Lindsay was contentedly snuggled up to Danny on her couch, their now-empty plates on the coffee table in front of them. The case was done, Madeline and Andrew would be heading back to Montana as soon as they could and Lindsay had Danny. She was pretty sure these nights weren't going to stop any time soon.

She was drifting off, her eyes sliding closed, when the buzzer sounded. She groaned, slowly extricating herself from Danny's arms.

"I'm not going back," Emily said when Lindsay opened the door for her. She was sporting a rather excited smile.

"What?" Lindsay asked genuinely confused. "You already told me that."

"I know, but Mom's okay with it."

Now Lindsay understood. "What happened?" She ushered Emily inside without any more questions, sitting her on the couch and taking her spot beside Danny again.

"I'm not sure even I understand," Emily admitted, watching happily as Danny's arm snaked around Lindsay's waist, regardless of Lindsay's attention on her and Danny's attention on the television. "Mom called me yesterday and apologized. I'm not even sure why."

Lindsay had an idea, but wouldn't tell Emily. She was just glad Andrew had helped Madeline understand that alienating her daughter was the worst way to get her to keep in contact, and maybe even come home one day. "I'm glad, Em. I really am."

"How did you do it?" Emily asked curiously.

"I didn't," Lindsay said honestly. "I just talked to your dad."

"Well Daddy must have pulled some magic because she's okay with me staying here," Emily said, the happiness showing in her voice. "Anyway, I wanted to be the one to tell you that I'm still going to be here, so our monthly nights will have to continue."

Lindsay laughed. "Of course," she agreed moving to stand.

Emily waved her down again. "You stay, I can see myself out," she said with a secret smile that had Lindsay blushing.

"Call me when you get home," Lindsay told her niece firmly.

"Always Aunt Linds," Emily called back with an affectionate roll of her eyes, closing the door firmly behind her.

Danny looked down at the woman curled up in his arms, curiosity getting the better of him. "How did you do it? I thought you said your sister was stubborn."

"She is, but she's like my mom. She doesn't know when to make a compromise and when letting something go is the best thing you can do."

"'Cause if it comes backā€¦" Danny said, trailing off and shifting her until she was over his lap, her head tilted towards his.

"It's meant to be," Lindsay whispered, sealing her mouth over his.

Thank you so much to each and every person who has stuck with me through this and been patiently waiting for updates. I have a sequel almost completely written that addresses what I didn't in this story, let me know if you want it.