Thanks to those who have read and reviewed, please feel free to leave your reviews, don't be shy. Having another go at paramount & the writers here. They do realize that if they had let Trip & T'Pol get together more than once the show probably would have lasted. The old UST is old, even though it keeps some of us watching, it gets too frustrating after a while. I couldn't believe it when they killed off Trip!! They could have at least done a 7 of 9 and Chakotay and let them get together at the very end. Killing off the major SPUNK is so NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!….


"Nice of you to join us Mr and Mrs Tucker" Jonathon Archer drawled

"Sorry Jon, got a little distracted" Trip responded

"Yeh, well, Ok, let's go" Jon replied, a little embarrassed.

As they boarded the shuttle, Trip grabbed T'Pol's hand and said "Darlin, I feel a little strange, like I'm burning up, from the inside"

"Explain Charles" T'Pol queried, thinking that she might already know what was wrong.

"I feel like my blood is boiling, if that makes sense".

"It does Charles, I believe you have developed the blood fever"

"Blood Fever?"

"Yes Charles. The blood fever takes over when Vulcans are mated, although, I am quite surprised that it has affected you. Obviously our bond is much stronger that I had anticipated"

"What'll happen T'Pol?" he queried

"Nothing bad will happen. Your sexual appetite will match my own, your stamina will increase, although, you have done quite well so far. Come Charles, we must take our seats. Please let me know if you feel any aggressive tendencies"

Trip didn't say anything more; he just followed her aboard the shuttle, not taking his eyes off her slightly swaying behind.

T'Pol caught his thoughts and turned to face him and returned her thoughts to him Charles, you must control your thoughts, or you will get us both in to trouble.

Ok darlin', but I just can't help it, I want you so much.

I know Charles, but please try, I will try to help you maintain control, although, I feel the blood fever taking over me also.

Maybe it's time for another quickie honey.

Perhaps she returned in thought.

Luckily the shuttle trip was to have been very short. Ambassador Soval arranged to have Trip's parents dropped off without incident at the local shuttle port. Trip and T'Pol were to be dropped at their honeymoon destination. When they approached the destination, it appeared once again information had been leaked and the media was again in attendance, this time in full force.

"What the hell, can't I even go on my honeymoon without all this ruskus?" Trip almost yelled, his frustration showing on his face. His blood fever was beginning to take control and he was starting to feel quite aggressive. He looked around for T'Pol and found her talking to Captain Archer. Trip had an overwhelming feeling of jealousy. He knew that the Captain had harbored feelings for his 2IC, but had never acted and now Trip had her. He felt like he was acting outside of himself. He was being denied, if the damn fools hadn't leaked the information to the media, he would be satisfying his and his wife's sexual needs at this very moment, but no, someone had to open their big mouth. He stormed towards T'Pol and Jon, intent on doing physical damage to Jon. He couldn't control the blood fever, he was angry and he wanted revenge!!. As he neared them, T'Pol, picking up on Trip's thoughts, stood quickly and spoke to him in a soothing manner. "Charles, please calm yourself. I understand your needs, I can feel your frustration, I too am frustrated, however, Jon is your friend, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt you. Charles listen to me, look into my eyes" she whispered.

Trip looked into her deep brown eyes and lost himself in them. He could also hear her soothing thoughts in his mind Yes Charles, control, remain calm, just for a little while longer. He tried with all his might to remain in control, but the blood fever was taking control of him, he had to have her now, he couldn't wait. He grabbed her roughly before his lips crashed down onto hers. He knew that Jon was his friend, but he needed to prove to Jon that T'Pol belonged to him and him alone and that he would accept any and all challenges to his bonding with her.

In her mind, T'Pol heard him demand I know Jon wouldn't do that, but I can't help feelin' this way. Darlin' I need you now, I must have you now.

"Captain, Charles and I will accompany you to Enterprise, we are sure to be able to have some privacy there"

"Sure T'Pol. What's wrong with Trip".

"He has the Blood Fever, he saw you as a threat to his relationship with me".

"What! I would never do that, he knows that".

"I know that Jon, I just couldn't help feelin' threatened by you. You've known T'Pol as long as I have, you guys have history, I just couldn't help the way I was feelin', I just kept seein' red and I just wanted to hurt you" Trip said, sounding embarrassed and then added "Sorry Cap'n".

