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Spoilers: Home (Season 4)

Rated: M (maybe R) for later chapters. This is how I think Trip should have reacted, but of course in the episode he did the gentlemanly thing!!.

True Feelin's

As T'Pol began to walk away from Trip, she faulted and grabbed his hand and kissed him on the cheek.

She knelt opposite her betrothed, Koss, as her mother's words began to play in Trip's mind.

"There's still time", "You love her"

"T'Pol" he called out "you can't do this! He doesn't love you, not like I love you".

He had never said these words out aloud to anybody, not even Natalie, but he said them now because it was his last chance.

All the Vulcan's present turned and stared at the only human amongst them, only two had smiles on their faces, T'Pol and her mother.

"Trip, I have to do this, the honour of my family is at stake" T'Pol said

A voice T'Pol had not expected to hear came to her ears, "No T'Pol, you do not have to do this". It was her mother.

Before T'Pol could respond, Trip sensing that the other Vulcan's were becoming agitated in the turn of events stepped forward and stood by her.

Koss, now standing was having difficulty keeping his emotions in check, he glared at Trip and looked at T'Pol.

"The only way you can have her is to defeat me. I claim the right of Koon-ut-Kalifee".

"NO, only I have the right," yelled T'Pol

"T'Pol you are allowing your feelings for this man to control your behaviour, you are allowing your emotions to cloud your logic" Koss said before continuing "You are mistaken T'Pol, a Vulcan male may also claim that right, if he believes his prospective mate to be interested in another male"

"Commander Tucker, I challenge you" Koss stated enigmatically to the group of Vulcan's surrounding them.

"No Koss, you cannot, you will kill him" "Charles, Trip, you cannot accept, he will kill you" T'Pol pleaded to both men.

"Darlin' livin' without you would be no life at all. Since that night together, I feel like you're a part of me. Somehow I can sense how you're feeling. T'Pol I have to do this, because I'm dyin' a little more each day without you in my arms".

"Trip, please, we can still spend time together on Enterprise. I couldn't bear it if you were to die. Trip, please re-consider"

Koss was becoming quite angry at what was taking place before him. He couldn't believe his betrothed was "in love" with a human. How vulgar. Koss would despatch him within minutes of the challenge commencing and then he might take T'Pol as his mate. Maybe as a lesson to her, he would cancel the marriage and then she would be alone – forever! "T'Pol" he said quite viciously "Control yourself, you are making a spectacle of yourself and any honour your family may have had left is quickly diminishing with this behaviour of yours. Are you trying to tell me that you have feelings for this human?"

"More than just feelin's buddy" Trip wanted to yell out that T'Pol belonged to him in body and soul, that they had shared an intimate moment together, that he had seen her naked body and felt her naked body, close to his, felt her groan and writhe in pleasure, pleasure he had made her feel. He wanted to tell them that he had come inside her, filled her with his seed. But of course, he couldn't, he wouldn't, because he was a gentleman and the only way he knew to have her and defend her honour at the same time was to accept Koss' challenge. "I accept your challenge, Koss, just tell me when and where".

"I want this matter concluded as quickly as possible. In one hour, you will meet me here. I will defeat you in the very place I will take T'Pol as my mate."