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Spoilers: No Reason.

Summary: Cameron gets an unexpected surprise when House gets shot.


"Tell Cuddy I want ketamine."

The words were ringing in her ears. He had just gone in for surgery to remove the bullets and to try and stop the bleeding. There was nothing she could do. He might die. He might pull through. But what ever happened she would still be sitting on a couch, outside the operating room, sandwiched between her two colleagues waiting for news. Always waiting. She was going to go mad if she didn't do something.

Chase and Foreman started when Cameron stood up abruptly and began to walk briskly down the corridor.

"Where are you-" Chase's question was cut off by Cameron's clipped response: "To the clinic- they're short staffed."

And before they could ask her if she wanted company, and if she was ok, she had stepped into the lift and disappeared behind the doors. The two men exchanged glances, they were both thinking the same thing: this was totally un-Cameron-like behaviour. She was doing clinic duty, when her boss could be dying on an operating table. Something was definitely up.


The following day, Cuddy paged her at the clinic. She was in the middle of assuring a concerned woman that her grandson had, in fact, a cold and not meningitis. After the woman's third "are you sure you're old enough to be a doctor?" Cameron lost her cool.

"Mrs. Jacobs," she said firmly but politely, "I have given your grandson a thorough examination. There is nothing wrong with him. Like most children his age, at this time of year, he has a cold. You have my medical opinion, but if you would like to see another doctor- be my guest. However, I must warn you that we are very busy today and that you will be waiting twice as long for a doctor who will give you the same diagnosis I just did." Just then her pager went off, the message told her to see Dr.Cuddy in her office STAT. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to deal with an actual medical emergency." She exited the room wondering what had gotten into her. The stress of House's hospital admittance was taking it's toll, even though the worst was now over. She needed to calm down before she saw the Dean of Medicine.


By the time she reached Cuddy's office she was herself again. She knocked twice on the door and entered.

The woman inside raised her head and motioned for her to shut the door and sit down.

"Dr. Cameron," she began, "I won't keep you long- I know you're working in the clinic at the moment."

She nodded faintly. "I'm just putting in a few hours."

"A few hours?" Too late she realised her mistake- you should never lie to your boss' boss. Dr. Cuddy raised her eyebrows in surprise. "It says here that you've clocked in twelve hours between yesterday and today." She gestured to a sheet on her desk.

Allison shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She hated being caught out.

"Six of those are recorded as being Dr. House's hours. Is that right?" She continued.

"He's behind in his obligation to the clinic." The young doctor side-stepped the question. "We have no current cases, and I'm up to date with my paper work."

The older woman nodded understandingly. Clearly her subordinate was trying to keep busy. "The board had a meeting this morning to discuss what to do about Dr. House."

Dr. Cameron was silent. She couldn't fathom why Dr. Cuddy felt the need to tell her this.

"We've decided not to got outside the hospital for a temporary replacement. We want someone who knows the hospital." She looked carefully at the young doctor. "We'd like you to fill in for him."

Cameron looked shocked. "Why not Dr. Foreman or Dr. Chase?"

"There was some concern about Dr. Foreman's recent brain surgery. And Dr. Chase messed up that MRI not so long ago…"

"It was an honest mistake." She cut in.

"Yes- but not one the board feels should be repeated." She paused for a moment. "You're an excellent doctor. Everyone I've spoken to has been very impressed with your skills."

Cameron said nothing.

"Does that mean you'll do it?"

Allison suddenly made up her mind. "Yes. I will." Cuddy almost sighed with relief. "I have two conditions, though." She continued.

The older doctor looked surprised, but simply said: "Go on."

"I want complete control over how I run the department."

"That seems fair." Cuddy agreed.

"And I don't want Dr. House to know." She added.

"May I ask why?"

"It would only annoy him, and I don't want him annoying me." It wasn't the real reason, but did it matter?

She thought for a moment. It seemed reasonable. "Fine. I won't tell him."

They both stood up.

"That you for the opportunity Dr. Cuddy. I'll try to do a good job."

Cuddy smiled warmly as they shook hands. "I know you will. That's why we chose you."


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