Soval suggested "Sub-Commander, perhaps you should take Commander Tucker to one of the private areas and allow him to rest".

"I don't wanna rest Soval" Trip exclaimed almost petulantly.

"I am aware of that Commander Tucker, I was trying to aim for some form of subtlety."


Without another word, T'Pol lead him away to the more private areas of the ship. Trip didn't hear Jon when he queried Soval

"Blood Fever? What is that Soval?"

"It is curious, Blood fever takes over both a male and female Vulcan once they are bonded. It is fascinating that Commander Tucker also appears to be affected"

"Will Trip recover?" Jon ventured.

"Certainly, in a few days, it is not life threatening, of course in his case, I suppose it could affect him, more than it affects T'Pol"

"What will happen to him?"

"Commander Tucker appears to be taking on Vulcan mating instincts, he appears to be showing signs of increased aggression particularly to those he thinks will threaten his mating with T'Pol. The Blood fever will increase his sexual appetite and his stamina also. Ordinarily Vulcan's are in seclusion for several days after the blood fever develops. The bonded couple usually mate dozens of times during this seclusion, until the blood fever has been sated"

A flabbergasted Jon could only smirk and shake his head, he couldn't articulate when Soval was being so matter of fact.

"It appears that these two are extremely compatible, it also appears that they can communicate telepathically, highly unusual". Soval mused.

Trip was consumed by lust and desire even before T'Pol was able to close the door behind her. Once again, he had her in his arms, her clothing torn from her; and again she was standing naked in front of him, his mouth hungrily devouring her. His tongue probing her sacred places again and again. T'Pol being inexperienced in lovemaking, found it extremely difficult to maintain control. Trip had her writhing against him, her hands fisting in his hair. She tried so hard to keep from screaming out when her orgasm began to consumed her, but in her mind she heard her husbands thoughts let go Darlin, let go for me, give into the feelin's there's nothin' better, give into it my love. And with his words echoing in her mind she gave over to the emotions she was feeling and fell harder than she did the first time and as her orgasm broke she screamed his name as her knees buckled and she fell into his waiting arms.

As she began to catch her breath, she found herself positioned in Trip's lap and as she opened her eyes, she found herself gazing into his and what she saw astounded her. He was baring his soul to her, allowing her to feel what he was feeling. She was overcome with the strength of his emotions and feelings for her. He was truly her soul mate.

Before she could respond, she was lifted from his lap with strong hands and lowered again onto his rock hard erection.

"Charles, this blood fever has affected you far more than I could have hoped. I am pleased Soval suggested that we obtain some privacy, I do not think you could have maintained your control if the situation had been otherwise".

"No talking darlin, I've got too much lovin' to do. I just can't get enough of you" he replied as he continued to control her movements on him.

"Charles, that feeling that overcame me, when I heard your thoughts, when you told me to let go, what is that called".

With a laugh, Trip replied, "That darlin' is called an orgasm and if I have anything to do with it, you'll have at least one every single time we make love"

Nothing further was said, the lovers moved as lovers do and at the end of another vigorous lovemaking session, both were temporarily sated and the blood fever had reduced enough in Trip for them to venture back out to the main part of the shuttle.

"Ah Commander Tucker, feeling better" Ambassador Soval enquired.

"Yeh, thanks Soval, a little better, how much longer until we get to Enterprise?"

"Your timing is impeccable, we have actually just arrived, please prepare to depart.

Trip breathed a sign of relief as they neared the docking port of Enterprise.

"Looks like we gave those newspaper guys the slip. I think I really would've got angry if they had interrupted again"

"Yes Commander Tucker, very fortunate for all concerned I think" Soval added with a slight smirk.

"Yeh, I can't wait to get some uninterrupted privacy," Trip added

"Indeed" said T'Pol.

"Hey Soval?" questioned Trip "Where's the Cap'n?"

"Captain Archer transported off the ship a few minutes ago. He will be at Space dock overseeing the final modifications to Enterprise. He will be back on board the ship in a few hours"

When they boarded Enterprise T'Pol and Trip headed straight for quarters. They didn't speak or look at each other and when they got there, the silence continued, and only as they coupled again in frantic movements a single thought swam from him to her and back again.

"It's good to be home Darlin'".

"Yes, my beloved, it is good to be home".