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Title: Like Angels From Heaven

"We know they came here and risked their own lives to help us." - Diana

"Like angels from heaven?" - General

A foray into third person perspective. Hope no one minds. We'll see how long it lasts. It may take a little getting used to, so bear with me. This way I can write about a little more than what just BMWW sees during the story.

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Chapter 1, Winds of Change, by the Scorpions

"The wind of change blows straight into the face of time…Take me to the magic of the moment, on a glory night/where the children of tomorrow share their dreams"

Diana woke up on New Year's Day to find herself alone, the bed cold and lonely without a certain Dark Knight warming the sheets and her body. Dampening down her disappointment, she looked outside to realize that that the sky was still pitch black, that morning had not yet arrived; therefore, Batman would still be patrolling and Diana was on her own for now. She knew that she couldn't begrudge him his city, his need to protect it and its citizens from the fate that he had suffered, but still, she couldn't help that she missed him, that she wanted him back in bed with her, wrapped around each other in sleep and in those first precious moments of dawn before they each headed back to their own individual lives.

She leaned back against the pillows, letting her hair flow across the silk of the comforter as she stared at the empty side of the bed, as she wished that he would walk in right now, hale and hearty and just hold her until their time together was up. But, that wasn't to be. At least, not right now, so she decided to settle for her memories, for the moments that they'd spent together in the past to warm her and help pass the time as she eagerly awaited his return.

The First Time She Saw Him - Batman

The first time that Diana had seen Batman had been prior to the formation of the League, when they had all banded together, thanks to J'onn, in order to fight the alien parasite invaders and save Earth from its fate at their hands. She had defied her mother's orders and left the sanctity of Themyscira for Man's World, an act that had changed her life as she knew it. Still, she couldn't regret the decision that she had made at the time, after all, look where it had led her. She smiled softly to herself, running her fingers over the silk of the comforter before placing her hand, palm down, on Bruce's side of the bed. Without defying her mother's direct orders, she would have never been in this place, both emotionally and physically. It had been that act of defiance that had led her into love, into new experiences, new friends, and into the arms of a man that she cared so deeply for.

Sighing, she remembered the courage that it had taken her to walk away from Themyscira, regardless that she knew she was doing the right thing; it had taken all her willpower. But she realized that she was needed elsewhere, that her gifts were something that the world outside of the Amazons needed, particularly when the world faced such terrible omens. And so, she had left, often she had often looked back, not with regret, but with missing.

She had first come to the rescue of Hawkgirl, of Shayera, of her fellow sister in comrade. The battle had raged around her and she'd fought alongside them, deflecting the lasers with her bracelets and forgetting about Themyscira in the heat of the battle.

Her introduction to Flash had not gone quite as well. She had been so unused to his teasing, his optimistically sweet nature and now she took a moment to laugh softly at herself, at the naive little girl that she had been when she had first arrived on Man's World, anxious to prove herself and embark upon her mission of peace and protection.

Taking Bruce's pillow into her hands, she hugged in, leaning in and sniffing it, smelling the scent of Bruce on it; that mixture of soap and sweat that somehow defined him – the playboy and the protector. But when she'd first seen it, her reaction had been somewhat different. He had been standing down below the battle, taking no part in the fight and her immediate thought had been that he was cowardly, that he was letting them brawl and scrap while he stood on the sidelines, idly waiting. Later, she had realized exactly how wrong she was.

He had demanded respect from the first, regardless of his lack of powers or strength, he was a formidable man. She'd seen the way that the others had automatically looked to him for guidance and leadership during this time of intense crisis. And he had unfailingly and without hesitation stepped into the breach, into the shoes that no one else had the will or the way to fill. The others were powered, were each so strong in their own way and it had taken her some time to realize that Batman was simply powered in a way that was different than the others.

He was brilliant.

He also never hesitated to put himself in danger, to step into danger and use his wits and strength in his own indomitable way to provide them with a victory. She had seen it time and again, but that first, that first moment when she realized, or had presumed at the time, that he had sacrificed himself for herself and J'onn, she had realized the caliber of the warrior that was Batman.

And her respect had grown in leaps and bounds since that moment, since she had come to understand the man better with each passing day, with each mission. They had often paired off together, working well as a team, but for now, she focused only on that first time, when she thought that he had died in combat.

When he had reappeared, as if by magic, when they were trapped on the alien mother ship, she had been both stunned and elated, a combination of sensations that she had never experienced before. Apparently, there had been a link between them from the beginning, she now realized, and she hugged the pillow a little tighter, wishing that he would return home from patrol.

The First Time She Had Kissed Him

The League's introduction to Gorilla Grodd had been memorable to say the least. So many details of that time were still so clear in her mind – the heat of the force field surrounding Gorilla City, the dirt and grime that had clogged her lungs and stolen her breath when that missile had rolled on her, and especially the slight hint of stubble that had graced Batman's cheek when she had brushed her lips over them.

She placed Bruce's pillow back on his side of the bed before rising from the bed and padding to the bathroom. Glancing at a clock along the way, she realized that it was still only 3:30AM and that Bruce could be a few more hours, depending on how raucous the festivities were that night. But Diana wasn't tired anymore – her mind was alight with memories and so she decided to take a bath, to relax and simply let her recollections fill her mind as they may.

