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Harry Potter and the Year of Discord


There was a hill; one of many overlooking the village of Ambleside, in Cumbria, approximately one mile north of Lake Windermere. Draco Malfoy appeared on the hillside. He wrapped his cloak around himself to wait.

He wasn't waiting long.

The sound of joyous barking alerted him to the presence of Charlie, Harry's faithful companion. Charlie was a collie, and a very energetic one at that. Draco knelt to greet the dog and stroke his ears. Harry wasn't far behind.

'Been waiting long?'

'A few minutes,' Draco replied. 'Hermione watching the shop?'

'Yeah,' Harry said, finally reaching his old friend. They shook hands. 'It's good to see you.'

'Don't start with the mushy crap.'

Harry laughed. They hadn't seen each other for a few months. Draco was too busy restoring the Malfoy Manor and tracking down every single Death Eater still at large. Some said it was his obsession. Hermione had finally convinced him to take a break. He would be spending the week with them, away from the wizarding world.

'Well, let's go,' Draco said, 'Charlie's getting impatient.'

Indeed, the collie had taken to running around them in circles and barking impatiently. Harry ruffled Charlie's shaggy head and then led the way back down through the hills towards the village of Ambleside.

'Did you hear? Longbottom and his girl got married.'

'Yeah,' Harry said, smiling, 'I know. Hermione dragged me there.'

Draco chuckled. 'And how is life among the Muggles?'


'I don't know how you stand it.'

'Yeah, how do I stand the fact that no one stares at me and judges every move I make,' Harry said sarcastically. 'What was I thinking?'

'Fair enough. I just know I'd go insane.'

'Hmm, but you should know,' Harry observed. 'You're just as famous as me these days.'

'It's not that bad. I spend most of my time at work or at home enjoying some uncomfortable silences with my mother.'

'Still not going great huh?'

'It's hard,' Draco finally said. 'For whatever reason, she loves father, and I'm sort of responsible for him being in Azkaban.'

'At least she hasn't slit your throat while you sleep,' Harry commented casually, a teasing smile on his face.

'Very funny.'

Harry laughed. 'Hermione is worried about you. Just thought you should know. She'll probably corner you at some point.'

'Great.' Draco rolled his eyes. 'Just what I need. Why is she worried?'

'She says you're not the same. You're distant.'

'I'm busy.'

'I know, but she says you're busy on purpose. To distract yourself from having a life.'

'Getting a girl, you mean.' Draco aggressively kicked a loose stone and Charlie went racing after it.

'She means,' Harry pointed out. 'And yes.'

Draco had nothing to say to that. It was probably true, but he didn't want to think about it. He couldn't. It felt like a betrayal to Ginny. Truth was, he'd come to accept the fact he'd never be with anyone again. He was practically a eunuch at this point.

'Just be prepared,' Harry said. 'Maybe come up with some reasonable excuses.'

Draco ignored the last comment. 'So this is our life now huh? You – the savoir of the wizarding world, twice over, I might add - owning a silly Muggle sweet shop and me running around after Death Eaters and growing old with only my judgemental mother as company. Oh how the mighty have fallen.'

'Hey, don't judge,' Harry protested. 'You're life might suck, but I've never been happier. And hey, my silly little sweet shop and this Muggle village just might surprise you.'

'I won't hold my breath.'

Harry shook his head. 'Come on, Hermione is waiting.'

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