Hello and welcome to the Yondaime Gaiden! This story is more or less a tale about the Fourth Hokage, Jiraiya, and supporting characters. There are just a few points I have to make before we can get to the story though. The first thing is, almost nothing is really known about the Yondaime, so I'm going to have to make up a lot. When I say a lot, I mean, a lot. The only thing I have to work with when it comes to his team is a picture with three kids. One is Yondaime, another is obviously a boy, and the other, well, I'm not sure what gender that one is. In this fiction, all three students of Jiraiya will be male (nothing says there has to be one female in Genin squads, I think the concept of purposely balancing gender for Genin squads is a little silly).

Now, by the time I'm done, I am almost positive that there will be more canon information on the Yondaime, and on Naruto all together. However, I'm not going to quickly try and adapt my story to canon, and change my plot. This is fan fiction, and what you read in the story, is canon for the story. As for updates, well, I'll try and get them out fast, but I can't guarantee they'll always be on time. I can guarantee that I will not forget about this story, and it will be completed, even if it takes a while (the fact that it's going to be so long doesn't make it any easier for me). Lastly, I don't own Naruto or anything I may possibly reference in this. I do own the story, and take pride in writing it. I hope you enjoy it.

Edit: This story's original Yondaime Hokage was named Kazama Arashi, but due to developments, I've changed his name to Namikaze Minato. However, even though my fiction takes a different course of plot then canon does, as it should, will, and is intended to, I won't change anything else.

Edit Again: Because this story was unfinished and found its way back into my mind, it's getting a huge overhaul. Oddly enough, despite having changed all "Arashi"s into "Minato"s, I've never been able to think of him as anybody but Kazama Arashi. I would change them back to what it originally was, but that would be work, so it isn't happening.



"Casting Jutsu"

-Chapter One: Introduction-

Jiraiya patted the monument and stood. The sky was grey today, but it had yet to rain. It was almost as if the weather was grieving with him. But dwelling on the past wouldn't do anything. It especially wouldn't help him move forward.

"Goodbye, Tousan." Jiraiya said in a low voice. He had on a hakama with green trim, tabi socks and sandals. He was a young man, twenty-four to be exact, but had hair as white as an old man's. This didn't bother Jiraiya though, it was part of him; his hair had been that way since he was a child. He had dark eyes, and red strips on his cheeks.

He left the memorial and made his way to the Hokage tower. He still wasn't completely sure why his old instructor wanted to talk with him, but it would be good to see him again. Once he got there, a simple nod to the guards got him access to the building, and he made his way to the familiar office room.

The white-robed man was sitting at his desk as usual, but Jiraiya also saw his two old peers. The first of them was pacing the floor until Jiraiya opened the door, wearing a loose v-neck shirt and blue shorts, her blonde hair held back with her Konoha forehead protector. The other was leaning against the wall towards the corner. He wore a black kimono, with a black jonin vest over it.

"Jiraiya, how many times have I told you to wear your vest." The Hokage greeted him with a sigh, and then began to light his pipe. Jiraiya entered and closed the door behind him, turning to see Orochimaru snicker at their former instructor's comment.

"And you, Orochimaru, I haven't seen you wearing your forehead protector lately." The Hokage turned his gaze. Orochimaru, needless to say, stopped laughing and glared at the Hokage.

Jiraiya walked farther into the room. "So, Ojisan, what's this all about? Team reunion?" The blonde was about to open her mouth when the Hokage interrupted.

"Not exactly Jiraiya. Actually, allow me to congratulate you and Tsunade again on becoming Jonin. It really makes me proud to finally see that all of my students have grown so much." The old man gave a warm smile around the room, that was only returned by two people.

"Well, not everything has grown, Tsunade's as flatchested as ever—"

Jiraiya's sentence died from a swift punch to the gut, winding him. Tsunade stood over him, eyebrow twitching. The Hokage raised his head back in laughter while Orochimaru remained still.

After Tsunade calmed down, the Hokage regained composure, and Jiraiya made sure his ribs were all intact, the old man continued his speech.

