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It had been three long months since she had last seen Booth, three long months since he had removed his things from her apartment and it now appeared out of her life. Every day it was hard at the lab, she knew that the divorce had been filed and once it had gone through that was that, he never stopped by, never called and whenever a body were to show up another agent would stop by to handle the case.

Now she sat in her office, she missed him, everything about him, his eyes, his smile, the way he smelt, acted and even his annoying attitude towards her whenever she would try to prove him wrong. She overlooked one of her previous files and sighed, she was alone. Lonely nights only to be filled by lonely days. Angela would occasionally ask what was up and why she had been acting the way she was, but the truth was something she would keep to herself.

How could she tell her best friend she fell in love with her partner? Knowing Angela she would never let it die and would forever pester her. She was back to her old self, once realizing that the case and lies came for a reason.

Angela walked into the office and coughed pulling Tempe out of her thoughts.

"Hey Sweetie. What's up? You seem a little down." She said happily walking over to the

seat across from her desk.

"I miss him." She whispered unable to hold her terrible secret any more. For the first time she cried and allowed the tears to flow freely as her heart ached and she dropped her head to her desk.

Shocked, Angela flew up from her seat and ran to the office door, she quickly closed and locked it before closing the shutters to the glass windows. After which she rushed to Tempe's side and held her shaking form close as she cried. Her chest heaved with every breath as she fell apart on her friends shoulder.

"It's not right." She muttered into Angela her voice incoherent.


"It's not right." She repeated.

"What isn't?" She asked pulling her friend out to look her in the face.

"I wasn't supposed to fall in love with him."

"What's wrong with falling in love?" Angela asked begging her smile to lay dormant at the fact that her friend had finally admitted to loving her partner.

"Everyone I have loved has left me, nobody stays, and I didn't want to lose him."

"And you haven't, he never wanted to hurt you, he is only giving you time to gather your thoughts before he comes back into your life."

"He's gone Ange, he's not coming back."

"He's only gone because you pushed him away. You should have seen how hurt he was when you told him you wanted a divorce, I've never seen him so broken. I never even knew he could be broken."

"I pushed him away so I wouldn't lose him in the end. So after everything we could go back to normal."

"You slept with him, you fell in love and that was normal, there is no turning back from that."

"So what do I do now?" She asked wiping her tears away with the back of her hand.

"You find him and pray he'll take you into his arms and never let you go."

"I don't believe in prayer Ange." she said forcing a smile.

"Fine then I'll pray for you. Now go and find him."

Tempe gave Angela another hug before taking off from her office and headed towards the main entrance of the building. Angela shook her head and smiled before silently giving a prayer that she would find Booth and all would end up well.

A small knock at the door sounded and as Booth opened it he came face-to-face with the last woman he would ever expect to see. She stood in his doorway out of air and her face and eyes a bit puffy from what he guessed were tears. She immediately ran into his arms and he instinctively pulled her close against him. She cried into his shoulder and whispered how sorry she was, how wrong she was and how much she loved him.

They held each other like that for a while before pulling apart and entering his apartment. Though there was still much to be discussed about where they stood they knew that after everything they loved each other. He promised to never leave her nor hurt her and she promised to never worry about him doing such things. They lay on the couch that day talking over their lives and their love.

He held her close to his chest, afraid she would change her mind and walk away. He didn't care what caused her to changed her mind, but he thanked god she did. They sat in the stillness of the night listening as their hearts beat as one and in sync, it was scary to be so close to someone yet still feel so far away. In the distance a song played a soft song.

I hold you close and will never let you leave,

I only wish you could let me breath,

Your love suffocates me here,

But I know I will always love you dear,

The rising sun calls our name,

And I know here with you, I will never be the same.

Softly the bird sings his song,

And I know here in your arms is where I belong,

Pressed against your chest,

I know I will forever be in rest,

The world is just outside the window there,

But so long as I'm in your arms, I really don't care.

Softly our hearts beat,

As the warmth inside me turns into heat,

Our lips touched tenderly that day,

And I wish we could forever stay that way,

Laying here with you is all I want to do,

For I know you love me and I love you.

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