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I started out my summer break arguing with an old lady. A old bus lady at that. Lame right? I practically almost fail my finals at the end of the year and on top of that, I argue with an old lady coming home. Oh rite, an old BUS lady.

"Uh, I get off here!" I told the bus driver.

"Sorry deary, I don't see a bus sign.' she replied.

"Wat? Ur kidding, it was rite there!"

"I don't see anything honey," she squinted her eyes.

"That's because u just past it! Are u blind?!?"

"Nope , I have my glasses rite here," she waved a pair of glasses to show me. "it must have been a stop sign."

"Stop signs aren't blue! And wear ur glasses if u have them!"

"Hey kid, it doesn't matter. I ain't goin' back so u better sit down. There's nothing u can do anyway."

"Wat?I am not-oh my god."

I sat down, cause there really isn't anything I can do.

This sucks.

The next stop is really far from my house and this is the last bus ride, and next stop is the last station! so I'm going to have to walk home. I'm going to be so late! No one is even on the bus anymo-


Who is that? I just noticed another person on the bus. He wore all black. He wore a black goth coat with a hood over his head, I couldn't see his face. He wore these black boots that looked like it could stomp u flat. He had a really cool belt around his waist, looked like it was packed with something, bullets? I sure hope not, that would be messed up. WHat? is he gonna go fight in a goth war or something? Fighting to see who has better make up? Jeez. Or to see who has a better shave leg? Ok now im just being mean.

But I'll give him some daps becuz I see there's a really pretty chain around his neck, I couldn't see it too well cuz he was sitting so far, but it must be freaking shiny if I can notice it up here. I think there was something attached to it, but I'm not sure. He really looked like he was dressed up for a goth battle or something. Way too black on a sunshiny mellow day... Ok maybe its not sunshiny mellow but whatever. Seriously who would wear those stuff out in public? Isnt it hot? Must be a goth freak, too bad I can't see his face. Wat a weirdo. He's probably UGLY.

"Achoo!" the goth sneezed.

…I didn't do that… crap!!!! It's the last stop. I ran off before the old lady could keep me there any longer.

Oh my god, where am I? Dam I'm nearly on the other side of town! Ahhh man, u gotta be kidding! Better start walking. Did I say this sucks?


I got up. Walked to the front of the bus. "Hey old lady, thx for the ride.."

"No problem honey, since u paid me to skip that girl's stop. A free ride is nothing. But hey u watch it, that was a pretty girl. U better not do anything to hurt her."

"Hey do I look like a bad guy? Of course I won't hurt her"

TOO bad. I got off the bus .

(stupid old lady! wat if he's a rapist)


I should be getting close to the house. He is so gonna kill me for being this late. I gotta go home to cook dinner, than do the laundry, mop the floor, clean the-

What the hell was that sound? I turned around but there's no one there. I'm probably just too exhausted or something. Better get going. Have a lot of stuff to do. Wait a minute… there it is again? I turn around but all I see is a trash can and a dumpster. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm just scaring myself, I knew I shouldn't have took this alleyway. I should hurry out of here. I walked faster.

Wait. There it is again. I'm sure someone is following me now. But there's nothing!-shit-I definitely saw a glimpse of black. Don't tell me that goth is following me! This is so not cool! I started to run down the alley. Is he still behind me?

15 min later

How long have I been running? So tired! Where's the freaking house?! I should be there by now! I saw our mailbox. Yes! Whoa-shi-!!!

I fell. Dam. Wat a freaking bad time to fall. Stupid hole. Shit my knee's bleeding all over the place! A little hole made me bleed?!?! AH, man! My knee hurts! Holy-wait a minute, there's no one behind me? Oh my god! I was just scaring myself? That was so stupid! But…, why is there a shadow standing over me then? I looked up.

"Long time no see Sakura, how ya doing!" It was the goth.

"What!?!? Who the hell are u?" I said

"Wait, u can't tell who I am?!? Ah man I can't believe it!"

"I can't even see ur face!"

"oh…, rite"

"Yea, whatever. I'm freakin outta here." I got up. My knee hurt like hell. I kept on going cuz I didn't want to stay with him. My house was so close. Come on keep walking!

"Wait! Sakura! Hey where u going? Looks like u busted ur knee huh?" he walked up in front of me.

"No shit Sherlock. I'm going home so stop following me u freak!" I walked around him .

"Freak? Ouch, that hurts Sakura. Hurts rite here." He tapped his chest and pretended it hurt him.

I stopped and turned around "Right I hope it did. Leave me alone already! Dam!" I started walking faster. "Whoa!" I fell. Again.

"Dang! U okay Sakura?," he bend down to help me. "Let me look at that,"

"Don't touch me!" I tried to push him away

"Come on, let me look at-"

"No! Let go! Hey!"

"Come on, let me see-"

"No way!"

"Sakura don't be such a-"

"Than let go!"


"Wat!" I stopped for some reason.

"U know, high school uniforms are really slutty nowadays with their short mini skirts. Not that I'm complaining tho', it is a nice view. Whoa pink panties!" Way to break the moment, but I got pissed off anyway.

"What?! U dam pervert! Let me go now!" I started getting up.

"Ah, come on! I was just joking! Besides! They were blue not pink sheesh!"

"asshole! just leave me alone!" I tried to shrug him off.

"Come on! Chill, let me look at that." he pulled me down and grabbed my knee.

"OW Fuc-"

"Hey, Ur grandma would kill me if I let u say that."

"Yea, like u would know-whoa wat?"

"There all better!"

"huh?" oh my god, my knee, It…was fine? "what the hell happened?"

"Just healed ya! Nice huh? Looks whiter too and smoother then before. Ha!" He got up.

"What! Dammit!! I'm outta here." I got up and started walking.

"I was kidding! Kidding! Ha! Jeez such a big response!" he walked after me.

"My god ur annoying!" My knee really was fine. Wat happened???

"Yo! Sakura u should at least thank me or something! Jeez"

"I'll thank u with this!" I turned around and flicked him off.

"Dang wat a mean girl!" he turned around and pretended to be talk to someone "Jeez I helped her out and she flicks me off! Can u believe that? AW come on Sakura! Don't be mean!"

"I don't know who u are okay! Leave me alone" I got to my door. I looked behind me. That dude was gone. Weird, how did he know my name and stuff? Whatever. THis some freaky shit.


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