Turning the water on, she sat on the lip of the tub, remembering the feel of the missile plummeting down on top of her as she had tried desperately to stop its progress, to stop it from injuring the innocent citizens of Gorilla City as it continued its lethal path. She had watched helplessly as its nose had dipped into the ground, tilting it with deadly accuracy towards her and she had been pushed down. The first few moments had been incredibly uncomfortable as she had laid there, trying to catch her breath amongst the dust and debris that had risen, cutting off her air. But it had settled quickly and she had taken a deep breath to calm herself, to assess the situation. Lying there, she had heard the clawing of the ground and she knew that someone was trying to save her, that someone was frenziedly digging around the missile, attempting a rescue, and it was then that she realized that she still had the strength to push the missile upwards and off her body.

And standing, she had spoken to the citizens of Gorilla City, telling them that their city had been saved. They truly had averted a crisis that day and Diana had began a crisis of the heart, as it had been then that she had realized that there was a lighter side to the Dark Knight. Looking down, she had seen the dirt that clung to his gauntlets and when she had looked at him quizzically, he had brushed her off, hiding his hands under his cape. Typical Bruce, she thought, watching idly as the water rose in the tub.

Finally, it reached a satisfactory height and she turned off the water, letting herself slide slowly into the tub, enjoying the heat and the water lapping at her feet and breasts. It was utterly relaxing. Closing her eyes, she lay there, surrounded by water as she recalled that first kiss, that first slow slide of her lips across his cheek. He had blushed at the contact and she had found the action totally endearing, totally unlike the forbidding and sober Dark Knight. It had been that moment that she'd realized that there was more to this man than met the eye and vowed to plumb the depths, to fight through the challenge of the exterior and find what lay beneath.

Diana smiled to herself, realizing that she was still fighting, that she was still trying to discover what lay underneath the cowl and cape, regardless of what she had learned thus far in their partnership and their relationship.

She did enjoy a challenge.

Still, she had the distinct feeling that this was simply the calm before the storm, that many challenges lay ahead for each of them, and for their relationship. It hadn't been smooth sailing thus far, but Diana also knew that this holiday time had been so idyllic. She wouldn't at all be surprised if they now suddenly faced their greatest challenge, simply because she was so happy, so joyful and carefree for the first time in a long time.

The First Time That She Had Danced With Him

But now wasn't the time to think about what lay ahead, she wanted to remember, to enjoy the memories floating through her brain much like the rose scented oil in the bath.

That night in Kasnia had been a revelation. So many things had converged on her at once as she had looked into the face of the handsome "stranger" asking her to dance. She had immediately agreed though, once she kept herself from swallowing her tongue. Diana had known that something was familiar about him, that he wasn't simply a stranger bent on rescuing her from the throng of questions and paparazzi members.

But, in the midst of the dance, it had come to her, thanks in part to J'onn and his mental machinations. She had a feeling that the Martian enjoyed a little matchmaking, enjoyed seeing those around him happy, regardless of the reason. Perhaps it helped him to forget, perhaps he enjoyed seeing the people that he cared for, his new family, partnering off and finding love with one another. The reason notwithstanding, she was grateful for his interference and his unflinching support of her and Bruce's relationship thus far.

Sitting up in the tub, she let the water slowly drain out, reaching for one of the midnight blue towels that were lined up on the wall. Patting herself dry, Diana remembered the feel of his strong arms about her, the smooth and easy way that he had danced, and she had enjoyed the teasing moments between them as they had whirled around the ballroom, lost in each other. She had often wondered what would have happened, or if things would have been different if the Kasnia freedom fighters had not interfered with their dance.

But that didn't mattered. What mattered was the here and now. And the fact that she had the remnants of that dress in her closet on the Watchtower, hidden in a box along with other mementos of their somewhat strange but deepening and growing relationship.

Each of those moments had led her here, she thought, toweling her hair before tossing the towel in the laundry basket and quietly walking back to the bed. It was still cold and alone and she simply wasn't ready to face it, wasn't ready to stop the memories from coming and sink back into the solitude of sleep.

Perhaps Alfred would join her in a game of chess. She slipped on a cotton robe that had the initials "BW" embroidered on the front packet and headed to the door, only to find a presence lurking on the other side of it.

She smiled at him, surreptitiously checking him over for wounds and newly acquired bruises. He looked relatively whole and hearty, albeit for once bruise peppering the side of his shoulder. He wore only a pair of jeans, having left the Bat-suit down in the cave before coming upstairs.

"What happened?" she asked, pointing to the bruises.

"Joker decided to have a little New Year's fun," he told her, taking a few steps into the bedroom before pulling her into his arms. She leaned her head into his neck, smelling that scent from earlier and smiling to herself before kissing the spot where shoulder met nape. "Nice to have you back," she whispered.

He just gave her a little squeeze before drawing back, walking over to the bed, taking a seat on the edge as he looped his fingers in the top of his jeans, pushing them down to the floor. "I heard rumors about a potential terrorist plot tonight, and I think we need to…"

"Bruce," Diana murmured softly. She walked over to him and cupped his face in her hands, gently pulling until he looked up at her. "Not right now," she said in a whispered tone, ducking down and bringing her lips against his in a sweet kiss that quickly grew passionate, tongues dueling for supremacy and hands feverishly caressing one another.

"Tomorrow," she mumbled and with a growl of assent, he pulled her down to the bed beside him, dragging her lips back to his and losing themselves in each other.

Next chapter: Ordinary World – As the Justice League watches and waits for terrorists to strike at the International Peace summit, another surprise is in store for them…

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