Title: Personal Fidelities.
Author: LewdSavageAmity
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/James Norrington
Summary: When the captain of the -Pearl- decides that an old friend of sorts needs a bit of time out on the sea, he finds something about himself that he hadn't known.
Disclaimer: I don't own anythin' save the plot. And that's not much. (
Feedback: 'ts welcome, as well as flames. After all, I do need a laugh every now and again.
Notes: This story popped into me head one day after watching PoTC. I began a mad dash to the computer to read Sparrington, and was inspired. There's a going on in me head so if somethin' is borrowed, even the little tiny part and you're the one who actually came up with this idea, please, let me know. That way I can credit you and not feel guilty. 3


He crept along the walls of the building, minding every sound and movement carefully. It wouldn't do to get caught after coming all this way back here. No, not at all. The pirate was silent, a talent, no doubt he had achieved over the years. Roads were deserted, save for the occasional clerk who had worked late into the night. He expected not to run into anyone, knowing that if people in Port Royal wanted to have a good time and keep out of trouble, the tankard down by the sea was the perfect place.

Still, he knew he shouldn't be so sure. After all, if he had been a bit more careful he may have not lost the Pearl. Pushing old scars away for later, the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow came to a halt before a moderate house not far off from the Governors. It wasn't very large, two stories a best, but the light blue of it shined in the moonlight, casting an enchanting glow upon it. A smirk came easy onto his lips, seeing there were no guards for security and barely any obstacles that may hinder him.

Using his feline grace, Jack drew towards the house, looking for any open windows or doors. It was a doubtful thought, but one should always check every possibility, even the impossible ones. And if his reasoning sounded, he spotted a window, and at first glance, it seemed close. But with another glance, Jack saw that there was a slight opening, no doubt for a slight breeze. The golden grin became wider, and the glee filling him inside almost made him laugh.

Standing under it directly now, Sparrow noticed that there was a bit of ivy swirling it's way upwards. Grabbing hold, he noticed that it wasn't too secure but decided to try going up it anyway since there was no other entry he had noticed. Swiftly and hushed, said pirate reached the window and made it so that he could slide in perfectly. And with a thud, Jack surveyed the room and saw that it was empty.

"Funny," he thought, "'e should be here. Right here."

But Sparrow's friend had seemed to be missing from the soft looking bed that was near the window, and coming closer to it, he found that it didn't even looked touched. The cotton sheets were pulled taught and pillows fluffed to make the sleeping quarter alluring, almost causing Jack to sit down and sleep. He shoved the thought away, knowing that if he did, he would end up in the brig once more. And that was not a place he would like to visit again.

Walking away from the cloud of temptation, Jack saw a small dresser with a rather impressive swords sitting comfortably on top of it. The worry that his old...friend disappeared, knowing that the sword wouldn't be here if the man wasn't as well.

"So where are ya lad?"

Twisting the knob of the door and not hearing any protesting squeak, Sparrow once again made sure that he was not in danger of being caught. Deeming it safe, he felt a pull come from downstairs and followed it all the way from the staircase to the lower level. The pirate paused, seeing many of shiny and no doubt valuable items up for grabs, and even though they seemed to call to him as well, he sought for something much more precious.

Nothing was closed off as it had been upstairs, making the lower half of the house look more inviting with the open space and the occasional night breeze. A lone light came from a little ways away behind the only shut door, and like a freezing man, Sparrow drew towards it with vigorous anticipation. With one ear to the door, Jack listened for any movements coming from within. When none were heard, he turned the silver doorknob and eased the door open.

Peering in quickly, he froze. And with a cat like look in his eyes, Jack smiled wickedly. Now he openly sashayed inside, looking intently at the figure sleeping soundly. The glass bottle of brandy clutched in a tight grip had put told him that the man had gotten it, but Jack was still unwilling to trust that lone fact. He saw though, that the man was much younger than he had guessed and much prettier as well. Daring to get so close to peer at the other man, Jack brushed away the silky chocolate strands off the milky white face with feather light fingers. No recognition came from the other, letting Jack know that his plan had worked.

"Here sleeps the feared Commodore, unawares to the adventure I'm 'bout to hand 'im," he mused. Indeed, James Norrington sat sprawled on the top of his desk, oblivious to all around him. His face was relaxed and the frown that Jack knew all to well, was nowhere to be seen. The horrendous wig was not currently on top of the Commodore's head but on the edge closest to Jack. With a disgusted frown he picked up as if it were able to burn him. He hated it to the utmost ability, and had waited excitedly until this moment where he would show his disdain for it.

Taking out the letter already written along with an old dagger he no longer wanted nor needed, Jack placed the letter underneath the wig. It could still be seen even with the curls of white falling onto it, and with the best aim as he cold muster, Jack stabbed the wig and letter, pinning it to the desk. With an approving smile, he nodded and once more studied the sleeping man who had not even moved. Moving to lean the man back against the chair he sat in, but paused, spotting the amber liquid still in the clutches of the Commodore. As an after thought and a slight smile, he placed the cap on the bottle and placed it into his pocket, knowing he was not one to waste good brandy.

Now ready to position Norrington as he willed, Jack was wary and made each movement as subtle as possible. And once James was peacefully sleeping upwards, the pirate captain took in the fine features he had only seen this up close once before. The long lashes touched the tips of the smooth cheeks on the pale face and the soft looking pink lips caught more than enough attention from Jack. He almost wanted to rouse the Commodore to see those jade colored eyes but decided against it, knowing that if he could get back to the Pearl he'd be seeing the eyes more than once. Sliding his arms around the slumbering navy officer Jack picked him up with very little trouble.

"The Commodore had lost weight," he mused, "A bit too much for me likin'."

It unnerved him to feel the tips of ribs slightly poking them even under all the coats and shirts Norrington was no doubt wearing. Though as he felt the even breathing on his neck, Jack began to walk, careful not to wake his sleeping Commodore. Although a tiny voice in his head said he shouldn't worry since the brandy Norrington had obviously drunk had been drugged with a sleeping herb, Jack was now more cautious. He couldn't be caught now, for he had his prezzie settled quite nicely in his arms.

And even with James being a bit taller than him, his long limbs were tucked tightly between himself and Jack. Sparrow once again wanting to laugh at the picture he had conjured in his head; The great Captain Jack Sparrow carrying the hunter of pirates, Commodore James Norrington, in his arms like a new bride. A chuckle escaped the dark lips and not even that had disturbed sleeping James.

"Best get you back to the Pearl mate, before me luck runs out. Though I doubt that happenin', since after all, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow."

Another well-placed turn of lips was caused when the sleeping beauty nuzzled closer to Jack. With Commodore in place, Jack made his way around the back of Norrington's house, knowing he was bound to find the back door. And reaching it, he maneuvered the hands that held James' upper half cautiously, Jack was able to unlock it and dart out into the night once more. Everything was as he left it, and Jack sighed in relief, thanking Lady Luck with all his might.

He took the same path back, thinking with amusement if anyone awake were to look out their window and see the pirate that had escaped the Commodore's clutches not three months before, back and taking said naval officer with him. Once more was Jack distracted when James snuggled closer to him, the loose strands that fell out of the pulled back tail tickling his skin. It sent goosebumps and pleasurable chills down his spine to have the man so close and so vulnerable at the same time. He sped up faster, no longer fearing getting seen, but with anticipation for the days that were to come.


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