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The story is, like the summary said, about a fourteenth member of the Organization. It takes place before KH: CoM, and the romance is between my OC, Rianxan, and Zexion. There might be mention of Axel x Roxas later on, maybe some mild fluff between them. And this OC has no connections with Saria, from my other story. Enjoy, everyone, and please review!

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The Spirited Reverie



Chapter 1:

"That is Memory's Skyscraper. Quite a sight, isn't it?" Xemnas said. His face remained expressionless, even as he watched the young woman beside him stare up at the skyscraper in awe.

He let her admire the building for another moment, before placing a gloved hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him, question in her eyes.

"It's time for us to move on," he said. "The castle isn't far from here."

The girl's gaze dropped to the ground. After a few seconds, Xemnas grew impatient. His hand squeezed her shoulder, and she took one last fleeting look at the skyscraper before beginning to walk.

"Welcome to The World That Never Was, Rianxan," he said.


"Can someone please tell me WHY exactly we're here?" Axel asked, boredom in his voice. He sat back in his chair, hunched down with his arms crossed. His head was down, even as he watched the other members shift in their own seats.

All of the Organization—minus Saix—was gathered in what Xemnas called the "Meeting Room". Several were seated, while a few stood and wandered aimlessly around the room.

Axel smiled. It could have been any other meeting…

…Except for the fact that ALL the members were dressed in their pajamas.

Though it was always night here in The World That Never Was, the Organization members still found the time to sleep. They were Nobodies, not ghosts. The fact that they didn't have hearts didn't stop them from sleeping, eating, showering, and otherwise doing the same things any normal 'being' would do.

"Because Superior called a meeting?" Demyx answered from his seat across from Axel, looking to the pyro for a response.

Unlike everyone else, Demyx didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that Saix had woken them all up just thirty minutes ago. He was, well….bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Usually, the thought of Demyx with a tail would have made him laugh. Right now, it did nothing for his mood. Demyx's choice of sleeping attire also did nothing for his mood.

The musician was dressed in pants and an oversized shirt, both made of blue fabric, with bright red and yellow guitars on it.

Axel was tempted to set them on fire. Instead, he replied, "Yes Demyx, Superior called a meeting." His voice was filled with annoyance, but it quickly turned to sarcasm, "Our dear Xemnas, Number I, called a meeting. But WHY did he call it?"

Standing up, Axel put his hands behind his back and paced a little. Two seats down the table, Larxene leaned back in her chair and put her feet up onto the table. Something was about to happen, and she wanted to enjoy the show.

"Because he needs to tell us something?" Demyx said, trying again. He seemed totally clueless to the dangerous vibe coming off Axel in waves.

Silence followed; all of the members stopped what they were doing to watch what was going on.

Axel stopped his pacing, letting out a heavy sigh and shaking his head. Finally, he turned quickly, slamming both his hands onto the table.

"Demyx, you idiot! Have you failed to realize that it's nearly two in the damn morning??!!" the pyro shouted. "Some of us would rather be asleep, like normal people."

Demyx flinched and moved away from Axel, cringing in his seat for a few seconds as Axel stared at him.

He squirmed uncomfortably under the emerald gaze. "But Axel, we aren't—"

"That's it!" Axel screamed in frustration, throwing up his hands. "I need a drink."

The redhead left the table, and had taken two steps before a voice said calmly, "I wouldn't leave just yet."

Axel shot a glare at Zexion, who was standing rather quietly against the wall, staring out a window.

"And why not, Zexy?" Axel responded.

Zexion turned his attention away from the window, and looked at Axel with bored eyes. "You'll see."

Rolling his eyes, Axel opened his mouth to respond with something rather scathing, only stop as the doors to the room opened. Xemnas walked purposely into the room and to his seat at the head of the table.

Saix quickly followed through the doors…with a young woman walking in front of him.

What the hell? Axel thought. Who is she?

"If everyone would sit down," Xemnas began. He paused, watching the room with amber eyes as everyone found their way to their chairs.

As Axel took his seat, he kept his attention on the girl Saix was following. She seemed anxious, glancing behind her shoulder every few moments at the berserker following her.

Finally, she came to stand near Xemnas, and Saix took his seat.

"Now," he continued, "I would like to introduce you to the Organization's newest member: Rianxan."

Kinda short, I know...later chapters will be longer and more entertaining, I promise!