"I guess I'll get to the point. You three are, and always will be, my beloved students. But I think it's time that you saw things from my point of view." Jiraiya raised his eyebrow.

"What I'm trying to say is, now that your all Jonin, I think it's time that you took Genin teams."

Orochimaru, didn't respond, but just thought about what he had just heard. Jiraiya just had a heavy look of 'huh' on his face, and Tsunade laughed. The Hokage wasn't quite expecting these reactions. Tsunade was the first to speak.

"Your serious? I mean, shouldn't we be older before we take Genin? Besides, if we take Genin teams, then the three of us won't be able to work together on missions anymore."

Jiraiya, once his look of 'huh' passed, answered her question in a serious tone. "I was wrong when I thought this was a team reunion. Actually, it's quite the opposite." He turned to face Tsunade.

A look of understanding dawned upon her, and she glanced over at Orochimaru, and realized that she was the last person to figure it out.

Jiraiya continued. "Our team wasn't over when the three of us became Chunins, or when Orochimaru became a Jonin. Even after Sarutobi-sensei became Hokage, it was still the three of us."

"He's exactly right." Sarutobi inserted. "No matter what, I've always been your teacher, and you've always been my students. I'm asking you to pass on your knowledge to the next generation."

The room was then quiet; serious enough that one might have trouble breathing through the tension. Orochimaru uncrossed his arms and removed himself from the wall, and walked to the center of the room, making eye contact with no one.

"I have no need, nor desire to teach another." Was all he said before leaving the office. Not long after, Tsunade turned to answer the Hokage.

"I really don't think I'm ready, I have so much to learn, and well, I've only just become a Jonin. You really should have talked to Orochimaru about it more, he's been a Jonin longer then me and Jiraiya. Besides, he's probably going to become…well, that's not important. I just don't think it would be a good idea for me to do something like this at my current age. Sorry, Sarutobi-sensei." She nervously left the room. As soon as the door closed behind her, Jiraiya dropped into a chair and let out a sigh.

"You know, Ojisan, this appointment is really taking a toll on me. I was going to go 'training' today."

The Hokage gave a crooked smile. "You mean, that sort of training?"

The two made eye contact, which was enough to send them both into a laughing fit. They both understood how Jiraiya trained.

"But really Sarutobi-sensei" Jiraiya said after the initial humor passed. "I really don't think that any of us are ready for this, not now at least."

"Jiraiya…out of any of my students, you're the one who should consider this the most."

Jiraiya paused and looked at Sarutobi. "What do you mean? Out of any of us, I'm the one who shouldn't consider this the most. I may be a Jonin, but I'm certainly not the best. Hell, Tsunade and Orochimaru are both way beyond me, and Orochimaru is even going to become the Yondaime."

Sarutobi's eye twitched as Jiraiya brought this up. It was a sour subject. Jiraiya continued.

"It isn't like no one knows…everyone sees that he's the most compatable of any of us to become Hokage some day. You know that it's his dream. Tsunade isn't a good leader, she could never deal with the amount of paper work and stress it takes to be Hokage, and me, well—"

"Your made for something else." The Hokage interrupted. "A Hokage doesn't make his village strong, Jiraiya, a village makes a Hokage strong."

Sarutobi gave Jiraiya a smile. He didn't quite understand what his sensei was trying to explain to him, at least not yet. He couldn't muster a response. The Hokage reached under his desk into a drawer and took out a file, and put it on his desk in front of Jiraiya. He looked up as if to question, but he was cut off.

"Jiraiya, I want you to take this team, should they pass their genin tests, which I'm confident they will. Jiraiya…I'm asking you not as a Hokage, nor as a teacher, but as a friend. There are things in life that will be lost, but we always have to leave room open for new things."

An image of Jiraiya's father flashed through his mind. What Sarutobi said was true, he had lost things. But maybe he was right, there was still room in his heart for new things.

Jiraiya said nothing, and instead took the file and opened it, flipped through the formal parts of it, and landed on pictures and names of the children. He read their names to himself.

"Rokku Ryokumaru, Otonashi Katsu, Namikaze Minato…"

-End Chapter One-

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