"It's nice to see you again my love, how has the bickering family been?"

"Annoying to the point where I was about to jump off a cliff," she said as the Count held her arm as they walked up to the large window where the giant clock was visible.

Dracula smiled at her comment and further they walked watching the machines come to life and as the clouds started to part, the moon was full and a low growl could be heard in the distance. Amber flinched a little when she heard it but Dracula pressed himself closer to her wrapping one arm around her waist. She tried to pull away but the Count had a much tighter grip on her than usual.

He rested his chin on her shoulder, then while they both stared out the window, Dracula whispered in her ear, "Beautiful isn't it? It could always be like this you know." He started to leave her kisses on her neck as she leaned back into his chest, thinking maybe this wasn't such a bad thing after all.

"Yes, the night is beautiful," was the only thing at the moment she could say.

"Not as beautiful as you."

He smiled as he rubbed his nose into her neck, pushing stray brown hairs revealing her neck. As he kissed her neck more, he started to softly bite her, then reverting back to kissing.
It was driving her nuts. She slowly turned around and looked him straight in the eye. Dracula couldn't take it anymore either. Within seconds the Count had kissed her, wanting nothing more than to make Amber his once and for all, without a fight, without that bickering family and maybe they could start their own family. Just Dracula and Amber. He liked the sound of that in his head as the kiss became deeper.

As they parted, Amber kissing his lips softly, the doors flew open and their stood Daniel, Jenna, and Jacob.

Dracula was furious. He looked up to the rafters where Aleera had been watching the whole kiss and willed her to finally get rid of them. She cackled with glee as she flew down and grabbed Jacob by his collar. Daniel ran after him while Jenna walked right up to the count.

"Let go of her you...you...pony-tailed...vampire," she said sheepishly.

"Is that the best you can come up with?"

"At the moment yeah, but Amber has better ones."

Dracula and Jenna looked at Amber waiting for a reply.

"What? You want me to say something?"

Jenna nodded her head.

"Um..how about no."

Jenna was shocked that she hadn't said anything degrading to the Count who stood their smiling. Jenna grabbed Amber by the arm, but then Dracula grabbed her other and both were pulling on her.

"Let go of her! She hates you anyway."

"No you let go! your annoying!"


Dracula hugged and her nuzzled her, which was pretty much his only way of saying sorry. Jenna stood their confused as ever. First Amber didn't care, then hated him, then now likes him. What was the world coming to?

Soon their was a loud scream and Dracula knew that Aleera had died. He sighed with relief and the fact he didn't have to listen to her anymore. Daniel and Jacob came up running at full speed at Dracula, who moved and watched them trip and fall over to the side.

'Amber get away from him."

"Daniel, Jacob, Jenna, it's ok. Really, it is."


"You don't mind...you like him?"

"He's not all that bad."

Out of nowhere the Count became furious at Daniel.



"Dracula, I didn't do anything. All I did was unplug it so it wouldn't work."

"You broke it," Dracula finally said in a small voice sounding defeated.

After many scream matches and hugs things settled out to be alright. Dracula decided not to bring his children to life as long as he and Amber could be together, naturally. Jenna and Jacob ended up being boyfriend and girlfriend, and Daniel went home to his wife who made cookies and cleaned the house. The only thing that didn't work out was the toilet.

The End

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