of the Boulder falling. A crashing noise, barely contained.

A man's voice cried out, "The Boulder!"

I turned my head to find the source of the sound. I could see two healers and two elders struggling to hold up the gigantic boulder with their Venus Psynergy.

"It's too heavy!" cried a healer in despair. "We can't hold it for long!"

"But if our Psynergy runs out, Vale will be destroyed!" exclaimed another.

"We have to hold on until the villagers are safe!" agreed an elder.

The elder who had first spoken turned, and saw us. Glancing at the elder's face, I saw that it was Elder Yates, a close friend of the mayor.

"Hurry, boys!" Elder Yates called urgently. "Run!"

I exchanged a look with Garet, and simultaneously we reached the same conclusion.

We ran.

I don't know how long we ran for our lives, dodging smaller boulders as they blocked our path. We ended up going around near the gate that led to the exploring cave where my friends and I had explored for several years. A boulder had fallen onto the fence, smashing the gate, and a man lay, seemingly unconscious, near it. His brown hair was strewn across his closed eyes.

We were about to run on when I heard a weak voice call, "Help..."

I turned. The only person who could have made that noise was the man. "Monsters...everywhere." he moaned. "I'm hurt pretty badly. Do you think I'll...do you think I'll die?"

"No," I answered, glancing at the man. He had no apparent wounds except for a slight scratch on his tanned cheek. "In fact, why don't you get up?"

He sat up, and then raised himself to his feet. He checked over himself. "I don't seem to be hurt at all! But...boys, look out for the monsters, all right?"

We nodded and began running again.

Suddenly, Garet stopped, crying out. I paused and ran back.

A large, fat mouse with a stolen fork had prodded him with the utensil. I swiped at the mouse with my machete that I used for cutting logs for the fire.

It dodged the attack and gave an infuriating laugh. I gave Garet a strange look. I didn't know mice could laugh.

The mouse tried to stab me with the eating utensil, but I was too quick for it. I raised my foot just in time to squash it underneath.

"Please, please, let me go!" it squeaked. I refused to free it and pressed my foot down harder. The mouse let out a cry of pain.

"Look, set me free and I promise I won't attack humans again!" it promised. "I promise by...by...by Mt. Aleph!"
I shrugged. "Fine." I raised my foot and set the creature free. It scurried off in the opposite direction.

We continued on, running as fast as the continuous monsters would allow us. After the talking mouse we met a bat, and then two walking blue mushrooms.

I stopped for a short break, leaning against a hill. Garet was breathing hard.

"Um, Isaac, how do you put those herbs on, again?" he wondered.

"Oh, come on, Garet, Jenna's mother just taught us yesterday!" I exclaimed. "You forgot already?"

Garet looked sheepish. "Just tell me, okay?"

I heaved a sigh. "You flatten the herbs like this," I demonstrated, "and then you mix it with water from the canteen," I poured some fresh water onto the herbs, "and then you mix it with your fingers." I carefully applied my paste onto Garet's wounds.

"Oh, okay. Thanks." he replied.

We took off running again.

Finally, as we were racing down the long steps, I heard Jenna, my other best friend, shout, "Felix!"

From the edge of the steps, we could see Mother, Father, and Jenna and Felix's parents clustered on the dock. When we moved closer, I could see Jenna, too, a look of worry on her face, her auburn hair in a messy ponytail. She was almost on her knees, trying to reach her older brother.

"Hang on, Felix!" Father said urgently.

Mother comforted Jenna. "He'll be all right. We'll save him somehow."

At that moment, Felix lost his clutch on the wood and sank into the water.

"No! Felix!" Jenna cried, barely holding back tears in her amber eyes, a very rare way to see Jenna.

Her older brother reappeared in the water, bobbing up and down.

Father looked worried, saying, "The rope won't reach! We need Psynergy! Does anyone have any left?"

Jenna's father shook his head. "I've used all mine up."

Mother, her face lighting up, decided, "We have to get help."

Father didn't look convinced. "Do we have enough time?"

"We have to," declared Mother.

"Then...go get help, but be as quick as possible!" decided Father.

Jenna's father turned to her. "Jenna, can you go, too?"

"You'll go find help, right?" agreed her mother.

Jenna nodded solemnly. "Yes, ma'am."
"Your brother's counting on you, Jenna." Mother said kindly.

"Yes, ma'am." repeated Jenna.

"Then, let's get going! I'll go north, and you go south, how does that sound?" Mother asked.

"Fine, ma'am." answered Jenna politely.

Mother came towards us. "Isaac!"

I turned immediately. I recognized that tone of voice.

"You saw what happened?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yes, we saw how Felix is in the river. We were just going to go help Jenna."
"We were?" asked Garet in confusion. "Oh! Yeah, we were!"

"All right, then. Just be careful." she advised, dashing up the steps.

We followed Jenna's path southward. When we reached the Plaza, we didn't find anybody with enough Psynergy and Jenna was talking to Garets' grandfather and a couple of other men.

The elder sent the two other men to aid the people preventing the boulder from reaching Vale.

After the men left, Garet and I stepped up.

"Um, we came to see if there was anyone with Psynergy left to help Felix." I said nervously.

The elder nodded. "Jenna told me about Felix. You are good boys. Jenna could use a hand."
"Great!" exclaimed a deep voice. "I'm all charged up!"

I turned instantly to see Tavish, a close friend of Father's. He grinned at us. "Thanks to the Psynergy Stone, I'm fully charged! I'll help save Felix!"

Jenna said sincerely, "Thank you, Isaac. If you hadn't been here, then maybe Tavish wouldn't have heard us talking."

I smiled at the praise while Garet protested, "What about me?"

On the way returning to Felix, we stopped at the bridge. Jenna, leaning over and watching her elder brother, shouted, "We're back!"

Mother asked, "Is that you, Jenna?"

Jenna answered, "Yes, ma'am."

"Any luck? I didn't find anyone."
As an answer, the man stepped forward.

"Just in time." Mother answered happily as we gingerly stepped down from the bridge.

I heard a rumbling noise. I felt the earth under me shake. The Boulder...

The Boulder crashed down. I stood, rooted to the spot, unbelieving my eyes. It couldn't...

The Boulder slid down the river, hitting the dock. Impossible...Father...Felix...Jenna's parents...Jenna! Garet?

I started running. Father...impossible...must get help...What had happened barely registered with my mind.

As I slowed, I heard a mysterious man's voice from above me. "Only the two of us survived..."

Glancing upward, I saw them. A man and a woman. The man was dressed in blue, the woman in red.

"How could we have guessed the Sanctum would release such a storm?" the blonde woman spat.

"It's a miracle even we were spared." the blue-haired man agreed.

"That switch...it was a trap." the woman decided.

The man, spreading his arms wide to indicate the storm, replied, "But to think it could conjure up such a magnificent storm!"

"Another demonstration of the powers of Alchemy."

"We must not fail next time we challenge Sol Sanctum."

"Next time..."

Garet, panting from the effort, caught up to me. "Wait, Isaac!"

The mysterious people came to the edge of their ledge. "You were spying on us right now, weren't you?" challenged the blue man.

I shook my head vigorously, trying to look innocent. Sol Sanctum? Alchemy? What had they been doing?

Garet, glancing at them, said, "Isaac, they look...scary..."

The woman said viciously, "You must forget everything you heard. Don't worry, we can make it easy for you."

Jumping down from the ledge, they challenged us.

I tried to fight, but with a machete and no Psynergy, it was like trying to fight Poseidon with a wet noodle. They made quick work of us, and the last thing I thought of before I lost consciousness was Father...