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"Bones!" a voice called from the other side of the lab pulling Tempe away from the body she was working on.

"Booth, I'm busy with the body you brought me." she said as he made his way to her side.

"I know that Bones, but we have another one for you." He said causing her to turn around and see a few men bring in another body.

"great." She mumbled, and then spoke to the men. "Put it right there."

"Well what is it?" Booth asked a few minutes later after the other agents had left.

"Female, mid to late twenties, like the other, she was pregnant."

"How many months?"

"Judging from the skeletal structure of the fetus I would have to say six and a half months."

"Great, so we have us a serial killer?"

"I can't say much over just this, but most likely." She said turning to see Angela walking over to her with her sketch pad.

"Hey sweetie, I have the face." She mumbled turning the pad over to show the drawing of a young woman with blonde hair, green eyes and a huge smile.

"Thanks, Ange, but I need another one. We have a new body." She said looking over to Booth.

"Is she pregnant too?"

"Yup." Booth replied looking to her.

"Ok, just give me the skull structures and I'll get on it." Ashe said turning back towards her office.

"Zach!" Tempe called and from behind her the young assistant appeared.

"Yes Dr. Brennan?"

"I need the skull marked and given to Angela." She mumbled.

"Yes Dr. Brennan."

"Then I need what ever else you can tell me about the body. Don't clean it until I get a last look though." She said turning to her office.

"So what are you going to do Bones?" Booth asked as they entered her office.

"Must you follow me?" she mumbled. "And don't call me Bones."

"Alright chief." He whispered.

"Don't call me chief, either."

"I'm going to call you one or the other. What can I call you?"

"Bones." She mumbled a little upset he only gave her two ridiculous choices.

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to have you take me to the place this body was found then I'm going to take samples for Hodgins." She explained pulling off her lab coat and putting it on her chair.

"Alright, but it's some distance away."

"How far?"

"About ten miles from here."

"Why didn't you just call me, why remove my bones?" she asked growing more upset.

"It was on the freeway and Cullen wanted them removed quickly." He explained following her out of the lab.

"Damn it, how am I going to get samples now?" she asked herself. "Take me to the freeway."

"Alright, but good luck." He said getting into the car and driving out of the parking lot.

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